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Here is where I break my own rules and do more reviews.

My kids were going camping last weekend. It was booked for months. Can you see where this is going? Oh, yes. The government shutdown strikes again. And the campground was closed. Thankfully, they could just go camping on my family’s land, but it still was a dent in the plans.

My father met me to pick up the kids at Anthropologie. ‘Cause he’s awesome. I had two returns to do. I will happily note I left Anthropologie with a negative balance. Did I buy something? Ugh. Yes. But I was proud of myself for leaving so many lovelies behind.

I decided to try on some things. Some of them, because I have had my eye on them. Others, because they are different than what I would normally wear and someone might like to see them on the average girl.

I probably will not get to another brick and mortar store until Christmastime. It was fun to try on some pretty pieces.

Movin’ along. Here are the reviews:


That day, I wore my Free People Lace babydoll shirt from Nordstrom Rack. Of course, I did not take a picture of the outfit in the dressing room. Here is a “selfie” I took at home earlier in the day. By the time I got to Anthropologie, it was late in the day and my hair changed. Oh, and my make up kind of smeared. Bear with me. I paired it with my Free People skinny corduroy pants also from Nordstrom Rack ($19.99 last week. Run! Don’t walk!). I am wearing lace flats from H & M. The necklace was gifted to me from Simply Livly on Etsy (I wear it all of the time and love it!).


I don’t know about you, but I have a system when I try things on. Because I hate trying things on. The quicker I can get it done, the better. If I all ready have pants on, I start with tops. So, first I tried on a top I had loved online. It is the Honore Buttondown. I was not in love with it once I tried it on. It is just okay. This is a size 6. It just wasn’t for me in real life. Or maybe it would be great tucked in?


First, please ignore the weird expression on my face. What the heck? This black top ended up in my dressing room. I had not picked it out. It was my usual size medium and so I tried it on. I think it is the Smocked Sabine V-Neck. It is black. It is a blouse. It is a black blouse. Nothing much more to see here.



This sweater was so pretty on the hanger. This is the Stitched Flora Cardigan. It swam on me when I tried it on. This is a medium. I could have used a size small. It is expensive. This just isn’t for me, but I am sure many lovely ladies will rock it.


Hedgehogs! Oh my! I love this top. I have the bunny version in this new release Creature Feature Top with the buttons down the back. I purchased the bunny version in my usual medium, and immediately had regrets. This is a large. I think definitely size up in this shirt if you do not like things “showing.”


On to the dresses! I tried on this Narva Swing Dress, on a whim. Please ignore my claw. Gosh! I am weird! This is a medium. If they would have had a small, I probably would have cradled it all the way home. As it is, I am glad they did not. This dress is one I will wait for sale on. It is a pretty blue swing dress. But I am looking for something with spunk. It did make me feel all small and girlish in it. As in, someone could throw me over their shoulder and then take me home and rock me. Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t drink wine and write reviews.


This dress is a small (Spacedye Day Dress). It was the only size they had in stock. It is too small. Small. Small. Small. Moving along.


I lusted after the Elodie Sweater Dress online. I loved the color. But once I tried it on, the love was lost. The color just is not good on me. I think someone with the right coloring is going to rock this dress. And I will be envious and glad for them all at once. I am wearing a medium. The fit is right. The stripes do not do my hips any favors. It also comes in a black color, but it is not for me.


Okay. Maybe I am delusional. Scratch that. Yes, I am delusional. But maybe more so with this skirt. First, after poring over the reviews online about the Ponte Bell Skirt, I stubbornly tried on the XS/S version and refused to budge on the issue. Did my refusal to budge create a bulge? Hmmm. I don’t know. The bump on the side is not a hip baby, but the sensor from the shirt. I loved this skirt. It was so whimsical. So fun. And I felt itty bitty in it. When something makes you feel like that, it is a no brainer. This skirt came home with me.


Oh gosh! I love this vest. It is the Corduroy Puffer Vest. Of course, my kids had to leave when I tried this on. Sorry! This is the only picture I have.

I love the vest, but I live in Southern California. I would probably wear it once a year. It is soft. It is my favorite mustard. It kind of made me teary to let it go. Well, not really, but it is adorable. If you live in a colder climate, this vest is wonderful. I sized down to a small, and that is what I would have bought had I lived in the climate that would support the wearing of this vest. Hmmmm. Do you think this would look good over a swimsuit?


And this jacket is so not me. It is the Chevron Sweep Poncho. But I figured it might be someone. I don’t wear fur or fake fur. I don’t wear animal print (the actual animal printed on the item of clothing gives me heart palpitations, but a print of animal hide… Nah.). But I can see why some women like it. This jacket is huge. If you love this, size down. This is a medium. I definitely could have sized down at least one size. The colors are very striking. Again, not for me, but for someone fun.

So, have you spotted anything you love lately? Please tell!

