Keepin’ It Real

I realize that I post everyday. And I have a backlog of posts that I need to publish. But I have decided that I am going to make this post a regular feature once a month. I read a lot of blogs. And I love them. But here is the thing…Sometimes I feel bad. Why can’t I weave a headdress of beads made from my children’s napkins that they have used every night? Why can’t I beautifully saunter down an empty road in heels?

Or wear heels?

Or have a place to wear heels to?

Let’s keep it real here. As I try to always do. But more so here. Because having a blog, well, it can be very narcissistic. I do not want it to be. But since this is my blog, it does end up a lot about, well, me. Ugh!

So, on the 29th of every month, I am going to “keep it real” here on this blog.

This means you will get to see pictures of recipe fails, outtakes of outfit pictures (gulp), messes, and pretty much anything and everything that makes me, well, me (more narcissism?). You will also get peeks into what made me happy that month and maybe pictures of clothes and recipes that will be posted later. Cause I love sharin’.

The good and the bad.

Here was October:


The kids and I had three nights of chicken quesadillas. Yes, three nights. Mommy is cheap and I needed to use up the bag of uncooked tortillas and homemade salsa. But one night, I burnt my dinner (the kids’ quesadillas were still good). So, I had two little pieces. And ended up with having one giant glass of wine for dinner instead.


I love coming up with new ways to wear things in my closet. Here is a look I plan on wearing this week. It is a Free People dress from Nordstrom Rack, mustard tights, fun earrings and boots (imagine I can take a full picture).



My husband has a habit of taking pictures of me in the middle of me changing poses. Which ends with pictures of me that look like this. So pretty. Not.


Our backyard looked like this for a month. Because we were all terrified to go out there with the brown widows. And then it rained. All over our mess. Good times!


We live very close to a bakery. Nothing makes me happier than picking up fresh bread for the kids’ lunches. This loaf was too hot to bag. So, it stayed in the paper bag until it cooled down. My house smelled like yeast and winter when I left and came back two hours later. It was a happy smell.


This is a project I am working on. It is almost complete! I cannot wait to share it. It is a hook rug! Now where the heck am I going to put it where no one can step on it? And if no one can step on it, why the heck did I make it? Good questions.


I made up a scrumptious sauce for chicken in my head. I tried it out with a rotisserie chicken and ended up with what looked like dog food. Fail. It tasted good, but I definitely need to rework this.


These are what are often hiding in my boots. I have three pair. They are from Modcloth. They make me happy.


And I wore this outfit one day. Can you guess what is wrong with my outfit? Oh, yes. I wore my skirt sideways all day. Genius!


I recently attended two Anthropologie Workshops. It was so fun learning new crafts and meeting new people. I have two posts going up in the next two weeks about the workshops I attended. However, I wanted to let you know now in case there are any near you still available. Check the Anthropologie website for your state information.

What has been your “doh!” moment this month? Or do you have a favorite memory you have made? Please share and “keep it real” here with me.

16 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real

  1. This is a great idea – so often all we see on the internet is the sanitised version of people’s lives. And it’s easy to forget that fact. This is what ‘real life’ looks like.

    • Thanks Kirsten. That is what I am trying to do. Just be me. More messes to come! Cause I am a super messy! Today I lived in pajamas. And not the good kind. My husband’s shirt from 21 years ago! Although, I did not take a pic of that. : )

      Thank you for replying and supporting me. I appreciate it so so much!


      • Ha – the old old PJs would be keeping it REALLY real! I don’t think anyone ever wants to show the world every aspect of ‘real’ though.

        I meant to add to my comment (I think it ate one version and then I forgot this part) that my immediate thought with the hook rug was that you could always frame it…I could imagine that on one of your walls if you could find some room.

        Totally honoured to be allowed this window into your life and able to support you in this way.

        XXOO Kirsten

      • Thank you Kirsten! Yes, that would be too real! No one needs to see that! I really want to use the hook rug, so we will see what I end up doing. It would have to be dry cleaned, because it is 100% wool I used. Lots to consider and think about.

        I am so beyond exhausted. I went to the hair dresser today and it took almost five hours for all of us to get done. It was crazy! But she really does a good job. She takes her time with all of us and is so nice. But it was a long night. And she just had a baby so I know it had to be so hard on her. I feel bad. I hope she gets some rest tonight.

        Have a lovely Friday!


    • FIVE hours??! I can’t even comprehend it! My hair is shocking at the moment, the lovely hairdresser who had been coming here for the last few years has stopped doing home visits and I’m not up to getting to her salon yet. Strange how different a haircut can make you feel.

      • Oh. That sucks for you. Maybe you could find someone else to do it? Although, I know it is hard when you are loyal to a particular hairdresser.

        It was three of us. And my daughter was getting her hair dyed too as part of her birthday present. I broke our next appointments up. My son is so good to sit patiently, but it is not fair to him.

        I hope you get in soon so that you can feel better! Although, I am the worst. Before this, it took me five months to go!

        I hope your day is going smooth!


    • Thank you! Okay. Your pants story made me smile. I do stuff like that all of the time. And my husband often wears his shirts inside out. We are easy breezy. So not much phases us. I just want to be myself. Cause life is too short.

      I can’t wait for more of your posts! Have a great day!


      • That’s what we are like too. Its our house and if I want to dress comfy then that’s what I do.

        Especially on a Sunday where if we can keep the front door locked and us hidden away behind some books or in the kitchen then all the better!


      • Yes! Books! Comfort. Nothing else matters. Well, add some coffee in there and we are all set! : )

        I can’t wait to read your new post!


  2. Just when I thought I couldn’t love your blog more, you post this! Thanks for the much needed morning smile. I love the skirt accident – reminds me of wearing my leggings inside out to yoga class. And not solid black leggings, but rather the kind that have a crotch liner in a different shade. Oops.


    • You are so sweet. Thank you, Amanda. And thanks for sharing your yoga pants story. I love it. It is nice to not be alone in my clothing mishaps. : )

      I am so thankful that you liked this post. I was concerned it would not go over well, but I just want to be me. Thank you for commenting. It really means a lot.

      I hope your week is peaceful and happy!


    • Hi Judi! Thank you so much. And thank you for sharing your story. I am sure I do it all of the time, too. Unfortunately, I caught this one with a camera shot. : ). You are so sweet.

      I hope your week is filled with no mishaps and good times! : )


  3. Love this post, Jenni!

    I too have worn a skirt sideways. I spent most of the day wondering why it felt so funny. lol

    You better not put your beautiful handmade rug on the floor. Frame it!! Ever read The Bell Jar? Esther goes on about how her boyfriend’s mom makes beautiful rugs out of rags and then puts them on the floor to be trampled on. Esther couldn’t get over it. So if Sylvia Plath is telling you to frame it – frame it! It’s soooo pretty!


    • Thank you Cynthia!

      I really want to use my rug. I made it for that reason. But two months of a project is a lot. I hate making something that won’t get used. It is not frame worthy. Or hang worth. I probably will put in on the floor, just out of the way so it won’t get stepped on too often. Oh. I don’t know. Maybe that is why I have been stalling on finishing it.

      I will definitely let you know what I do, if I ever get around to its ending. Halloween has really snuck up on me!

      Have a great Wednesday! And thanks for the thoughts. I have much to mull over!


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