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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I love Halloween. I love it. The idea of transforming oneself into whatever one wishes. Millions of people playing “dress-up.” It’s exciting. Besides Disneyland, this is the closest thing us adults will ever get to our childhood left behind.

And trick-or-treating! Forget about it! I love it. The idea of knocking on someone’s door and having them not only answer, but give you candy. I mean: If you stop to think about it, it is such a wonderful thing in this world full of mistrust and heartache.

Halloween. It is such a ridiculous holiday. Which is why I love it. I just cannot believe how many people celebrate it and give in to the fun.

Growing up in the country meant never having one trick-or-treater. We would venture five miles down the road to my aunt’s house and trick-or-treat from there. My aunt would give out the most amazing goody bags to each child. This led me to immediately start this tradition from the moment I was on my own. (Post to come about my goody bags this year. Hmmm. Something about that doesn’t quite sound right). It is a thrill to me to get a trick-or-treater. Seriously, a thrill.



Here is how we decorated our outside this year. Well, this is how we decorate every year, so don’t expect anything different next year.



Notice, I kinda hid our green door from the association. I think I can get away with doing this until January. Christmas green anyone?


How did you decorate this year? Do you love Halloween as much as I do?

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10 thoughts on “This Is Halloween

  1. I’ll never forget the Halloween I had in California, trick or treating with a friend my age and her friends…like nothing I’ve ever seen before or since! Looks like you are absolutely getting into the spirit of it and having a wonderful time. Have you ever seen drilled pumpkin lanterns? I came across them somewhere recently (maybe pintrest) and they were fabulous.

    • Oh my gosh, you should see my friend’s house down the street. She only put a little of her decorations out this year. And it is awesome! She goes all out. Next year, will be even more. I just hate to clean up afterwards so I try to only put up how much I can take down in thirty minutes. I usually do our bathroom for the kids, too. I need to get on that!

      Halloween is so much fun. Although one year, I saw a stranger creeping in my backyard. Ever since then, I have kept my eyes peeled. There are some weird people out there!

      Have a great week!


  2. I have always loved Halloween and remember going round carrying my lantern around the block when I was little. It was great fun scaring off ghosts and keeping the witches at bay. Now I still like that but also like the side of things to do with ancestors and natural spirits.

    I just pulled off a giant pumpkin from the back garden, one of many! I will be getting my scary movies ready to watch. I have always loved scary stuff and horror movies. When others were watching Bambi or Mickey Mouse, I was much more into Dracula and Halloween. I still turned out ok 🙂

    My wife asks me how I can enjoy these films but its just because I know it isn’t any more real than watching a comedy or a sci-fi film.

    I love your Halloween decorations and I agree, let us adults have one or two days of fun. The whole idea of it is just too much fun.

    • Hi Stephen!

      Your pumpkin sounds awesome! I can never be patient enough to grow vegetables. Well, and I am allergic to pumpkins. But mostly I am too lazy to remember to water things.

      Do you watch The Walking Dead? I bet you would love it. I do not like scary movies. My daughter informs me I am much scarier than the movie itself as I scream like a maniac and startle everyone around me. Anyway, The Walking Dead is really good. I have to read a recap of the episode before I watch it. I MUST know what happens!

      I just bought my husband and I matching gnome outfits this year. I always buy us matching costumes. I have Shrek and Fiona, pirates, victorian ghosts, witch and wizard, and now gnomes! Fun!

      Have a lovely week!


  3. Love your Halloween decorations! Will you dress up? I love seeing what everyone wears on Halloween. It is such a great holiday for people to express their creativity!

    • You should see my friend’s house! It is her husband’s favorite, too. They go all out! It is a fun holiday!

      Have a sweet Saturday!


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