P.S. Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie just posted some reviews! Check them out. They are always so helpful. : ).

35 thoughts on “More Anthropologie Fall Reviews

  1. I was just thinking about you! Had been looking at the Ping skirt (lusting after, more like) again, and came across your photo….and keep thinking of all the comments I’ve wanted to get back to too.

    Anyway, love reviews but I’m not totally sure why. I’m pretty much having palpitations over the hedgehog top with the Ponte Bell skirt. Not to enable but you NEED that top to go with the skirt. It’s the most fabulous combination ever. DO IT!

    Also, your phone makes me smile – also seems ‘very Jenni’.

    • Hi Kirsten!

      Thank you so much. You are so sweet. I did end up getting the hedgehog top, too. Those are the two things I purchased that day. Of course, I wanted to wear that outfit today. And it is rainy and cold. I am holding out hope for a few more days of sun. Then I will post more pics of that outfit. I am so glad you like it! Thank you for thinking of me!

      Have a great evening!


  2. Omg, that black skirt and the hedgehog shirt! That is a darling outfit. I just love it, and you look so girlish and flirty and fun! I’ve had my eye on that embroidered navy sweater, too! Thanks for the review set! So many sweater and skirts are tempting me this season. I just applied at a new store opening by me, and if I get the job that will mean shopping sprees every week. Yayyyy!


    • Thanks Liz! You are so sweet! Um, you HAVE to get the job there! You would be perfect for it. And how much fun would that be? Touching lovely clothes all day? Yes please! Good luck! Fingers and toes crossed for you!

      I hope you have a beautiful week!


    • You are so sweet Brynne! I do love the pairing. I think a colorful necklace will be just the punch this outfit needs. But I am not sure. Maybe I should keep it monochromatic. I will have to play around with it.

      Thank you for the compliments! You made my heart happy tonight.

      I hope your Thursday is fabulous!


      • I just saw this comment through and ‘had’ to butt in with my two cents: I think the monochome look is part of what makes that outfit so totally fantastic (and I love that ever other person who has commented thought it was just as great). Leave the colourful necklaces for other outfits I reckon.

      • Thanks Kirsten! I can go overboard. So, I very much appreciate the advice. I think I will actually stick to that exact necklace. I like the way it looks. But I might have to pair it with black tights and black boots as today the cold weather hit us with a vengeance. It is raining so hard. And none of our cushions are in. Ugh. It is going to be a pain drying them out and then storing them. I wish I would have been more on the ball!

        Thank you for the advice! I will heed it!


      • Aww. Thank you so much! It is hard to see what other people see. I just love the way it feels on my waist. I can feel it sucking everything in like magic! So thank you! And I forgot to mention the best part about the skirt. It has the prettiest teal zipper down the back… Really lovely and it makes it special!

        Thank you again! : ). Wow! You are making my night!


      • So…I’m reading through your comments and read this one and have that mental moment where I’m trying to make sense of what I’m reading. I don’t remember writing this and then I figure out it isn’t me that wrote it. It’s another Brynne! LOL. Whom, if I remember correctly, ALSO lives in Texas. Too funny. Sorry….hope that doesn’t creep you out other Brynne. 🙂

      • That is funny! I am now going to have to go through and figure out how I have responded to the two of you. I hope I did not get confused ever. Knowing me, it is a probability. I was trying to tell my husband I needed to go pick up my clothes that were getting alterations done to them and I said, “We have to go pick up the clothes that are getting edited.” Which I guess makes sense. But my brain gets mixed up. ; )

        Have a lovely evening!


  3. Definitely agree with the others – I hope the hedgehog shirt went home with you as well – that outfit knocks it out of the park! You look fantastic!!

    • Hi Soo! Thank you so much. Yes, that is the outfit that came home with me. My husband loves the skirt. Although he is not a fan of the two items together. Oh well! I like them! I could not resist that sweet hedgehog. I know it will get a lot of wear.

      Thank you so much for the compliments! I hope your night is fantastic!


  4. You look great in everything Jenni!! You could be an Anthro model!!
    I love the ponte skirt on you and I’m so happy you purchased it!!
    I also love the hedgehog top.I purchased a different pattern and am still waiting for it to arrive 🙂 Thank you so much for the reviews!! I’ve been too lazy to try on things at the store so it’s nice to see the new items on actual people!!

    • Oh my gosh! You are so nice Sayaka! I feel like such a dork when I am taking those pictures, so thank you! That is really appreciated! : )

      I cannot wait to see your version of the shirt on you! I am sure it will be just lovely. You are going to love the buttons down the back. They are really well done and such fun!

      Have a lovely evening!


  5. you made me want more stuff this fall!! ughhh! hehe..

    I agree with Sayaka. You look great in everything!! I have to go to the store to try them on tomorrow!!

    • Hi Keiko!

      You are so nice! I think the opposite. I think you look great in everything! I cannot wait to see what you try on! Fun!

