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My husband found this book on Amazon. It is called Blood Song (A Raven’s Shadow Novel). The reviews were fantastic. I was bored and had only about one hundred other books I needed to get to. But this book called to me.


It is written by Anthony Ryan. I believe it is his first novel. It was very hard to tell. He did an amazing job.

The book started off by confusing me. It took me awhile to get through the first five pages. But then it turns into a reflection from the point of view of a ten year old. That is when it got interesting and good.

The book kind of feels like Harry Potter (yes, every book pretty much reminds me of this) in the since that it is about children learning the ways of their world in a land that contains magic. Unlike Harry Potter, this child is growing up to be a killer. It is the vocation he is learning. The act of being the ultimate warrior.

You would think I would not like this. But it was very well written. It was also an easy read. I think even my kids would like this book. However, after I recommended it to my children, my husband very quickly told me that that was crazy. He had read the book and noticed there was a lot of swearing. I did not remember one swear word, but he showed me. There was a lot! So, definitely a strictly adult reading recommendation.

Sorry kids!

The plot was engaging. The story flowed. If you are a lover of fantasy, I highly recommend this book. I just finished “The Assassins Apprentice” trilogy, as well. Those books were good. This one is better.

There is magic in this book, but it is not the main focus. It is mainly the story of brotherhood among men. About a scheming king and his plotting daughter. It is about what happens when religion is forced on a land and the effects it has on its people. Some of which do not have the same faith.

It is about destiny.

I loved it. I look forward to the next installment in the series that should come out next year.

If you are not a lover of fantasy (or you like other books like me), last month, our book club read “Orphan Train.” I plan on doing a review soon. If you have read it or are planning on reading it, feel free to join my discussion about it in two weeks.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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9 thoughts on “Reading: Blood Song

  1. Nice review Jenni! I haven’t read Blood Song, but it sounds cool! Right now I’m reading this fantastic series about a London police constable learning magic by Ben Aaronovitch, and I am just obsessed with it, but maybe after I finish that I will give Blood song a try!

    • Okay, Gwen! That sounds amazing! Why can’t we live closer? We could trade books! I will go check that out! I finished “The Wee Free Men.” Meh. I will do a review soon. I am not discounting him entirely, but his next book better blow my socks off. ; )

      Have a lovely Wednesday!


      • I know, right?! Pack up your whole family and move to London, you’ll love the cold and we even have two Anthros! 😉
        You know, I personally wasn’t that big a fan of the Wee Free Men books (there are three, I only read the first one), but didn’t want to say so in case I somehow ruined the experience for you. Some of the more “mature” Pratchett books (as in, he’s matured as a writer, not “mature” in any dirty kind of way, heh!) are so much better.
        Going Postal and Making Money, for instance, two books staring a con-man who is forced to become a good guy, and who has the terribly unfortunate name Moist von Lipwig, those ones are great.
        His first few books were very gag-heavy, but anything in the Discworld series written AFTER “Pyramids” and starring either the Witches or the Night Watch/City Watch, or Moist von Lipwig, and DOESN’T have the character Rincewind in it (he has fans, but I personally hate him) gets my instant stamp of approval.
        Oh, and Monstrous Regiment -he only did the one book about those characters, but it’s fab. Especially for the vampire character who is addicted to coffee! I WISH I could just show up on your doorstep with a plastic bag or two bulging with Pratchett’s, but ALAS! 🙁

      • Done! ; )

        Oh wait. Why does being an adult have to be so complicated? It would be nice if it was that easy.

        Thank you for the recommendations! I will definitely try one more. But just one more. I will give him one more chance. My husband loves him, too. We actually have a ton of his books on our bookshelf. I just never read another adult one after the one I read years and years ago.

        Right now I am reading “Orphan Train” and then I am moving on to “The Last Unicorn.” Have you read it? What did you think?

        Thank you again! Have a perfect Friday down under!


  2. Ironically, I hated fantasy books when I was growing up and would tune out if a story didn’t seem realistic. Now that I’m older, I actually really enjoy books like Harry Potter. Weird, right?

    This sounds like a really good book! Thanks for the disclaimer about the language; I sometimes run into former students who will ask me about books to read that they will actually enjoy, so I’m glad you warned me about the swearing in this one! I really like to recommend books to them that people have actually told me they enjoyed.

    While this sounds really good, it will probably be some time before I get to it because I feel like I can’t justify another book purchase until I read the bazillion I have lining my shelves. 😉 LOL

    • Ha! You were just ahead of your time! : )

      Oh. I am glad I warned you about the cursing. That would not be good to recommend it to children. I am very lax about swearing. When it comes to adults. Which is why I did not notice it. But I do not want my kids reading it when they are kids. It is a privilege or bad habit earned.

      But beyond that, the book is excellent! It flows and is engaging. Plus, I loved how it ended. I am a sucker for a good ending. Let me know if you get to it! My sister is reading it now and loves it.

      Have a beautiful night!


      • As an adult, I don’t mind language, either, as long as it’s there for a reason. If it’s there for a cheap shock effect, I don’t see the point. I would just hate to tell some kid to read it and get some angry mama on my tail! 😉

        I hope you have a great night, too!

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