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My husband and I went to a wedding in September. It was beautiful. It was in wine country and just lovely. I was excited to get a chance to wear my Flounced Lace Dress from Anthropologie again. I had purchased it in March to wear to a luau. I also figured it would make a great dress to attend a wedding in.


It was very comfortable and the color is so pretty!



It was the wedding of one of my husband’s coworkers. As such, I had to be on my best behavior. I tend to be a wee bit crazy at parties. Don’t believe me? Aww. I would love to post some pictures as proof (which I unfortunately have), but the children… The children. Just imagine it.

So, you can kind of see why my husband was just a tad bit worried. I had been to a work engagement before. I was so very boring that later someone told my husband they did not want to offend me by drinking in front of me. Giggle.




I believe I was the epitome of a “lady” at the wedding. I even drank. Well, alot. But I kept myself “in check.” The only thing is: They had these cheese rolls at the wedding. I want them forever. I want them as my last meal. The waitress kept sneaking me more. It was kind of awesome. And could quite possibly be the reason I felt no affects from the alcohol. And why I gained two pounds that week.


The cake was adorable featuring miniature versions of the couple’s dogs.


And it tasted heavenly. Of course, I was so stuffed on cheese bread, I only had one bite.

There is just something about a wedding. I cried during both of the parent’s speeches. I could imagine it was me talking to my children. This made me so sad, I stuffed more cheese bread in my mouth to feel better.

One thing that stuck with me was a part of the father of the bride’s speech. He said, “All I wish for you is that you will be happy. I do not care about fancy cars or big houses. Forget the expensive trips. Just be happy. That is all I can ask for you.”

Isn’t that all any of us can ask for?

To be happy. Why is that sometimes such a big task?

He ended his speech with, “To the death.” This almost made me spit out my cheese bread and wine. Have you ever heard that before?


Have you been to any weddings recently? Were you on your best behavior? And, more importantly, what did you wear?

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10 thoughts on “Attending A Wedding

  1. I wish someone would have yelled out: “No, to the pain!” Hehe. I think I can turn anything into a Princess Bride quote!

    Also, that dress is beautiful on you!

      • Hi! Wasn’t that great? I do not think he meant it that way, but it is how I will always remember that wedding.

        Thankfully there were no R.O.U.Ses arround! They might have eaten my cheese bread!

        Have a lovely week!


    • Thanks Katie! That is exactly what my husband was thinking. It sounded so similar! He was such a sweet man. And I now I will always think of him during that part of the movie.

      Have a great Tuesday! Thank you so much for commenting!


  2. That’s a great dress to wear to a wedding! I always struggle with what to wear to events. Plus, I never seem to have the right shoes or undergarments or something handy and then have to make a mad dash to the store. I would like a cheese roll now please. Those look yummy!

    • Hi Cynthia! Thank you! It is so hard to figure out what to wear. I really wanted to wear the Jardin dress in pink. But it sold out in my size by the time it went to sale. And I really did not want to buy another fancy dress just for one night. I have worn this three times so far. So, I definitely am getting some wear out of it.

      I hope you are doing okay. Have a safe trip. I will be thinking of you.


    • Me neither! Well, I was in my sister’s. But it was so much fun. I want to go to another one. But almost everyone I know is all ready married. I might have to wait until my kids get married to attend another one.

      Thank you do much for the compliment! : )

      Have a lovely week!


  3. This made me laugh so hard! You and those cheese rolls…! I’d almost suggest trying to figure out the recipe, but maybe it’s safer not to? 😉 You look beautiful in that dress by the way. And how lovely was that father’s speech? He’s right, that’s all that matters.

    • Hi Gwen! Yes, I must never ever ever find that recipe. I think I ate six rolls. I could not even eat my dinner. My husband ate mine and his. I took his cheese roll. Oh man! They were amazing. I can still taste them now. And they smelled heavenly as well.

      The father of the bride was so sweet. I talked to him later about his speech. He told me he was winging it, because his speech was on his phone and he lost his phone the night before.

      I know the mother of the groom did a beautiful speech as well. But I cannot recall it. I think maybe those cheese rolls didn’t soak up everything!

      And thank you for the sweet compliment! : ). My husband takes the best pictures. He only took those ones. And they all turned out good. The bad ones of the food were all me.

      Have a great evening!


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