Anthropologie Reviews Fall 2013

I went on a return run to Anthropologie. It was fun. I took back some items that I have never worn that have just been hanging in my closet from this summer. I have never done fitting room pictures or picture reviews before. But I figured, what the heck? I always like to see the clothes on a “real” girl. This will not be a reoccurring post. I do not get to a brick and mortar store, but a few times a year. Maybe once a season. I felt a little naughty and weird, taking photos of myself in the dressing room. Oh, the things I do for this blog. ; ). Warning: this post is photo heavy!



First up is this sweater dress called Petalblush Sweater Dress. I really liked this dress. It was super flattering and comfortable. I tried on the small and the medium. I am wearing the medium in the pictures. The small fit great, except the arms were tight. But it is the size I would probably purchase.


I really do not like the detailing at the bottom. It looks like a muppet tragedy.


The back is so cool. It is a shame that the bottom of the dress could not follow suit. Still a love, but at $200, I am waiting for sale.



I then tried on The Sketchbook Dress. It is so fun and versatile. It has forests and fortresses on it. They did not have my usual size 8. I tried on the 6 and it fit perfectly. I love this dress. It is so easy. This lovely came home with me.




Can I truly be a “gnome lover” and not own a mushroom blouse? This top is unbelievably lovely. I am wearing a size 6. This top is also insanely expensive. It is called Toadstool Blouse. It is silk with beautiful beading details. I am wearing it with a Holding Horses skirt that was on sale for $10. The skirt was a no brainer, but when they removed the sensor tag at checkout, it revealed a giant round stain where the sensor tag had been. The sales associate informed me all of the skirts had been marked that way (hence the $10 price tag). It was a giant bummer. I did not buy the flawed skirt.


This skirt is beautiful. It is called Emeline Tulle Skirt. This skirt made me smile. The zipper was broken on this one. It is a size 6. It was a little large on me. I was able to slip it up and down without any problem. Super pretty for the more feminine among us. I would buy this for a great sale price!



This top was pretty.. The top is called Ruched Ribbon Top (thanks Jules). It is purple with pretty ribbon details. This would also make a great sale purchase. I will save this on my wishlist.


This top is adorable. Yep. That’s the word. It is the Nora Peplum Top. It is wonderful. It felt big in my usual medium, but when I sized down to a small, the arms felt too tight. I loved this blouse, and the medium happily came home with me. Let us wave good bye to my September budget.


I will wear this with my Mothers brand jeans that I just got on sale for $40, marked down from $198. Sorry I am not a great photographer. And please ignore my messy house in the background. It’s on my to do list. ; )

Thus, we conclude my quick shopping jaunt. But I also took some pictures of some pretties around the store:








Have you ventured to the dreaded dressing room lately? What did you try on?

P.S. Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie also did some reviews this week. I love her take on some of Anthropologie’s new dresses!

39 thoughts on “Anthropologie Reviews Fall 2013

  1. Thanks so much for the reviews. I live in Australia and obviously don’t get to experience trying things on. I love the sketchbook dress. I think I am similar size to you s/m 6/8. does it run large? It looks great on you! I also love the sweater dress though same, dont like that fluffy bit at the bottom.

    • Thanks Melinda! I do think the Sketchbook dress runs a little large. It has an elastic top so I think it is easy to size down. But I am smaller on top.

      I know! That sweater dress was so pretty. Even the sales associate said she could not understand why they did that to the bottom of the dress. It made no sense. Which is probably why they did it. ; )

      Thank you for commenting! I very much appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!


  2. Thank you so much! As someone nowhere near a store this was very helpful! Everything looks fantastic on you. I love the sweater dress, and the mushroom blouse, and, well, everything!

    • You are so sweet. Thank you and you’re welcome! I only try things on I really like, because I hate trying things on. So, I am boring that way. Thank you! Thank you! : )

      Have a perfect week!


  3. I love the sweaterdress and the Sketchbook dress on you!..however..WHY did they do that to the bottom of the sweaterdress..ugh…that’s a dealbreaker for me sad. I would want to shave it off somehow..but at that price…nah. I tried the shirtdress myself…and thought the pattern on me was so busy …maybe it was the dressing room lights or something…I might have to try it again :-)…I loved everything else about it but that.
    Thanks for the reviews!

    • Thank you! And I am so bummed about the sweater dress! Why? My daughter’s favorite sweater when she was two was that same material. And I did not like it on my two year old (her aunt bought it for her)! Oh well, the other parts are pretty. Hopefully it will go to a great sale price!

      The Sketchbook dress is great. I like the pattern. But I do tend to like busier things. : ). Patterns are my favorite!

      Have a fabulous week!


    • So I ordered the Sketchbook dress in a petite size and it made all the difference in the world…I even really like the print now. I think on the day I tried it on…I must have been out of it! 🙂

      • Oh you made my night! I am so happy it worked for you! That makes me happy that you tried it again. I love the print, too. But when I tell you why, I do no know if you will be as thrilled as I am about it. It reminds me of “Game of Thrones”. And the castles. And “winter is coming.”

