My Husband And The Bunny


My husband is not going to be happy.

I am sharing a story about him. It is kind of embarrassing. I think it is the sweetest. But I completely understand now why he has not told his coworkers about this blog. And also…why he should not…


So, my husband and I went to the grocery store for some much needed deals. As we were shopping, my husband said to me,

“Hey, honey, can we get some carrots? I NEED some carrots.”

I replied, puzzled, “Sure. It is on the list. Let’s just pick up an extra bag.” But being that he has never said that he NEEDED carrots before, I ventured further with a question: “Why?”

To which I got an unexpected reply, “The bunnies have been going in our neighbor’s yard. I want them to stay in our yard. I am going to leave them carrots.”

“You mean in the front yard? You are going to sprinkle orange carrots all over our front yard?”

He looked at me with excitement dancing in his eyes. “Yes.”

Okay! Sounds fun. I am sure the home owner’s association won’t mind one bit. On second thought, this would be just the sort of thing to irritate the association. I grabbed another bag.

And low and behold, when we got home, my husband yelled, “There he is!”

Scaring the crap out of me. Making me hit my hand against the glass window…

But he was right.

The bunny was waiting for us.

I said sweetly, “Go lay the carrots gently all over the yard. I love your kindness.”

Aaahhh, aren’t I the sweetest?

Here is what I actually said, “Do you want to pet the bunny, Lenny?”

I was greeted with silence. Which I totally deserved. Sometimes I can be an a**.

We scared the bunny away throwing carrots into our yard.

Now there are orange vegetables haphazardly strewn across our green grass.

No bunny.

Not yet.

But we are patient. We are waiting. I am sure to get a letter. A complaint.

I do not care…

My husband is adorable.

9 thoughts on “My Husband And The Bunny

    • Thank you Sayaka! I ran it by my husband first, because I wanted to make sure it was okay to share. ; )

      I am so glad you liked it! Yay! Thank you!

      Have a beautiful Sunday!


    • Thanks Stephen! We put more out tonight! Hopefully they enjoy the treats! We did have a good weekend. It is always over too soon! And I hope you and your lovely wife have a beautiful week! : )


  1. I’ve been reading your posts straight from my email and I keep meaning to drop in…and don’t. But I had to come and look at the comments for this one! You’re a great writer Jenni (perhaps as good as you are a decorator, not entirely sure yet). This was my favourite part:

    ‘ I said sweetly, “Go lay the carrots gently all over the yard. I love your kindness.”

    Aaahhh, aren’t I the sweetest?

    Here is what I actually said, “Do you want to pet the bunny, Lenny?” ‘

    Love it!! Thanks for sharing the sweetness and the laughs, it’s a gorgeous little story.

    • Oh! Thank you so much! I read and reread your comment all day, because it made me so happy. It also made my husband happy, which is the best part, because I was a little worried he would dislike that post. So, thank you!

      Your comment was so sweet! I hope you have a perfect week!


  2. YES! You both have the official Rabbit Stamp of Approval from President Rabato himself!* 😉 I love this story, it’s adorable, and I hope the bunnies do come back!

    *President Rabato is a character my husband made up to make me laugh – he’s an adorable little despot who rules his Carrot Republic with an iron paw. 😉

    • Love it! So cute! It sounds like we both chose wisely in the husband department! I will take that high compliment from President Rabato! Fantastic! : )

      The carrots are still in the yard. : (. Maybe tonight they will get eaten. Fingers crossed. Maybe President Rabato could do a public service announcement stating there is free food at Gnomelover’s house.

      You are such a good time Gwen! I love it!

      Have a great week!


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