Rose Bowl Flea Market Part II

You can view Part I here.

What did I end up purchasing? I am afraid it is not overtly exciting.


I did find my petticoat. Of sorts. More like a tulle slip. This grey-green find was $8. I would never really wear it like this. But I wanted to show what it looked like. And it is sheer. Key in adding a dress underneath for this photo. I will wear it under dresses in the wintertime.


I also found this really cool army green table runner. I love the white design on it.


And I found this neat vintage fabric. It used to be a skirt of a woman in a village in Thailand.



I am going to combine them into one giant pillow. It will look something like this. Can you picture it?


I also purchased the coolest piece of furniture. At a fantastic price. The couple we purchased it from were some of the nicest people I have ever met. I am bummed, because I have forgotten the name of their shop. They were so sweet. They were dressed up in cool vintage clothes. The guy helped my husband wheel the piece of furniture all the way to our car. He would not accept a tip. Just really great, good people. I hope their shop does well.

We got it home. The piece of furniture would not fit anywhere. Bummer! But I know a family member who is going to have an awesome Christmas present!

This is just a sneak peak. I know they read this blog. I do not want them to see the whole thing.



And we ate burritos at the place near the vintage clothes. I know they do not look fantastic, but I had to share. Sorry, I took a bite of each before I remembered I was supposed to take a photo. The chicken one was very dry. But the bean burrito was so good. I have not stopped thinking about it. I am a bean burrito junkie. And this one was the best one I have ever had. It has been a month and I still cannot stop thinking about it. If you head to the flea market, I suggest you try a bean burrito! Yum!

So, that completes my day. It was very hot. Super fun. And exhausting.

What have been your best finds at the flea market? Do you like to dig through junk as much as I do?

8 thoughts on “Rose Bowl Flea Market Part II

  1. HI U! Love the slip! o/t- Wanted to give you a heads up because i know you are an Anthro collector like me…..have you seen the “life is berry sweet screen printed kitchen towel? They are on sale for 7.95 and I think you would love them. Not on line but check in store. They come in little fruit cartons and are very cute.

    • First, thank you about the slip!

      Second, thank you so much! I remember seeing those kitchen towels. I thought they were adorable. I am so happy to see they are on sale. I had no idea. I must track some down. They are so cute in that basket. They also make perfect gifts.

      Thank you! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


    • Thank you so much. The photo is not very flattering. I debated about posting it. But I really wanted to show the slip. So, thank you! I am in love with the color. It was hanging with my Terry blazer in orange and the stripes with the skirt had me wanting to pair them. After much deliberation, I realized I could not do it. But I am still wondering!

      Thanks again! Have a great Tuesday!


  2. Please show us your pillow when you make it. I loved the bite missing in your burritos. That means they were good. (I like to take pictures of my food too.)

    • I will definitely show the finished project! I just have to start it once the kids go back to school. My house is a disaster right now. I barely clean it when the kids have summer vacation. When they go back to school, I know there is a chance it can stay clean through the night. So, first, I am cleaning my house this week. Then, I am starting on my pillow. I can’t wait! I hope it does not take too long!

      And yes, I love food pictures. I take so many on vacation, too. I think you either like it or you don’t. I am definitely of the “like it” category!

      Thanks for writing! I hope you have a perfect week!


      P.S. Oh my gosh! I took so many pictures of Ollie this week. I cannot wait to share them with you. He went from being 65 pounds (really overweight) to the 52 he is now. And he is making my heart melt! You must send me pics of your bully sometime. I cannot get enough. I even rewind commercials if there is a bulldog in them.

  3. The Pasadena flea Market is on my short list. I love a good bean burrito so will have to add one to my list of purchases. Yum. Can’t wait to see how your fabric and runner transform into a pillow.

    • Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you did not go last time. You would have loved it. You and your husband must go there together. He is such a good negotiator and you both have fantastic eyes. Go! Go! Go!

      I hope you have a fantastic week! : )


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