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It is no secret that I am slightly in love (in a noncreepy-completely-understanding-I am-a-happily-married-woman-and-he-is-madly-in-love-with-his-pregnant-girlfriend kind of way. Call it an innocent crush, if you will.) with Patrick Rothfuss. Give me a man with a brilliant mind, and my knees weaken instantly. He is the author of my favorite book, “Name of the Wind.” Simply put, he is a genius.

At every Con we go to, I always hope to see him. I did once (here is the embarrassing recap), but I never had a chance to speak to him.

Until recently.

After missing out on an opportunity to see him at Comic Con, I learned he would be doing an impromptu signing at Mysterious Galaxy, a wonderful bookstore in San Diego that specifically sells Science Fiction and Fantasy books. The people that work there are very personable. And often times, you can snag a book here that has been signed by the author.

The signing was at seven o’clock at night, just as the store closed. We left the kids and hurried down there. It was the perfect night for the telling of stories, blossoming friendships, and french fries under the moon.


The signing/reading was so interesting. If you are a fan of Patrick Rothfuss’ novels, and you have never been to one of his signings, I highly suggest you go. I am not going to write about what he spoke of, because he asked us not to. But it was really cool. He read a couple of pieces and answered a few questions.

However, towards the end of the hour, I got a rush of claustrophobia and heat. I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up all over the book cases. I was terrified. I had to quickly drop to the floor and hug my knees. So, I missed watching him read his stories. But I saved the books from my onslaught of sickness. And I still got to hear the tale, at least.

Then the wait began. Because it was an impromptu signing, numbers were not given out like they usually are. Which means, even though we got there an hour early, the people at the back of the store, who came later, got a lower number than us for the signing.


No biggie. We went to McDonald’s next door and got large unsweetened iced teas and a large fry to share. We sat outside and admired the giant moon that loomed overhead. It was actually quite romantic.

Then it was a quick jump back into line.

While waiting in line, I overheard two girls talking in front of me. They both had huge grins on their faces. They were each speaking of how they had to get up for work early the next day, but that this signing was worth losing sleep over.

I assumed they were best friends.

Both girls were pretty in their own way. One girl was waif-like, with dark wavy hair trailing to the end of her back. A bright smile. I would call her eager. That was her spirit. Eager. Friendly.

The other girl was slightly more reserved. Short brown hair. Round, happy face. She was quieter. Allowing for her tattoos and many piercings to tell her story for her. Her form spoke of someone who had been hurt before. More cautious. Cautiously friendly.

The eager girl turned to the cautious girl and said, “I know this might sound crazy. But would you like to be my friend?”

It was such a sweet, beautiful moment.

It is not a moment that you expect to see as an adult. Not one you ever come across in front of you. And not one that you get to witness and be a part of.

The other girl smiled. Her armor cracking just a little. “Sure.” She replied.

The eager girl was ecstatic. “Great. I just moved here from New York. I do not know anybody. I will give you my number.”

They exchanged slips of paper.

From an outsider looking in, I expect them to have a long friendship. Their souls just seemed to click. The exchange moved me. It proved once again how very good people can be.

They left and then it was our turn to meet Patrick Rothfuss.

I was not even that nervous. I guess once you yell at someone across the street, and make a complete fool of yourself, there is not really much more you can do.

He was very kind. I told him that he once ran away from me.

He replied, “doubtful.”

And then we laughed.

His aura was big. Does that even make sense? He is a big man, but his essence was also big. Most people’s energies feel small inside themselves. At the very most, you can feel their energy barely caressing their skin. I have a friend whose energy is like that. She has so much of it, it escapes through her pores and onto other people. She gladly gives her energy away. It always comes back to her. I guess you could call her energy, “boomerang energy.” She seems to have an unending supply of kindness. If I close my eyes and picture this friend, I can see pink ripples of light swaying along her skin. Dancing with her soul.

Some people have built such a wall around their soul, that you cannot see or feel anything beneath their surface. This was the case when I met a different celebrity. His energy felt like cardboard. George R. R. Martin’s energy felt like a tight bright ball of light inside of himself. As though, he had mastered molding it into the shape that he had wanted. He would let a tendril of it float out to smile or form a warm word. But Patrick Rothfuss’ energy felt like it was so large, it was crouching. As though it was waiting to unfurl itself. Almost like a dragon bending itself in two. I have never felt another energy like it.

