Dear Children: Back To School


You are now back in school. The days have begun anew, filled with the terrible curse of a schedule. Early mornings. Nights that we try so hard to stretch. The darkness covering our outstretched arms like a blanket. Our efforts futile in their weakness.

Do you know that your Great Grandmother called the first day of school “Mother’s Day”? And as much as I miss you, there is some truth to that. You would be amazed at how clean the house is without two tornadoes attacking it.

The house is so still. Your mother is a person who does best in the calm. Alone. I rest my head on a chair and try to picture what your day is like. I imagine, you, my son, scowling in the direction of a disobedient child. Or your hand rubbing your chin, your eyes staring intently ahead, as you sit and ponder a lesson. And, you, my daughter, I imagine your bright smile. I know you do not skip to class. But this is my imagination. And so you do, all the while laughing. Causing others that walk by you to smile in return…

My eyes dart to the clock to make sure I am not late to bring you home. The day passes quickly in the silence.

Ahhhh. Yes. A schedule. It is here again. Nightly homework being trudged through like a spoon through molasses. And all of the “extras” being shoved into the hours with the hurry of a chipmunk to his cheeks with an elusive nut.

We all go to bed tired.

Our days are full. Our bodies have adjusted to this rhythm. Our souls long for summer.

I sit watching the clock. I know it will come all too soon. Time rushes by me in the stillness. Growing your bodies. Growing your minds. Growing my sorrow.

The school year has begun. Another year is proceeding to make its mark. Cutting its way through our future. I wonder and worry about what the year will bring. Only Time will tell. And he is a master at keeping secrets.

I hope you will do well, my children. Study hard. Enjoy the weekends. This schedule that we are on will keep us going. Racing to the finish line in June. Time is smiling cunningly at the end. Let us still try to beat him. Shall we? I’ll give you a head start.

And so, my children, I wish you good luck in the coming school year. I will be behind you, rooting for you all the way! Know I am here, catching your shadows in my fingertips. We will get to that finish line! One step at a time.




* I have recently learned my children are googling my blog. Which is sweet. Very sweet. But I also want to know that they are learning something from me besides simple recipes and pretty clothing. These letters are real letters to my children. From their mother. You might not agree with my message, but please respect my sentiment.

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