      Have fun shopping!


  6. I think the second top you tried on is actually the Smocked V-Neck because it has longer sleeves. I also tried it on today. Didn’t love it.
    Now I regret not trying on the hedgehog top today which I saw in my store because it is absolutely ADORABLE on you! Funny, the only suggestion I was gonna say was size down in the top but I guess that’s not what you want. Regardless, just get it!

    • Thanks Lisa! I will have to go back online and see which top I actually tried on. I wasn’t paying very close attention to it, because it was not something I had picked out. Thank you for the compliment on the hedgehog shirt! I did end up getting it. I did think about getting the medium, but I did that with the bunny shirt. And I happened upon a picture my husband took of me from behind in that shirt! Aaaah! It was so unflattering. So, I knew with this shirt, I needed more flow! : )

      Thank you again! Hopefully Thursday will be wonderful for you!


  7. Gasp! Love you in the ponte skirt and hedgehog top! This is the kind of look I love to wear myself – a high waist black skirt with a tucked in white top. Classic, slimming, cute, and sexy! You also look smoking hot in the Sapcedye Dress!

    • Awww. Thanks Cynthia! I think you would look lovely in that outfit! Although Marcy might get insanely jealous over the hedgehogs! ; o

      I appreciate your sweet words! I am heading over to your blog tonight. I am so glad you are back! I hope your trip was wonderful!


    • Along with everyone else, I love the black skirt and hedgehog top on you. I hadn’t even noticed that cute top until I just read your reviews. I now NEED it and will be making a special trip to Anthro very soon. I already own that skirt in the black/white striped combo, but I’m now considering the black colorway as well. Thanks so much for the reviews Jenni!! I just love your little blog. 🙂

      • Ha! Thanks Sherry! I am always happy to help someone shop! I love it! I am so glad you like that top. I do, too! In fact, I was all set to wear it today and then it rained and rained. And we all know we cannot wear that shirt in the rain. : (

        But I will wear it soon and I will post more pics of it. I cannot wait to hear how it works for you. I hope you like it as much as I do! Thank you so much for the sweet words. I appreciate it! : )

        Have a magnificent Thursday!


    • Thank you Brynne! I am so happy you are happy for me! My husband said, “now, that’s the kind of skirt I like, ” when he saw it. So, I knew it was a keeper! Poor guy! He always has to see me in flowy items. So, it is nice to be girly and wear a short skirt now and then.

      Thank you again! Have sweet dreams tonight!


      • So excited! I am leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning and, while we have an Anthropologie just down the road from me here in Fort Worth, I know there will be much more to chose from and use my 15% birthday discount on at Seattle’s University Village. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      • Oh my gosh! Yay! I LOVE Seattle. I have two posts that I keep putting off about our trip to Seattle earlier this year. Now I am bummed I did not post them! Have a lovely time. Try in many pretties. My very very favorite thing to do in the world is in Seattle. It is called Teatro ZinZanni and it is a circus like dinner show usually hosted by a drag queen. I am a nut for dinner theater. Anyhoo, have a terrific time in Seattle!

        Happy Birthday! When is/was it?


  8. If you were only going to get the one thing, I think you made the right choice. That skirt looks ah-mazing on you! (Did you return the Viking’s Best Friend,then, or will there still be a toadstool outfit post?) And I have to say I’m super annoyed by the paper thin tees in that range – I tried the bunny one, and was so bummed out. And I wanted to get the hedgehog one as a Christmas gift for my friend who likes hedgehogs, but she is like a MILLION times bustier than me, and my C-cups were already making that top a complete no-go… Meh!

    • Hey Gwen! You are so sweet. So, I ended up returning that Toadstool blouse (it was unworn) and then rebuying one during the 15% off day. But I still have not worn it! I still would like to sell a few more things. And I need to dry clean them first. I need to get my lazy butt in gear! I did wear that skirt with the hedgehog top today. I love that outfit! : )

      Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it!


  9. After I saw the hedgehog top on you, I got up, got dressed and left for the Anthropologie store right away! LOL. They were already almost sold-out and had only 2 in stock, luckily one of them was my size, I decided not to size up, and BTW I think the size M looks perfect on you and you don’t need to size up either, it could make it too loose on the back where it’s cut so low….plus it makes it perfect for tucking in 🙂
    and it look cute with your pants too! Thanks!!!

    • Thanks Sarka! That made my day! I am so happy you like it! I thought it would sell out because it is so cute! I am so glad you got one. I cannot wait to see how you style it. You are always so stylish.

      P.S. I am actually wearing a large in the picture. So that is what I bought. Thank you for the compliment. I very much appreciate it!

      Have a great weekend! : )


    • Thank you so much! I appreciate it! I actually wore this outfit two days ago. It made me so happy. I am so glad you like it! : )

      Have a lovely week!


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