Rose Bowl Flea Market Part I


My kids were camping with their grandparents. My friends had given me money to spend at the flea market. My husband had the day off. Check. Check. Check.

And we were off.


I love the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I do not find that the deals are better here than other places. Probably quite the opposite. But it is huge. So there is a huge selection of stuff.

The problem is, I have a lot of stuff. And I have a tiny house. So on this trip, I was pretty much looking for a petticoat and fabric to make pillows.

Did I find what I was looking for? I’ll show you what I scored tomorrow.

Today, I wanted to share pictures of the items found around the flea market. There are a lot of odd things to be found. Which makes it so much fun!


Poor Guy! He reminds me of Disneyland (the Country Bear Jamboree).


“Everybody Loves Raymond,” anyone? These ones were really expensive.


I thought this couch was fun!


So pretty!


Because I live to give you nightmares.


Here’s one more.


Oh! These old school chairs are amazing!


This lamp would have been so rad with a different shade and perhaps a different color. When I went back to show my husband, it was gone.


Where would you put this?


I want to suck your blood? Same question as above.


I loved this, too. Again, small house problems. No room.


I wanted this bird. Badly. I walked by this stall three different times. No shop owner. Darn! It would have been so cool in so many different ways!


I could not resist snapping some pictures of some gnomes. I did not buy any. They were all too pricy. This guy was snoozing in the flea market. He missed the whole thing.


I loved these giant cement gnomes. They were spendy at $100 each. I probably could have haggled. I am sure someone gave them a loving home. But they are my one regret from the trip.


And let’s conclude with a cool carpet chest! I almost bought that guy, but fifty years of carpet… Hmmmm… Tomorrow, I will show my few purchases I made. Until then, have a great day!

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8 thoughts on “Rose Bowl Flea Market Part I

  1. I have lived in Los Angeles for 20 years – 4 of them in Pasadena even – and have never gone to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. And I don’t know why. It looks really neat! Can’t wait for your post tomorrow to see what ya got!

    • That is funny. You should totally go! I think it was today. But, it is the second Sunday of every month. Maybe we could arrange to meet down there one of these days. Of course, my husband would have to come. I am so lame. I do not drive the freeways. I am too scared!

      I loved your look today, by the way. I got so darn obsessed with that adorable bunny tote, that is all I could think about! : ). But, yea, those jeans are awesome!


      • Me too! What is up with that crazy bunny tote that we are all obsessed?

        Ohhh… a Rose Bowl field trip sounds like a great plan! Shall we wait ’til it gets a little cooler, though? lol Husbands totally allowed – I’ve got a good one too!

        I completely understand about the freeways. I actually like it when there is slow moving traffic. It makes me feel like… well… I may NOT die in a high speed fiery crash. Seriously, cars going fast on the 405 gives me crazy anxiety.

      • I know. I think it is that I did not realize it was suede. Or hand painted. Or that it would sell out so darn fast. I really do not think they are going to restock it.

        Yes, the Rose Bowl would be awesome. And I am so with you: when there is traffic…I think we are safe. I have seen so many scary things. My husband drives it everyday. It stresses me out!

        Ugh! We need backroads everywhere!

        Have a wonderful, fantastic week!


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  3. It was so much fun seeing all of the pictures of the Rose Bowl swap meet, we don’t live that far Orange County, I don’t know why I don’t just run over there…so many cool things to see and ponder, loved the big horse and loved the bird too…phyllis

    • Oh good! I am so glad you liked the pictures! That flea market is amazing! You should definitely go! The next one is September 8th. I like getting there before the crowds and the heat. I pay the extra $7 and go around 7:00. After 9:00, it is $8 a person. I also pay the $15 VIP parking. You get great parking and after walking all day, it is so nice to be close to your car.

      I hope you go! The energy is amazing. Most of the sellers are nice. And that bean burrito was yummy. : )

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my little blog. I appreciate it. Please let me know if you end up going!


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