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As many of you know, I love art. My family and I collect whimsical surreal pieces in our home. One artist I have had the pleasure of meeting is Rhode Montijo. We own four pieces of his fun art. He is the creator of a comic called, “The Halloween Kid.” I believe a special is supposed to be airing soon. He has been hard at work on it. It is based off of the children’s book he wrote (he also wrote “Cloud Boy”). I figured with Halloween here it is a perfect time to showcase his art.



Our first piece by him is my favorite. It looks like two gnomes playing in a tree. But there is a creature shambling towards them. I think it looks kind of like Ollie.



This is such a whimsical little creature. I liked the scale of him on the page. In a few weeks I will be doing a post about how to save money on your framing. I definitely used those tricks for this piece. Isn’t he cute?



I like this collage of creatures. It is interesting. I like to mix pencil drawings in with more colorful pieces. It allows the eye some rest.


A fairy king perhaps? Rhode’s imagination and drawing technique is fantastic.


Here is Rhode Montijo and myself at Comic Con in July. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with his lovely wife, too.

Rhode Montijo loves Halloween. I remember reading once on his blog that he leaves door hangers he created on homes he feels truly got into the fun spirit of Halloween. He really is a sweet man with an imagination to match his talent. I have met him three times and he is always smiling. We love to have his art in our home.

10 thoughts on “Rhode Montijo

  1. His work is really special, and he sounds like such an awesome guy too! Having art by people you know on the walls is pretty awesome – we have three pictures (one set of prints in a single frame, and two paintings) on our walls that were all wedding gifts,from artist friends, and they are all super precious to me.

    • Thanks Gwen! I do love his art! I love the gifts your friends gave you. How special. I think that is absolutely the best gift ever. And you will always look at it and think of them. One of them wasn’t perchance an alpaca, was it? ; )

      Have a lovely Tuesday!


  2. How great that you collect art from a particular artist! I agree that his sketches are whimsical and delightful, but with just a touch of the macabre and weird. I’ve grown to love contemporary art so much, and Kyle and I go to museums, galleries, and exhibit receptions often. It’s just so fun to look at art and try and pull meaning from it. It creates great conversation and feels like a puzzle or a game.

    I’m really into Nicoletta Ceccoli right now. Her heroines seem to be in this dark Burton-esque world, and there’s this beautiful interplay of sweet and sinister. Art that has really engaging characters and that opens up narrative interpretation is such fun! It’s another way to go exploring besides reading a book or watching a movie. And having those pieces in your home has to create such a happy, imaginative space.

    • Thanks Liz! Rhode is so nice and I really like his work.

      Hey! I had never heard of Nicoletta Ceccoli. I had to check her out. Wow! Her work is mesmerizing. I like it. Although some of it would give me nightmares if I had it in my home. I love the goldfish one where the little girl is walking with the floating goldfish on a leash. And the miniature girl riding an elephant. Really cool! Thank you for sharing. I love looking at art. That is so cool that you guys go to art museums and such. You are always finding fun things to do.

      Have a lovely week!


  3. Oh wow! His work is quite captivating! I always know to buy a piece of artwork if I can’t stop staring at it.You must love looking at this! So cool that you got to meet him and take a pic!

    • Thanks Cynthia! We love art! I agree. If you can’t stop looking at it, it is something you love! I love all of the cat art you share. And I am sure Marcy enjoys it, too. ; )

      Have a great night!


    • How cool! What a small world! Isn’t he just the sweetest? Your son is the perfect age for that book! I love that you know whom I am speaking about!

      That sounds like a neat event. I would have loved it.

      Have a great weekend! Thanks for letting me know. It is so neat!


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