Pumpkin Patch


“I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!” This should be my mantra with all of my posts. I still have to post about meeting Patrick Rothfuss at Comic Con. My post is written, it is just a matter of squeezing things in.


And, I went to a pumpkin patch! At the end of October. We buy all of our pumpkins at the local farm. Being a farmer’s daughter (bee farms count, right?), I think it is so important to do so.





First, look at my husband’s dope (yep, usin’ that word) pumpkins he carved after we visited the pumpkin patch. We are starting this post with the end at the beginning result.


Of course, I took the prerequisite blogger photos of me amongst a farm setting. ‘Cause that’s what you do. Or what I am thinking you do. So, I wore my bandana dress purchased on sale for $40 during the summer from Anthropologie with an old denim jacket and my vintage Frye cowboy boots. I had to dress the part… Of crazy country girl.


It was kind of hilarious, because almost all of the moms at the pumpkin patch were in some kind of get-up. I felt sort of ridiculous as we all trudged through the gravel in our cowboy boots and dresses. I would be willing to bet none of us had ever roped a calf or could even ride a horse.


Suburban Mom. In a pumpkin patch. This is what it looks like, just so you know.


I am allergic to pumpkins. And hay. Pumpkin patches = hives for me. But I was careful. I did not touch anything!




This particular pumpkin farm has pigs that they race. It is good, clean fun. I love taking the kids here.


There was the petting zoo that I photographed through the fence. They changed the prices this year. It used to be $4 or $5 for the whole family. This year it was $2 a person…Have fun kids!


I always appreciate their pretty farm trough to wash your hands in after touching the dirty creatures cute animals. They even use Method soap.


There you have it. I went to a pumpkin patch. I watched my kids go into a corn maze. I tried not to panic. And I definitely did not mutter a single, “Yee Haw!” whilst wearing this dress. Not a one. I am lying.

Did you go to a pumpkin patch this year? Did you have fun? Did you get a pumpkin? Are you as behind as I am with these holidays?

12 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch

  1. What great pumpkins and extremely cute piggies 🙂 I do so hope you let off a few “yee-haws” at the farm. I love visiting such places and seeing the different breeds of animals.

    I grew my own pumpkins this year for the first time. The climate and the orientation of my back garden doesn’t make it ideal but the plants soon grew about 15 feet long with a whole string of pumpkins. The biggest of which grew to the size of between a soccer ball and basketball.

    I know what you mean about being behind with the postings. I still have lots of photos of a second hand/antique store from September holiday to write up for you. It’s on my to do list but I keep getting diverted with different blog ideas. Stupid pesky inspiration!

    • Thank you Stephen! They were cute little piggies. They were four months old. But, oh my goodness, the squeals they made! I had no idea they could be so loud. Mand of,course, there was many yee-haws! Cause you had to if you had a bandana as an outfit!

      Your pumpkins sound amazing! We cannot grow anything. Our citrus trees have not produced in two years! I have no idea what is wrong with them!

      I loved your post today. I cannot wait to comment on it! It is amazing. I love that you have so many autographs. My favorite story was when you saw your college professor in the line you were sneaking out of! Awesome!

      Have a lovely rest of the week!


  2. Hahaha, so this is the suburban mom’s farm-visiting uniform, is it? Well, it suits you, lady! That farm sounds awesome, I especially liked that hand-washing trough. Siiigh I wish there were petting zoos near us – I’d want to go myself, haha. And PIG RACES!! What an ingenious idea!

    • Ha! Gwen! Yes, the uniform. For a pumpkin farm. It is such a neat little farm. We have gone to it each year. They have a measuring stick and it has been neat to photograph the kids with it throughout the years to see how much each of them have grown.

      Maybe there is one near you. That would be fun! Hey, maybe you will even see an alpaca. ; )

      Have a lovely Friday!


  3. Just started following your blog. I love your photos of the racing pigs. So cute!

    I’m also very behind on posting… still finishing up posts about my vacation to Europe 1 month ago…

    • Thank you Liana! I appreciate it! And thank you for following!

      Ooooohh! A trip to Europe. That sounds fantastic! I cannot wait to read a post about that. How interesting!

      Have a marvelous Thursday!


  4. I think the bandana dress is perfect for visiting a farm. Life wouldn’t be as much fun if we couldn’t do a little theme dressing now and again! And everything for bloggers is a potential photo op! Those piggies are so cute. I would love to hear about what it is like to grow up on a bee farm. I hope you write about it someday soon!

    Btw, not sure if you saw my response to your cat nap story and I want to be sure to say thank you on behalf of kitties everywhere. Usually a cat like that is a lost cat. Not many people would stop to help and it does not surprise me that someone as compassionate as you would. I so wish our world was made up of people like you. It would be a better, kinder, and safer place.

    Oh – and Marcy says thank you too and hopes that if she ever got lost outside that someone would be nice enough to help her find her way back home. (oh dear, just got myself choked up thinking about that. lol)

    • You are right! Every opportunity is a photo op. I will be at the bee farm on Thanksgiving. Maybe I will get some photos then!

      You are so sweet. Of course, I would stop. Murphy has gotten out four times and been returned. We have been so grateful. I would never want to feel like that again. That lady did think I was insane! So, I will not be picking up her cat again!

      I know you would stop, too. You are so kind that way. Tell Marcy, I would definitely have stopped for her!

      I hope that never ever happens, though!


  5. Jenni, I also bought that bandana dress for a steal this summer; I’m such a city girl, that I never thought it had a western look, until I saw your photo. You styled it beautifully — love it. You would have been perfect to model this dress for anthro — the color is so pretty on you, love how you’re wearing it with a denim jacket, cowboy boots and braided hair, and the corn husks in the background — fantastic!

    • Thank you so much Angela! I appreciate that! I am glad you bought that dress, too! I love the boning in it. It is very well made. I was really surprised considering the sale price. Oh well! Our gain!

      Your comments were so sweet. It was lovely to wake up to. Thank you for making my day!

      I hope your day is just as happy!


  6. Racing piggies?!? How completely adorable! I love baby petting farms, but watching some badass piggies race for the win would be even better! I also love the creepy mouth your husband carved into that pumpkin. And the owl one is sweet too! We haven’t carved pumpkins for the last few years, but I was especially bummed about it this past year because I wanted to do it, but we didn’t have an outdoor space to display them or an indoor space to make the mess of caring them. So I especially enjoyed looking at your creative pumpkins!

    • Hi Liz!

      Aren’t they adorable? They did two races of four piglets each. And they named them after celebrities. Their names were hilarious. Like “Brad Pig.” And “Angelina Sioux-eee.” It is over so quickly! But it is a fun thing to do once a year.

      I do not like petting zoos. The only one I have enjoyed was the Alpaca farm, because they are so clean. But otherwise, the goats gross me out. Sad, but true.

      Kids love them, though!

      Thank you for commenting. I hope your week went really well. I do not know if you can/will post about orientation, but that seems so interesting!


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