Sketchbook Shirt Dress


I adore the Sketchbook Shirt Dress from Anthropologie. It fits like a dream. It has hidden fortresses amongst shadowed forrests. If you look closely, you can see a gnome.

Not really, but that would be awesome.


The lining of the dress is a pretty purple.


I am wearing a size 6 here. I have recently learned that this is probably the size I should be buying. But I am still finding my way in sizing. So I might really be an 8. I am sorry! I hope I can be a better help in the future in terms of sizing. I still think it runs a little big.


I wanted a picture of the dress sitting down. But then I was accosted by my dog. And the dress rode up. I had to edit it. Imagine I can take a good picture.


Have you tried on this dress? How did you feel about sizing? I would like to know if I am off. Do you have a fun, whimsical piece in your closet?

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14 thoughts on “Sketchbook Shirt Dress

  1. I often think you could size down in your clothes. I bet you could’ve purchased a size 4. I definitely wouldn’t go up in size. But I love this dress on you. A good guideline for you is to check the fit in the shoulders. The seam at the shoulders could hit you further up your shoulder. But I’m just being picky here because I think the size 6 works fine. I’m usually a size 6 in dress. I’m 5’10” and slim. I was actually able to squeeze into a size 2 in this dress but I would say that was too tight. I didn’t purchase this dress but could’ve purchased a size 4 or size 6. I guess this dress runs a bit big but I think everything is getting HUGE. The vanity sizing is crazy these days. I have stayed the same shape/weight for years and years…yet my dress size has gone from size 10 down to size 6, and even occasionally smaller than that.

    • Thanks Lucy! I do like my clothes flowy, so I think that is where I need to find a happy medium. This dress actually fits me really well. I have larger arms (left over from losing 76 pounds) and it is hard to dress my waist with my arms. Plus, add a mommy pooch, and my clothes are better a little flowy. Otherwise I would have to add spanx. And I hate those!

      I need to come to the realization that I should try other sizes. I have a size 6 green dropwaist dress in my closet. And it has always (the last few months) been a bit snug on me. I have to wear a tight bottom with it or I pooch. So, for some reason in my head, all size sixes are going to fit that way. I am now aware that that is a really stupid idea to think that one dress would set the tone for every size like that. So now I am trying other sizes. I purchased the Waverly skirt in a 2. And I found the cutest denim skirt the other day in a 6 on sale 80% off, but I needed a 4 in that. Darn!

      Losing so much weight was really hard. It is so scary to try something on and have it be too tight. I worry about my mentality if that occurs. Everything used to be too tight and it was a very hard way to live.

      It still amazes me when I fit in an 8. The idea that a 6 would fit seems surreal. And a 4 would seem just silly in my head. I used to buy 1X-2X.

      It is a learning curve. And I am not willing to let some pieces of clothing go (my size 8-10. I have been selling all of my larger sizes). Although, I have been altering a lot lately.

      Thanks for the suggestions!


  2. Oh, Jenni, I just love this dress on you. It has such a pretty drape and the blue is so beautiful with your hair and skin tone.

    As for sizing, I agree with Lucy. Sizing is way off nowadays. I am physically the same size now as I was 25 years ago but my clothing size has completely changed – to the tune of 3 sizes sometimes. Also, I am never the same size in any brand. I go between 3 numerical sizes and 2 letter sizes at Anthropologie and just about everywhere else. I never EVER know what size to buy online and always have to take at least two sizes into the dressing room with me when I am in a store. It drives me bonkers so I can only imagine how bonkers inducing it would be for you – who is now changing your body size – with all the sizing inconsistency out there. In other words – it’s not us – it’s them!


    • Thank you Cynthia! I appreciate that. Sizing is always so hard. I think each person is different. Which I mean, that makes sense. There are only a handful of sizing and yet each of our body types is different. So confusing! I just went through my closet again today and grabbed some more items to sell. It breaks my heart that I have to. But some of the items are just way too big on me.

      25 years, same size?! Lucky girl! That is what I strive for. I loved your skirt today.

      Have a lovely week!


  3. I adored this dress on you from back when you reviewed it. It has a country-casual feel to it that you could style so many ways. I saw it in-store and actually thought to myself: “Jenni has this dress!” lol I haven’t tried it on, but when our new store opens in a few weeks, I’ll be trying on pretty much everything. I’ve so missed not having a store nearby, so finally having one and working there part-time will be such fun!


    • Awwww! Did you get the job??? That is so exciting! Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you if you did!

      Thank you for the compliments! : ). I appreciate it. I do love this dress. I have to keep myself from wearing it every single day! That is how much I love it! It reminds me of Game of Thrones!

      Have a terrific week!


  4. Oh, I am glad you bought this! It was one that stuck out for me in that set when you reviewed it (Jenni, you must have the most incredible wardrobe ever, everything I come across that I really like seems to turn up a photo of you in a google search!). And your boots always add that edge to your outfits…kind of ‘make’ a lot of them for me actually.

    Your approach to fashion reminds me of a philosophy I want to try and remember: ‘to wear what makes you feel good’. Maybe I’m imagining things – but I hope I’m not – when I see that in all your photos. Enjoy.

    • Ah, thank you so much. I have been trying to whittle my wardrobe to pieces I really like. And I like FUN! I now only purchase pieces that have something whimsical about them. Otherwise, I would want everything! Plus, I am getting back in the sale shopping mindset. I really am only trying to purchase clothes when they hit sale. It upsets me how often I splurge on a piece only to have it hit sale a few days later. I have a whole shopping tip post going up in a few days. I will be curious to see what you think of it.

      Have a beautiful week!


  5. I tried on this dress after seeing it on you and thinking is was so lovely. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me (I think it was my broad shoulders that caused the issue), but I still love it.

    • Hi Barbara! Oh man! That sucks it did not work for you. On the plus side now you can spend it on something else! I have a very similar dress in my closet from Anthropologie many years ago. I purchased mine off of ebay for a steal last year. It is the Myths and Legends dress. Have you tried that one?

      Have a great Tuesday!


  6. I really like this dress! And picking out the right size is hard–I have an extremely hard time finding jeans that fit. I think they fit in the store but in real life they’ll only stay up with a belt. I’m not sure why…I don’t buy anything online for this reason! But dresses with loose skirts are the easiest to find a decent fit in for me!

    • Thank you Rachel! Me, too with the jeans. And I think jeans are the hardest thing to try on in a dressing room. Figures. I agree that dresses are easy. Heck, you could leave your jeans on when you try them on. I think that is why I wear so many of them. Easy peasy. I am glad I am not alone!

      Have a fantastic Friday! Thanks for commenting!


  7. Hi, This dress is very cute on you and I have a question about the fabric, which is rayon. Is it a rayon jersey or a rayon more comparable to cotton or to polyester? If it isn’t jersey, does it wrinkle easily?
    Sizes are nuts…I was a size 6 in high school and if I still had those clothes, they would be too tight, but now I am a 2 and could probably wear a 0 but won’t do it because that just seems sick to me.

    • Hi Becca!

      Thank you!

      The material is rayon. It definitely feels like rayon, not cotton or jersey at all. It is silky feeling. It does not wrinkle. Which is wonderful!

      Sizes are so crazy. I kind of hate it. It definitely makes trying these on not as fun. I wish there was a universal size chart the brands had to follow. I tried on some pants today in my usual 8. I could have used a 4. Crazy!

      Have a lovely evening!


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