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Have you ever wanted to look prettier than you are? Your skin perfect? Your body slimmer? Without surgery? Then, I suggest you buy an antique mirror.


I first saw our antique mirror in the back of my favorite antique store. I knew I had to have it. I also knew the seller was always open to offers, as I had purchased from her before. For large pieces, I always haggle, unless it is all ready a fabulous price.

I got the mirror for 20% off. It is one of my favorite purchases. The tag read “old department store dressing room mirror.” I imagined the ladies of the era standing in front of its now pickled glass.


I love the chipped, grooved frame. The aged black specks. I love that it makes me look better when I stand in front of it. Cross my heart. This mirror is magic that way.


Just ask Ollie.

Do you own an antique mirror? Does it have magic proprieties, as well? If not, what is your favorite oldest item in your home?

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  1. I bought an antique mirror one time though I think it was originally a frame from an ancient painting as the frame is very large and has both word and engraved copper and brass areas. I just couldn’t find a big enough mirror at the time and found this in a market for a very good price. The hardest part was fitting into the car!!

    Though I have several much older items, my favourite old items are my grandparents silver cutlery set from their wedding in 1949. I believe the silver is older and my grandparents never ever used it which I can understand as was probably their only valuable belongings when they got married.

    Anyway, I decided I am going to use them so we have them out for special occasions such as Christmas. The last 4 or 5 Christmas mornings I have spent cleaning them before we eat. Somehow it makes me think I am living in Downton Abbey 🙂 which I am sure my Grandma would have loved if she had seen it.

      • I bet he gives you more compliments than my mirror does me! ; )

        When I read this, I thought you were saying he is thirty seven years old. But upon rereading it, I read you have been married for thirty seven years! Wow! Congratulations! I would love to hear what you think are the most important attributes in a marriage. We all know marriage is hard, and I love advice from people who have more experience than I do and are still so very happy.

        Thanks Brynne! Have a lovely week!


    • I love that story. Thank you for sharing! I bet your grandparents would love that you use their silverware at your gatherings. I think it is so wonderful to have mementos of loved ones who have passed. We have a few and they are the most precious things to me.

      Hey, I have a question for you. Do you like Downtown Abbey? I have not ever seen it,but I think it would be a show I would enjoy. What do you think? I had forgotten about it until you brought it up. So, thank you for reminding me!

      What have you found to be the easiest way to clean your silver? Sorry so many questions!


      • Oh I am sure that you will love Downton Abbey. It is a very gentle show with nice values for all the family to enjoy.

        I’m sure that you will particularly enjoy all of the pretty dresses that the ladies where on it. I really recommend it. We have the new season starting in 2 or 3 weeks. I want to buy the boxset but not until it is all completed which I hope won’t be for some time yet.

        As the cutlery is kept in an airtight box, it is only necessary to clean it once or twice a year. I do it with some silver cleaner and a cloth. Apply it on about 10 pieces and by the time you’ve done that, it is ready to be gently wiped off with a different cloth. It can get hard to get right into the little nooks in the forks though.

        We have a few different silver antiques that we get from dealers who have cleared the homes of old people. We don’t do it for investment, just because it looks nicer than plastic 🙂 Not all of them we can use though as the toast rack is often too narrow for modern slices of bread and the egg cups are so tiny, it is hard to fit boiled eggs in them.

        Back with the cutlery, we get all excited at any opportunity to lay out the table for more than a knife and fork and dessert spoon. Sometimes my wife plans a meal just for the opportunity to use a different sort of spoon or knife. It sounds a bit lame I know but they just look so nice on the table and feel good in your hands when you eat with them.

        I do enjoy your blog Jenni and our little comment chats. Hope you are having a great day,


      • Thanks Stephen! I am definitely going to watch it! I love period pieces. I love the way folks used to behave.

        Oh! The dinners sound so lovely! You described them so vividly. I can completely picture it. Feel the weight of the silver in my hand. Now I must collect some silver pieces! You have inspired me! Of course, then I would worry about keeping them clean, but it almost sounds like a relaxing task. Polishing silver.

        Thank you so much for replying! I, too, enjoy our conversations. I hope you are doing well.

        Have a magical week!


      • Hi Jenni,

        Oh you will love that show, I hope that you get to watch it soon. I feel like writing a blog post on it when the new episodes arrive in September.

        Cleaning the silver is very therapeutic and relaxing, you can make it last for as little or a long as you like to spend on it.

        I am having a great week and hope you are too!

      • You should definitely write a blog post about it. One of my my favorite posts of yours was the Great Gatsby post. Definitely do it!


  2. Love how you decorated your house. I would kill for tile floors! And I agree with Stephen – I think you might really enjoy Downton Abbey! And even if you don’t – the costumes are incredible!

    • Aw, thanks Cynthia. Those tile floors were so cheap. I want to say $1.50 (maybe $1.70? I cannot recall exactly) a square foot. They are just ceramic tiles made to look like Spanish tiles. Unfortunately, we need to replace two in our kitchen, because they have chipped and cracked. I have no idea exactly how to do that. So, I keep putting it off.

      I am definitely going to check out Downton Abbey. Ha! I thought it was Downtown Abbey! Downton makes much more sense. ; )

      Have a lovely week!


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