It’s The Little Things: Cuban Coffee


I first tried Cuban coffee a week ago. I tried it and loved it. Since that time, I have been back three times to the local Cuban eatery. I just went there again this morning. Here is the thing: This coffee is strong. I normally do not like strong coffee. But this… It’s wonderful.


So, I googled “Cuban coffee.” From what I could gather: it is not necessarily where the coffee beans are from. But rather how they are ground and brewed (with sugar). No wonder I like it!


They make so many sweet versions, I suck it down. The great thing about this is that it keeps me full all day long. It also keeps me incredibly wired. So I get more things done.



Our local Cuban restaurant has fun quirky coffee signs hidden in the restaurant. These two are my favorites.


I just bought some to make at home. They grind it fresh there. Wish me luck!


Have you had Cuban Coffee? If not, check to see if there is a Cuban restaurant near you and if they serve coffee. It is really good.

It’s The Little Things: Finding a new variety of something you love.

16 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Cuban Coffee

  1. Oh my gosh! I love Cuban Coffee! I grew up in South Florida. My step mom is Cuban so of course we had lots of Cuban food when I was growing up. Between this post and the last I am now positive that I must go find a chocolate chip cookie and a Cuban coffee tomorrow. Immediately upon waking. Or – a Vietnamese coffee. If you like Cuban Coffee I bet you would also love Vietnamese Coffee – it’s made with condensed milk and is just as yummy! Have you had that yet?

    • Cynthia! You are sooooo lucky! This was the first time I have had Cuban food, but it is amazing. My husband keeps trying anew sandwich each time he is there so I have tried three now. The flavors are outstanding. I bet you know some amazing recipes. But are you a vegetarian? For some reason that seems what is in my head.

      I need to try Vietnamese coffee next! I read it is sweet, too.

      Have a great evening!


      • Yes – Vietnamese coffee is made with condensed milk so it is super sweet and delicious. I am vegetarian but I have only been one for the past few years. Next time I am in Florida I will get some of my step mom’s recipes for you. She always made the best Cuban food!

  2. That sounds right up my alley! 🙂 And Cynthia is right; Vietnamese coffee is crazy strong. I taught a set of twins during my first year of teaching who had moved to the U.S. from Vietnam right before school started. They would bring my Vietnamese coffee because they knew I loved coffee so much, and it was great! I’m not really even sure what makes it different; I guess that’s worth a Google. 😉

    • Hmmm. That sounds so good. I have moved on to wine for the night, but I could use a good cup of warm coffee right about now. I must try the Vietnamese coffee, too. I am not a huge fan of the one restaurant I have gone to in our town. I need to find a good restaurant that serves this near me.

      It is worth a Google! Have a lovely weekend!


  3. I love cuban coffee as well ..we have a great cuban restaurant down the road here in Portland that makes amazing coffee 🙂
    Good find!

    • Yay! Lucky you! I love Portland. We go there now and again to visit my husband’s family. Oregon is my favorite state. I think it is beautiful. My favorite place there is Powell’s Books (the giant one). How often do you go there? I am insanely jealous. It is awesome.

      Cheers to yummy coffee!


      • Yay! Well we may run into each other sometime then 🙂 I do love Powell’s it’s such a great place to get lost in! I am pretty close to downtown, and my fav Anthro is there I try and visit often…lol Does your husbands family live in Portland or outside of ? I live in NE 🙂

      • Hi Kara! We stay in downtown when we go. I think Portland is so fun. It definitely has its own vibe. The old houses are adorable. We seriously owe a visit. But my in-laws LOVE our weather so much they always want to meet at our house. While I love Oregon’s rain and snow. Although, I am sure it gets old. His family lives in Beaverton and Gresham.

        I will let you know next time we visit! Have a great weekend!


  4. It’s funny but I’ve been to Cuba (don’t tell anyone as it’s illegal for Americans to go there…oops!) but I don’t even remember the coffee. It was a long time ago. I think I liked it but the coffee in Italy is probably my most favorite. And in Vietnam, the coffee was nasty! YUCK!!

    • Hi Lucy!

      Lucky girl! You have traveled a lot. It is something I aim to do in eight years when my baby goes to college. For some reason, I did not think of Italy when I think of coffee. To be honest, I did not think of Cuba or Vietnam, either. I think of Columbia. From the commercials. Okay. Now I need to try Vietnamese coffee. Two people said it was great, but you don’t like it. I must try it for myself. What a fun little adventure.

      Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great evening!


    • Hi Barbara!

      That is exactly what I order! Well, ours is called a Sal Latte, but it is the same thing. Yum! How many calories do you think is in one of those? I have had 4 this week, but then have skipped lunch because I was full from the latte. Aaaahhh! They are addicting! I am so glad you know what I am talking about. I want one right now. How often are you in the Miami airport? That sounds long.

      Have a great night!


  5. I’ve never tried it, but I do love a hot, tasty beverage. We have a Cuban restaurant downtown that we’ve never tried, so maybe we should give it a shot! I’ve had Cuban food once at this stellar place in Detroit, so I’m not sure how Savannah will measure up, but I always like trying new places and cuisines!


    • Oh! You must try it! It is so yummy. I think the coffee is the best I have ever had. I have been brewing it at home and it is even good there.

      I also tried Afghanistan food for the first time for lunch today. Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing. I did not even know some of those flavor profiles existed. I recommend that as well!

      On another note, I cannot wait to see that other dress, too. I bet it is awesome. Although the blue one will be really hard to beat. I think it is so great!

      I hope your weekend is fun!


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