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I really loved the “With A Light Heart Dress” when it first came out and I saw Mary rock it on Happily Grey. So I ordered it. It came. I did not like it…on me. I wanted to look like Mary, darn it.

The dress went back and I even wrote it a review that wasn’t so positive. But I still liked the dress (on other people) and I wondered about it now and again. When I purchased the dress I was the weight I am right now, but I had just reached that weight. I think my body was still changing and settling itself, if that makes sense. Clothes purchased during that time fit me differently now even though I weigh the same.

Anyway, it went from $149 to $50 and I had to try it again. I ordered it in XS & S in both colorways so I could check it out one more time. This is the type of dress my husband hates. Sacklike.

Which translates to comfortable to me. I never need to be sexy, except on date nights. And even then, I am usually a bumbling fool. Who needs sweats when you can toss on an even more comfortable dress and dash out the door? It even has pockets!

I liked the XS, but it was too tight in the arms. The small looked how I wanted it to with enough flow in the arms to allow the dress to make sense.

This look is not for everyone. As in, not everyone is going to like this. I often get responses that I wear my clothes too big. And so this is another example of this. It is just what I like.

I sent back both navy and cream in XS and kept both of the smalls.

And also I apologize in advance for my dog, who has no shame.



The navy is my favorite, but I LOVE the pink stripes on the cream. It is just so bright and cheerful. The way Mary paired it with Simply Livly’s turquoise necklace is genius. I copied that here.



The navy reads almost black. Sorry about the photo bomber! Or the angle of the photo bomber, rather. How embarrassing! Poor guy. If he only knew.

Do you have any clothes that are comfy and big? Isn’t that the best ?

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12 thoughts on “With A Light Heart Dress

    • Oh! Thank you so much! I think baggy dresses are a secret that too many women overlook!

      I am glad you agree! : )

      Have a lovely evening!


  1. After all the years I have been married, I have finally realized this is actually the type of look my husband likes on me — flowey, bohemian. Yes. I am slow to catch on. LOL. He would love this. I was going to insert more here but I know your kids read your blog and I wasn’t sure if they read the comments too.

    • He. He. He. I can imagine! ; )

      You never know what my kids might do. So, thank you for thinking of them! : )

      Hey, did you see my reply on the bunny pajamas? I was thinking of you. I wish mine were not dirty. I want to wear them right now. They are so comfy!

      Have a great evening, or dreams because you are probably asleep!


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    • Aw, thank you Sayaka! Of course that counts! You are so inspiring with your workouts! You make me want to sweat! Aaaahhh! That would be the end of me. ; )

      Have a restful evening!


  3. I’m such a bohemian at heart that if I could afford to have a new “sacky” hippie dress every day, I totally would. Some of my favorite tops and dresses are also the most oversized. 😉 I’m lucky that my husband thinks hippies are super sexy- haha.

    I just make sure to pair “baggier” tops and dresses with items that add more structure to the overall look. For instance, I would never wear a flowy tunic with really loose pants.

    This dress is adorable! I have totally returned a dress, only to go back and buy it later when I felt a void in my life, so I understand your dilemma entirely. 🙂 LOL

    • Thanks Casey! I love the hippie look. My husband, not so much. He likes Zooey Deschanel. You know, sweet cutesy girl.

      My friend is going to Justin’s concert in two days. She is so excited. I do not know what she is going to wear! I told her about your concert and how much fun it was and how long he played. I hope hers is just as good!

      Have a beautiful week! Peace! ; )


  4. You and Ollie look great. I always enjoy it when Ollie and Murphy photobomb your pictures! I hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Thank you! I slipped in another picture of Ollie into my tablecloth post. He was so “into” the project. ; ). I feel much better now, thank you! : )

      I hope your week is going smoothly!


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