        It also looks like a beautiful art piece. I am thrilled the petite sizing worked out! And thank you so very much for letting me know!

        Have a great night!


  4. Somewhere there is a muppet who gave his life for that dress. We should take a moment to mourn. 🙂 You look absolutely beautiful in everything. But I may be biased.

    • Thanks Lizzie! You are so sweet. You should have seen my post, before I just wrote that one sentence about the muppet. It was a little too graphic. ; )

      I hope you have a magnificent Wednesday!


      • Okay! I just wrote the other Lizzie, because I thought it might be you. But I was not sure. But then I saw “The Liz” and of course I knew. Do you know my dad still calls you that? I was just watching a home video a while back where we were playing Bingo (do you remember the hours of fun?) and we were playing with a bunny. So fun! I miss you like crazy! : )

    • Yay! I asked my husband is that “my Lizzie”? But I could not tell. Then I saw the email. I miss you. I love you. Call me!!!

  5. Hi Jenni – I’m SO excited you modeled the sweaterdress – I just got through looking at Anthropologie online before I went to your blog and it is online and it was already in my basket! Now I have an idea of what size to get (sadly, I was debating between the L and XL, but I think the L is going to work!) And I guess I’m the only one, but I’m diggin’ the bottom of the dress myself! I guess I would need to see it in person. I sure hope this is at my local Anthropologie, but if not, will probably be “pullin’ the trigger” on payday!

    • Hi Judy! I am so glad my reviews helped! I will have to update my post to reflect the sweater dress now being online. Thank you for the heads up! I do think I would go for the smaller size (like I would). The arms will be tighter, but it is a sweater dress, so it is going to stretch anyway. I am glad you like the bottom. It shows you have a super fun personality! : )

      Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  6. Hey Jenni, I think I can solve the mystery for you! That sweaterdress is available on the EU site, where it’s known as the Petalblush Knitted Dress. Sometimes the EU site has different names for things from the US site, but hopefully that should help! I wouldn’t pay full price for that dress either, but if you ever score it on sale, it looks like it’d be easy to surgically remove the bits of dead muppet stuck to the bottom with a pair of nail scissors.

    What a bummer about the skirt, by the way! You look lovely in everything, though that toadstool blouse was my absolute favourite! I’ve been eyeing it too, since my ancestors used to eat toadstools before going off on their killing sprees and all (you know, vikings, sigh), but I cannot justify that price tag. Perhaps on sale, in like a year’s time? 🙂

    • Thanks Gwen! I will update the post to reflect the new name! I like the pop of pink at the bottom. I just wish it could have been not made of what it was. It would be a great sale buy! : )

      That toadstool shirt would be so great on you! And the price makes me sad. I will be honest. I took it home. But it is in the bag with the receipt. If I cannot sell enough clothes from my closet this week, it is going back. I am halfway there! I just need to post some more clothes today and send them on their way. Thank goodness for Roxy!

      I love your mushroom viking comment. It created quite a picture. But of course, in my mind, they were all wearing this shirt as well. ; )

      I hope your week is magical!


      • BWAHAHAHA!! “Thorgrim, you got blood on my berserker blouse! Prepare to die!!” 🙂 Heh.

        Well, good luck with your little Anthro sale! Hopefully it will all work out, and the blouse will turn out to be one of those investment pieces you rock (like a toadstool goddess) for years to come! But well done for being responsible and not wearing it yet! 🙂

      • Ha! I know you and I can totally picture it!

        Thanks for the encouragement. Yep. Being responsible sucks. I so want to wear it today. My husband all ready told me to keep it, but I hate going over budget. So, gots to make sure I make up for it! I am going to wear the peplum top today. My body yearns for toadstools though. In both ways! ; )

        Have a great Thursday (is that possible?)


  7. Thank you for the reviews, Jenni! So glad you got the Sketchbook Dress – it’s looks awesome on you! Now I want the Emeline Tulle Skirt after seeing you in it. I won’t get it because I can’t think of any place to wear it… but I want it.

    That looks like Miss Piggy’s blood on the 1st skirt. Maybe she cut herself shaving her legs? Maybe Kermit got mad and took a swing? Noooo… he’d never do that. Oh, I know… maybe it wasn’t a tragedy after all. Instead, she dyed her hair pink to be trendy, didn’t like it and thought it would make a great adornment to a skirt. Anthropologie was too scared to say no to her so it ended up for sale. Possibly?

    • Thank you Cynthia! That is so nice!

      Ha! I loved the Miss Piggy comment. I agree. It is such a perfect sweater dress. The cut. The pattern. Sigh. If only…

      Oh well, I hope to snag it on sale and then figure out what to do about the bottom!

      I hope you have a nice relaxing week free of any muppet nightmares!


