The Winners Are… Plus My Picks Of The Month


Thank you so much to everyone who entered my recent giveaway. The winners of one necklace each are: Alissa and Stephen Liddell!

Congratulations! I will ship them out tomorrow! Enjoy!

I had so much fun with this giveaway. Who am I kidding? I am just having fun, period.

I also want to say, “Thank you!” to my sweet mom who has been so supportive through this whole experience. She diligently reads everyday. It has been a really hard year for her and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. I also feel awful for not mentioning her in my “Reflections” post. Sorry Mom! I love you!

This is also the time of the month where I like to take a moment to reflect on things that are interesting to me or that I am currently lusting after. And I mean lusting, because I am being very good and not buying anything (else) this month.


Photo courtesy of Casey from Veggies and Glitter. : )


1. First, Casey from the blog Veggies and Glitter nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. She is such a sweetie. Her blog is really interesting. Reading her blog feels like hanging out with a great friend! She talks about fashion and life. Her recent date night post was sweet and the pictures of the food are enticing! I wish I lived closer to her, because that restaurant looked amazing. Yum! Fortune cookie martini? Yes please!

I wanted to give her a big, “thank you,” for the nomination. I am so lame, in that I will not be forwarding it on. However, I am very honored she thought of me.

“Thank you, Casey!”


2. I bought these refrigerated noodles. And now I cannot wait to create or try a homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? ; ). Stay tuned in the coming month for the outcome of this!


3. The New Target Threshold Line (pillows) looks interesting. I am loving the woodsy wonderland theme stores seem to have going on right now.

The cutest squirrel toss pillow for fall

These Cableknit Pillows in Gold Rush



4. I wrote about these Dr. Scholls shoes that you keep in your purse last month (in case your feet hurt). They were very inexpensive. I wanted to do an update. I have tried them on. I am a true size 8. These are 7/8. They are a bit snug, but definitely doable. They seem super comfy. You could not use these for “regular” shoes, but they are wonderful for high-heel-aching-feet emergencies. I have a wedding to attend Sunday evening and I plan to utilize the heck out of these little babies!



5. My top five fashion picks this month (I own the first two. I have not tried on the last three. I just think they are cool).

Anthropologie’s Sketchbook Dress.

Anthropologie’s Toadstool Shirt

Modcloth’s Pop In Stand Out Sweater

Modcloth’s Wizard of Ostrich Sweater. I will probably be getting this for my winter wardrobe. I have very few sweaters.

Free People’s Mod Stripe Tunic in red. This will more than likely be an October purchase.

* If you want to see more cool Fall picks, check out Roxy’s Free People Wishlist on Effortless Anthropologie. She has great taste!

What are you wanting this month? Are you being patient or indulging? Please tell!

11 thoughts on “The Winners Are… Plus My Picks Of The Month

  1. I love those Target Threshold items; I don’t know how I missed that collection when it hit stores. It has a really similar vibe to Anthropologie, which we all know how much I love! LOL

    Thanks for featuring me in your post! I was looking forward to reading about your nominees, but I don’t think you’re “lame” for not passing the award along to other bloggers. 😉

    • Thanks Casey! I love the Threshold line so much. I especially love when it goes on sale.

      Also, thank you for being understanding. After the Liebster Award, I sat down and had a good heart to heart chat with myself (cause that’s not weird) on how I would handle blog awards in the future. I had no idea about them when I first started blogging and I knew that the nomination process would give me anxiety.

      So, I decided to do it the way that I do and hope not to offend. And I am so glad you are cool with it. Because you are so sweet and I love your blog. The very last thing I would want to do is to be offensive. But I also always want to be honest.

      Thank you so much for the nomination and being such a nice chick!

      Have a great Tuesday!


  2. Yay Alissa and Stephen!!!

    Jenni, I want that blue dress now!!! It looks so great on you!!

    So, did you pull out your ballet flats for the wedding? And what did you wear? Post a pic!!


    • Hi Cynthia! I still have not worn that dress. I am keeping it in my closet just in case they have a 20% off sale like they did this time last year. Then I would take it back. I would hate to lose money that way.

      I wore my Flounced Lace Dress in blue. And my lace wedges with blue drop earrings. All from Anthropologie. I love that dress! I should have a post next week with pics of myself. I ended up overindulging in wine (it was at a winery) and have spent all day today recovering. When will I learn?

      Thank you for the compliments! : ). And for making me smile through my headache.

      Also that dress will look amazing on you! : )


    • You are so welcome! I sent it yesterday! I cannot wait for your lovely wife to receive it!

      I will message you later today! : )

      Tank you for entering!


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