And now that we have confirmed I am more than slightly crazy, we will continue…

I tried to speak to him about Battlestar Galactica, because he had brought it up during the reading. I wanted his take on the ending. But he quickly told me he did not want to speak about it. He is only halfway through the t.v. series.

I took a photograph with him. My husband asked me, “how do you want to pose?”

And I replied, “let’s just be normal.”



This is Patrick Rothfuss being “normal.” The pictures are blurry because my husband could not stop giggling. He later apologized to me for the blurry pictures, but I told him, “I love the blurry pictures more, because I remember that moment with you in front of me giggling. It makes the picture more special.”


And I got one with us hugging. I love this one. Patrick Rothfuss gives the best hugs. He is known for it. My husband said, “oh, you know you want a hug.” And I did. Sorry I am blocking half of his face. I later took a picture of my husband and him and I told my husband to hug him. He wouldn’t. And it was actually quite embarrassing on recollection. Sorry husband! Sorry Patrick Rothfuss! Sometimes I get out of control.

We got three of our books signed by him. It was surreal. And my whole Comic Con experience finally felt complete.

I recently finished reading, “The Name of the Wind” for the third time. I cannot get over his intelligence. The beauty of his thoughts. Each sentence is poetry. I am in love…with the words…from the mind of a very kind and brilliant man.

During the reading, he mentioned that he hoped he said one thing that we disagreed with him on that night. It was a lesson in opening yourself up to other people and that although their views may be different than our own, we should broaden our friendship horizon. I am not doing his thoughts justice.

I just wanted to say, I did.

I did disagree with not one, but two things he said that night…

And I still love him.

Despite. In spite of. Because.

P.S. Right now Patrick Rothfuss is raising money for his amazing charity Worldbuilders. Worldbuilders raises money for the Heifer International Foundation. (You can read more about it here). If you have not heard of Heifer International Foundation it is a beautiful charity that raises donations to buy people in impoverished countries tools that will increase their way of life. Not just food for a day. But a cow that will provide milk. Or chickens that provide eggs. It is a wonderful organization. Last year our book club got together and purchased a goat. And every year my husband and I contribute to Worldbuilders. We think it’s important. Just another reason Patrick Rothfuss is an incredible man. For a limited time, for each $10 contribution you make you are entered into a lottery to win books and fun things he has collected. There is actually quite a bit of loot to be won. We have never “won” a book, but we consider it winning just to help their organization out. : )

19 thoughts on “Meeting Patrick Rothfuss

  1. Timing can be so serendipitous sometimes. I was just brushing up on Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi literature then browsed over to your blog where you wrote in depth about Mr. Rothfuss ‘ life force energy. What you said must be true about him as the picture of you two hugging is the first picture I’ve seen of you with an open mouth smile. (Yeah, it’s the dental hygienist in me to notice such things…sorry). You may have posted others and I missed them. Obviously his energy had a huge effect on you. A good one. So fun to hear you got to meet, and touch, someone who means so much to you.

    Brynne– who totally believes in life force energy

      • Thank you, Brynne!

        I was worried when I read your first comment.

        I thought, “oh no! She noticed my awful smile.” ; )

        Thank you so much. You made my night!


    • Thanks Brynne!

      Yes, I believe in energy. It is what makes us human. : )

      I hate smiling with my teeth, but I pretty much always am except in photos. I hate my tiny mouth. In my life, I am always laughing, so unfortunately people get to see my open smile all the time. That is funny that you noticed it. But it does make perfect sense. I would notice it, too, if I were you.

      It was a wonderful evening. One of the most fun times ever. So glad to have done it.

      Have a lovely Sunday! : )


  2. Jenni,

    I was so glad to see this post! I’m an avid reader, and while I typically don’t read fantasy, with the exception of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, I was intrigued by your earlier post on Rothfuss. You had linked to his blog, the Valentine’s day entry, and I was completely blown away. I’m a poet, and teach poetry, and could feel the poetry in his writing. I was convinced! If this guys blog was this beautifully written, I had to go get the book. I went down to the book store that day. I tore through The Name of the Wind and got Wise Man’s Fear the next weekend. LOVE. Needless to say, I am a huge fan. This really long story is all to say, thank you! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm in writing about him and for the book suggestion. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!!!

