Dear Mommy: What Does The Mommy Say?


Dear Mommy,

What does the fox say?

Your child

Dear Child,

We have been through this. Why is this a question? Or a song?



Dear Mommy,

I cannot wait to leave this house! I am going to live on top ramen. I am going to eat it every night. I can’t wait!

Your child

Dear child,

Why didn’t you tell me before? That sounds fantastic. I cannot wait to come over. Next, you will be telling me you are going to be all fancy and eat off of paper plates and use plastic forks. What would I wear to such a fine establishment? I think we should try this immediately. I will start making you a separate batch of top ramen all to yourself. We will eat our home cooked meal that took me two hours to make. You will get your five minute meal instead.

I am nothing if not a dream maker.

I look forward to serving you. Maybe I will even lay out some of that fancy cutlery you like. I think I have some from the drive-thru laying around.



Dear Mommy,

I can’t find my other shoe!

Your child

Dear Child,

It is 8:40. We and your two-feet-in-shoes were supposed to leave the house five minutes ago. I am so very thrilled to run around and look under every piece of furniture we own for your other shoe. Why, I aim to please.

Speaking of which, I bought you three pairs of shoes two months ago. Surely we have a set to one of those. No? Well, could you wear a mismatched pair? No? What’s that? We only have the right ones? Okay. Mommy is just going to lay here awhile. Maybe whatever took your left shoes will come back. For me.



Dear Mommy,

I love you.

Your Child

Dear Child,

Awww. Okay. Okay. You can have top ramen AND the “real” dinner I made.

And I found all of your left shoes in the dog food bag, along with my favorite necklace. Which you can, of course, borrow tomorrow.

And for the record, the fox says, “I love you, too.”




* This post was a little extra one I just wrote for The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge.

Rhode Montijo

As many of you know, I love art. My family and I collect whimsical surreal pieces in our home. One artist I have had the pleasure of meeting is Rhode Montijo. We own four pieces of his fun art. He is the creator of a comic called, “The Halloween Kid.” I believe a special is supposed to be airing soon. He has been hard at work on it. It is based off of the children’s book he wrote (he also wrote “Cloud Boy”). I figured with Halloween here it is a perfect time to showcase his art.



Our first piece by him is my favorite. It looks like two gnomes playing in a tree. But there is a creature shambling towards them. I think it looks kind of like Ollie.



This is such a whimsical little creature. I liked the scale of him on the page. In a few weeks I will be doing a post about how to save money on your framing. I definitely used those tricks for this piece. Isn’t he cute?



I like this collage of creatures. It is interesting. I like to mix pencil drawings in with more colorful pieces. It allows the eye some rest.


A fairy king perhaps? Rhode’s imagination and drawing technique is fantastic.


Here is Rhode Montijo and myself at Comic Con in July. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with his lovely wife, too.

Rhode Montijo loves Halloween. I remember reading once on his blog that he leaves door hangers he created on homes he feels truly got into the fun spirit of Halloween. He really is a sweet man with an imagination to match his talent. I have met him three times and he is always smiling. We love to have his art in our home.

Transitional Maxis II

Now, to continue the post from yesterday. Sorry about that! Update: I had to wait for my husband’s computer. Now I am behind! On to the maxis:



I found this red flannel tunic on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $20. I love that I can wear it tucked in or pair it with leggings or jeans. It is almost long enough to be a dress, but not quite. This day I paired it with my Free People Ginger Skirt from the beginning of the year. In real life, the skirt is all a deep black, but the lace parts are showing up a different color in pictures. Sorry about that! That also means that this is more slimming in real life, because it goes straight down without the breaks that are appearing here. Anyhoo, I felt like a feminine lumberjack this day. Isn’t that what every lady strives for? ; )



I have had this Citizens of Humanity Anja Skirt in my closet for awhile. It sold out last year, but if you click on the link you can see how full this skirt is. I got mine for the sale price on eBay. I bought a size 30 at the time. It was too big. This skirt runs large. I finally took it in to get it altered (I was scared she would not be able to do it). It came back and it is one of my favorite pieces for the fall. It is long and loose. This is the way it is supposed to look. I paired it with a henley bought on sale from Free People last winter.

* Also, a quick note: Anthropologie is doing Holiday Workshops where you help make a display for the store. It is free. It is fun. I went to TWO! I learned two simple crafts I cannot wait to share with you guys. And I met some lovely ladies. My posts about them are going up on November 8th and November 9th here. But I wanted to give you a heads up in case there was one near you. They are going on right now. Check the Anthropologie website for your state calendar.

Seasonal Transition Maxi Skirts Part I

Hi guys! I had a post prepared for three maxi skirt looks I have put together recently. Unfortunately I am on my way to a play and ran out of time to download all of the pictures. I figured I will post the rest tomorrow night when I get the chance. So either tomorrow or Sunday will have two posts as I play catch up.

I love a maxi. I think you can carry it into every season.



The Ping Maxi Skirt is one of my favorites. I think a pop of just about any color works with it. Although, it is great with lace and denim as well. The other day I paired it with a simple mustard layering top from H & M. The necklace is Betsy Johnson via Nordstrom Rack.

What is your favorite maxi in your closet?

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!