Pink Flag Necklace Winner


The winner of the pink flag necklace is Loraine! Congratulations! I am so excited for you! I am sending it out this morning. I cannot wait for you to get it. Yay!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I appreciate it. Next month for my sixth month blog giveaway, I will have two items to giveaway. So, there will be two winners next month!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everyone!

And on this Wednesday, let’s do a little sharing! Here are three things I am obsessed with this week:

West Elm’s Peel N Stick Wood Paneling. How cool is this? I want to try this in my son’s room. It looks like it sold out in one day. I am sure they will restock it. How would you use this?

Anthropologie’s Garden Guest Tote that sold out. I love that it is suede and looks handpainted. If I can find a plain suede tote, I may ask my daughter to paint me one!

My son got the Zing Zombie Slayer Bow for his birthday. The kids have played with this nonstop for four days. If you have kids with a birthday coming up. I highly recommend this toy. The arrows whistle when they shoot them. Hey! I want one!

I went out with a friend recently. Her mother had given her these ballet flats in the cutest little gold bag that slips into your purse. They are by Dr. Scholls. I was so envious of her when my feet were killing me in my heels. She was able to take her heels off for short periods. They are little lifesavers for aching feet. I promptly ordered myself some on Amazon. They were $6 with free shipping. I have not received them, yet. I am looking forward to these for my next date night on rocky streets.

Do you have anything you are currently obsessed with? Please share!

And Congratulations to Loraine again!

3 thoughts on “Pink Flag Necklace Winner

  1. The wood paneling looks really cool.
    Would love if you could review the Dr Scholls flats when you get them. I’m wondering how bulky they are, and how much you can actually walk in them.
    I’m going to bet that Anthro restocks that tote. When Anthro has an item that sells that well, they almost always bring it back.

    • I cannot wait to see someone use that wood paneling. I want to see how durable and easy it really is.

      I will definitely get back here and let you know what I think of the Dr. Scholl’s. The reviews say they are definitely not for everyday wear. But rather for when you need relief from the shoes you are in. I am bringing mine to a wedding I am going to in September! I hate heels. Maybe these will save my feet! I’ll let you know soon!

      I do hope they restock the tote. There are so many women waiting and wanting for it. That would be great!

      Thank you so much for commenting. Sorry it took me so long today to respond. My kids started school today and it has been a crazy emotional whirlwind of a day.


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