It’s The Little Things: Red, Red Wine


You make me feel so…


I like wine. But I am not a wine snob. In fact, I really do not know all that much about it, despite the many tastings and tours I have been on. I do know what I like, though. And this is it.


It is called Firefly Ridge Red Flash. It is available at Safeway and Vons. It is also almost always on sale. A good price for it is $5.50 a bottle. A great price is $5. I stock up on this delight.


It is smooth. Not too sweet.


Look at its aura. ; ). I highly recommend this for all you adults out there!

It’s the little things: Good wine for a great price!

3 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Red, Red Wine

  1. I drove by a Von’s and stopped in just to buy this wine, to give it a try. I hadn’t written down the name, but thought it would jump out at me. ha-ha! Way too many wines. (I have a note in my purse for next time.) We encountered an interesting man in TJ’s wine section. He seemed knowledgable and steered us to ‘Cocoban.’ It’s a blended California Red, very tasty. Let me know what you think!

    • I thought about it later. I should have brought you a bottle! Remind mom to remind me to send one home with her next week! I can share! I will have to try the other brand out. I am always up for trying something new!

      I hope your day is not too hot!


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