    • Hi Kindra,

      Oh, this makes me so happy! I am so glad you enjoyed his books as much as I do. And that blog post was incredible, wasn’t it? I loved the part with the roses and the old man.

      I cannot wait for the third installment as well. Although, I hate endings! I still have the season or series finales to watch of Game of Thrones, House, The Americans, and The Office. I hate when things are over! So, as much as I cannot wait for the series to be over, I am also dreading it.

      There are so many interesting theories out there trying to figure out how it will end. I love them. I think he will tie it together perfectly. You are right, he is a poet.

      And you write poetry? That is so cool! I used to love to write poetry. I kept a little book. And one day I brought my book to school and showed it to my ninth grade english teacher. She told me she did not like it. My heart broke. I have never seriously done it again.

      That is fantastic that you teach poetry! And write it. It really is a soul’s work.

      Thank you for commenting and letting me know you read the books and liked them. I cannot express how happy that makes me.

      It is so nice yo know someone with similar interests.

      Have a gorgeous Sunday!


  3. Ugh. I had been checking back several times yesterday for your response to my comment as, like the peacock painting as a gnome hat comment, I worried about how the smile comment came across. The peacock comment was meant to be funny and the smile comment was meant to he a compliment. I worried both came across not the way I meant. Now I also worry that both comments only made you self conscious which is the last thing I would have wanted. If it helps, my eyes practically close shut when I smile. Feel free to point and giggle. LOL.

    • Sorry, I would have commented sooner. I just got back two hours ago from an emergency room visit with my son. He is fine, but LONG night.

      Oh my gosh, and no, don’t feel bad. I promise I am not thin skinned. That would never ever bother me, your sweet comments.

      I loved the hat comment. It was cute. And an awesome observation.

      And you were so nice about my smile. Really, truly. Thank you.

      I really like you. I like your humor. I “get it.” : ). It is very similar to my own.

      Have a lovely Sunday. And avoid trips to the emergency room!


      • Oh, oh, oh. Emergency room visits are … Insert any and all negative descriptives here _______. I am so sorry that was part of your day.

      • Thanks Brynne.

        We are all home and I think things are better. Just a sucky, long day.

        Thank you for your well wishes! : )

        Lovely dream wishes your way!


  4. Ah no… another trip to the ER? I am glad to hear that your son is fine. Hopefully you are now resting up.

    You have got me really intrigued by this author and am going to check out The Name of the Wind. It seems to be a good introduction to him since that one is your favorite. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Cynthia. He is fine. Much better. Just a really long night.

      I slept until noon (so going on three hours of sleep today), but I had to get up to get things done.

      I think you would really like “Name of the wind.” It is just a really good book. I want to read it again. If you do read it, let me know! Just so you know, I always find the first thirty pages or so hard to get into, but then it all makes sense and flows.

      Have sweet dreams!


  5. I loved reading this post! So much! I completely understand what you get about someone’s energy. When I met Grant Morrison a couple of years ago – he’s one of my favourite writers and all-time heroes – it was a bit like what you described. Meeting him was incredible on so many levels, and it was definitely a spiritual experience! So it makes me happy that you wanted to share something so personal and wonderful – not to mention it makes me happy for you that you got to meet him and connect with him. Also, those two girls in the queue melted my heart. 🙂

    • Thanks Gwen! I think authors are just in general nice people. I think they spend so much time creating in their own heads, that it is easy for them to relate to people. Plus, they pretty much lead normal lives.

      I would meet him again and again. He was incredibly kind. My husband really liked him, too.

      I need to check your author out. Right now I am reading a mindless romance (which does have its perks). Off to google! : )


  6. I’m so glad that you got to meet him at long last and even more importantly that he was worth the effort. Nothing worse than meeting your hero and they turn out grumpy! Those are great photos. About 15 years ago when DS9 was just finishing and I saw my fave young actoress at the time who played “baby Dax” in a hotel lobby. She happily posed for a some photos and then I met her a week later at an event in London and she signed our photo. “Too cute” Yes we were!

    • That is awesome! Yes, it is always better when they are nice. Genuinely nice. Sometimes that is not the case and you set yourself up for disappointment. It seems almost everyone you have met has been kind. Which is just lovely. And for those that were not, well, it makes a great story. : )

      I am glad you understand the excitement! Have a terrific weekend!


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