Reading: “Where’d You Go, Bernadette”


For our book club last month, the lovely Jessica picked “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” by Maria Semple. The cover threw me, because it looked like a summer beach book. But it is a national bestseller, and I trust my friend.

I loved it!

It is an easy book to read. I believe I read it in four or five hours. It is easy, but deep and good.


Bernadette is a mom who has lost her way. And then she becomes actually physically lost (I can’t say more without giving anything away.). Her daughter, Bee, is a brilliant fifteen year old who wants the whole family to go on a cruise to Antarctica together. Her husband is rarely seen, as he works on a secret project for Microsoft.

The family begins planning the trip. Actually, Bernadette hires a personal assistant based in India, whom she has never met, to handle everything. What could go wrong with that?

There are also a clique of ladies at Bee’s school, whom Bernadette secretly labels “the gnats.” They play huge roles in the book. You will laugh and cringe at the many obstacles the gnats throw Bernadette’s way and the actions that she takes to handle their manipulations.

Hilarity runs high in this book. It was also very insightful. I felt I have a lot of Bernadette’s many quirky traits. A lot of the things she did, I would have done, too. I told my husband, “Honey! I’m reading a book about a lady. I think she is supposed to be crazy. But it is like reading about me. Am I crazy?”


Okay. Clarity is always helpful. Moving along.

This book will make you cry. It will make you laugh. I absolutely adored it. It is a book that will stick with me. If you are looking for a funny book with meaning, this book is for you.

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