It’s The Little Things: Measuring Spoons

Well, it doesn’t get much smaller than measuring spoons, does it? I have to admit, I have a ton of measuring spoons. I cook a lot, so this comes in handy. Over the years, I have purchased my spoons as soon as they hit sale.


My favorites are still my handy dandy plain ones. It’s funny how that works out. This is because I know the measurements are right on them.



I recently purchased some owl ones from World Market for $4.50 with a coupon.



And some Toadstool measuring spoons also from World Market for the same price as above.





But how did they “measure up”? I decided to test their functionality.*



It turns out they all measured slightly differently. The biggest difference was in the owl tablespoon purchased from Anthropologie. It was much larger than a regular Tablespoon. The closest measurement was the toadstool tablespoon. Although the teaspoon version of it ran short. As did the owl tablespoon from World Market. So, what is a girl to do?

Well, now that I know this, I am going to be more careful in my measurements with my cooking. The Anthropologie tablespoon will be used for insignificant items such as coffee, where an exact measurement is not necessary.

I am also considering these Color Tab Measuring Spoons currently on sale at Anthropologie. But I would want to see them in person.

Do you have any fun measuring spoons? How do they perform in terms of accurate measuring?

It’s the little things: fun functionality.

* This experiment was done for fun. I tried to be very accurate, but I am only human. Please take my experiment with a grain of salt…Or flour, if you will. Your measurements may vary.

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7 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Measuring Spoons

  1. There should be some kind of international standard for measuring spoons. I’m not kidding! I actually really appreciate this post – I have only got some cheapie yellow plastic ones that Victor bought one day, when he got sick of me using actual teaspoons probably, and I know what you mean about getting used to a certain thing being what you always measure with. Maybe if you do want to use the toadstool ones, for instance, you’d just have to get used to them and add like, one quarter teaspoon to every half teaspoon or adjust your measurements somehow…? I dunno, I’m jetlagged so that seems like a good idea at the time of writing. 😉

    • Thanks Gwen! I am glad I could help. I truly don’t understand how they cannot all measure the dame. It does not seem right. I do not know that the pretty measuring spoons will get used all that much now that I know their truth. Although your idea is a good one! I can totally see me just losin’ it in the kitchen as I try to remember which teaspoon measured too large of an amount. I don’t think my little brain could take it! ; )

      Have a great night!


  2. I have had this problem with Anthropologie measuring spoons in the past. I have bought them since, but only as decorative gifts when I have thought they were just too precious to pass up. I bought a gorgeous seashell set for my mom (I have no idea what the name of them is!) when I was living in coastal South Carolina, and she was able to just eyeball them and know their measurements would be off. However, she still has them sitting on display on a shelf because their design is so unique. When it comes to practical measuring spoons, I have a great set from Kitchen Aid that I scored at Marshall’s for two bucks on clearance! It has held up really well.

    • Hi Casey! I am glad your mom still enjoys hers on the shelf. I need to find a practical use for all of mine. I need things to have uses! I was so bummed when I did that little experiment. I knew the Anthropologie one was off. But I really thought the other ones would be right. It was kind of a bummer! : (

      I love that you got your kitchenaid set for $2! That is a score! I have a kitchenaid set, as well. And they measure up perfectly! Yay! : )

      Have a lovely Friday!


  3. That is so wild! I never in a million years would have even considered that a measuring spoon could be inaccurate. I am now looking at my measuring spoons very suspiciously. Hey! Maybe I can blame some of my bad cooking on them! Neato post, Jenni!

    • Thanks Cynthia! I had my suspicions, but I was not sure! I was actually quite shocked at how off they actually ended up being. I will probably be sticking to my plain ones. I can’t believe they do not have to be accurate to be produced. It is odd.

      I bet you are a great cook. I am sure Marcy thinks so!

      Have a great night!


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