  8. hee hee- muppet tragedy indeed. But it’s so cute otherwise! And you are adorable with your smirk and little bunny-eared phone! The sketchbook dress is tops of my wishlist- glad you brought it home!
    I love some of the printed silk blouses for fall…can only hope my store gets some and then they are still hanging around when they go on sale! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! I was probably thinking about the poor sales girl wondering what I was doing in the dressing room for so long. I was also trying to figure out how to take a picture with a bunny eared phone. Aw, well. What can you do? Still haven’t quite figured it out. I am more interested in the claw my hand is so prettily forming. What the heck is that?

      I am glad you are back from vacation! Still so jealous!


  9. I adore the first 2 dresses on you Jenni!! Thanks for sharing the reviews. I like the lighting of the dressing room too. Is it a newer Anthro store? The lighting at my local Anthro is yellowish meh….I noticed that the newer stores have the bright white lighting.
    And ohh I’m so happy you got the Nora peplum top! It looks adorable on you a perfect item for Fall!!

    • Thanks Sayaka! I appreciate the compliments! The dressing room, I think, iis tragic. There are scuffs and marks everywhere. It makes me want to save the clothes from the dirtiness! The store is about six years old. So, not too new. But not old, either. I do think the lighting is so much better than most!

      Have a great week! I hope kindergarten is going wonderfully!


    • Thank you Jules! I will have my husband fix the link into the post when he gets home tonight. I am completely clueless when it comes to that sort of thing. I am so glad you found it! I looked in new arrivals and in the tees. I must have been delirious. ; )

      Thanks again! Have a lovely weekend!


  10. Great pictures! This is off the subject but I will have you know that I ended up purchasing the Waverly skirt because I saw your Reader Outfit post on Effortless Anthropologie. So did you buy the mushroom blouse? That is a must for a Gnome lover. I’m putting that on my wishlist because I missed out on that cute Owl blouse that I think was called Lemon Liftoff? I love the printed tops.
    Cheers, Stacey

    • Hi Stacey! And thank you so much! Do you love the Waverly skirt? Thanks for reminding me about it! I am so going to wear it tomorrow with the daydrifter chambray shirt. It will be awesome! I love looking forward to an outfit to wear! : )

      I did end up buying the mushroom shirt. The store kind of forced my hand, because while I was there they put it on a mannequin and told me they were going to display it in the window. They were crafty and told me they loved it too. And that it would sell out quickly. What was a gal to do? So, I bought it. But it is still in the bag. I sold two dresses on Effortless Anthropologie this week. I want to sell a couple of more things next week to keep it! But it is definitely doable! I just hate going over budget. It makes me feel bad. And I also purchased the Modena dress for September. So, my budget is gone until October.

      But I will enjoy my lovelies in the meantime!

      I remember the shirt you are speaking of. It was truly lovely. What a shame you missed out on it. That is what I feared about the Toadstool Blouse.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I truly do appreciate it! : )

      Have a beautiful weekend!


    • Hi Emily! Thank you so much! I appreciate it! I cannot wait to wear it. It reminds me of all of the fantasy books that I treasure so much. Deep dark forests and castles hidden amongst them. I love that the pattern is kind of hidden. So, thank you! I so very much appreciate it! : )

      I hope you have enchanting dreams!


  11. Great first Antho dressing room reviews! So fun. Hey, do you know if everything is okay with Molly of Anthromollogies? Her blog has been quiet for so long. One always starts to worry when that happens. I remember when Sara of You, Me and Anthropologie when quiet and have always hoped she just got tired of blogging and not something worse.

    • Hi Brynne,

      Thank you!

      I have been missing Molly, too. I just assumed she was having a wonderful summer vacation with her kids. I hope I am right!

      I was really sad about You, Me, and Anthropologie’s sudden drop off. I read somewhere she had tweeted recently.

      I hope you have a great night!


  12. I really enjoyed the photos of the store Jenni – being in Australia I haven’t (obviously) had a chance to step inside one. And if I did I don’t think they’d get me to leave somehow.

    I had exactly the same reaction when I saw the bottom of the Petalbrush Dress. WHY??? But the Sketchbook Dress and the Mushroom Blouse look like they were made for you. I also really like the the Tulle Skirt with that dark top on you, a totally different look but it really suits you.

    • Thank you Kirsten! Why haven’t they opened a shop in Australia? That just seems crazy not to have one. I know there is a market for it. But you are right, it is hard to leave. So you are lucky in that aspect.

      I crave that tulle skirt, but I still want it to go one more cut deeper. I think then I would spring on it. It probably won’t last that long. It seems to be a popular item.

      Thank you for the compliments. It has been a hard week. So believe me they mean a lot!


      • There would definitely be a market for an Anthro here. Maybe they’re saving us from ourselves though?

        I’m so sorry you’ve had a tough week – may the next one be full of enough extraordinarily special and wonderful things to balance things out a little.


      • Thanks Kirsten! Fingers crossed! : ). I am not complaining. There are so many people out there with legitimate concerns, mine is just little. So, no worries. I am being positive! : )

        Thank you for your sweetness!


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