Comic Con 2013 Part I


I love going to Comic Con. Scoring tickets to the event is always miraculous. Something always goes wrong with the ordering system. We have been very fortunate.

And getting to Comic Con is kind of scary. It is a task, in itself. Traffic is a nightmare. You have to buy your parking in March.

As we were about to get to our parking lot, we heard a loud “bang.” Metal on metal. We knew we had been hit. It was obviously not bad, but it was a bummer. The other car followed us, while we searched for somewhere to pull over.

Once we had, we got out to survey the damage.

There wasn’t any.

This is crazy. But his driver’s mirror hit my daughter’s side of the car’s door handle. There was not even a scratch.

Both cars were unharmed.

The driver’s wife started crying. She said, “It’s a Comic Con miracle.”

We left. Everyone wished each other a good convention and we were off.

But I cannot stop giggling. I thought you might appreciate this:

“A Comic Con miracle.”

I love it.


We made our way into the convention. And I stopped in my tracks. The regressed memories overtaking me.

You see…

Every year I look forward to Comic Con. And every year, I am brought back down to Earth by the reality that is Comic Con.

Because, whilst Comic Con is amazing. Awesome. Very, very cool.

It is also draining.




And your soul feels crushed as you are packed body to body with other human beings as we are all herded to the next freebee. Body to body. And about 1/4 of the people are not wearing deodorant.

It is dizzying.

I have to give myself timeouts. So, I do not have a giant meltdown in the middle of the crowd.

I make myself leave the main convention for one hour breaks. Here, I can do my favorite thing to do at Comic Con. People watch. Because people watching at Comic Con is not like people watching at other events. It is interesting. You see more than your fair share of body parts. Body parts that are typically covered. And now they are not. Or they are covered in shiny lycra.

But finding a seat to people watch is impossible. There are no seats. Everyone piles onto the floor. Strangers next to strangers. And you look longingly for a place among them. Finding a seat on the floor is like scoring the lottery. I kid you not. It is a big deal.

It is amazing how human beings can adapt. Can change to their surroundings. Hunting for a spot on the floor becomes one’s main focus. A live or die survival instinct. Suddenly, what would have disgusted you the day before, is the most relevant and important thing today. You must sit next to the man in the Superman tights before that lady wearing the Wonder Woman outfit beats you to it.

And then…Victory! …That is Comic Con.

Here are some more photos of the costumes I snapped while enjoying my hard-won spot on the carpet:










Photos from inside the convention of awesome stuff:







Tomorrow’s post will also be about Comic Con. And the cool things we purchased. Until then, may your day be full of “Comic Con miracles.”

Embroidered Bird


I like to search for vintage crewel on Etsy. I sometimes find some great unique pieces. Once you start looking, you will generally start seeing the same pattern over and over. So, you will know which pieces are pretty common.

A bit ago, I spotted this guy. And I knew. He was going to be perfect in our hallway bathroom. I had never seen one of his kind before. He reminded me of those pencil and hammer birds in Alice in Wonderland. That was my favorite part when I was little. My least favorite part was the broom dog. The one that had the broom for a head and a little one for a tail. It would shake me to my OCD core.

Okay, wait. Look how cute that dog is. Oh, he’s erasing the path. No. You missed a spot. There is a part of the path not erased! Hey, dog. You cannot leave with a giant spot just sitting there. Come back! Aaaah!



Our mirror has been transformed into a bright green creation. I think it looks amazing. One of my favorite things we’ve had done to the house.


But the bright green mirror had nothing to compliment it. I thought I was fine with that. Until I saw this wacky character.


Doesn’t he look perfect for an Alice In Wonderland themed house?

No broom dogs allowed.


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And My Romantic Home

My 36th Birthday

I turned 36, three weeks ago. I generally try to avoid my birthday. It makes me feel bad when someone has to go out of their way for me. But, I have to admit, this birthday was awesome!

Thirty five was such a great age for me. I feel like I became more comfortable in my own skin. I learned to surround myself with positivity. In doing so, I feel more positive, myself.

I came out of my shell at thirty five. I hope thirty six has me growing a stronger one. I am far too sensitive. I need to work on that.


My mother baked me the yummiest cake I have ever had. And the week before my birthday, she sent me a package from Sephora with three boxes of my favorite facial wipes in it. I have been very gluttonous and have been using a whole wipe at night. It is awesome! She truly spoiled me. Thanks mom!


My husband’s gift to me was my huge Nordstrom Rack shopping trip. Thank you honey! He also made my day special by taking the day off to be with me. Fun! I wore my $15 Modcloth Stylish Surprise dress with a belt I got a couple of months ago on clearance from Anthropologie.

I was sick most of the day. So that was a bummer.

I spoke to my good friend Bridgette for an hour. She has been on vacation so much this summer. I have been missing her.


We ate at a local diner. I am a freak for tuna. I indulged in my favorite tuna melt. Yum!

My family (including my sweet mom again) gave me Anthropologie gift cards, which I quickly and gladly spent. Thank you family!






Some of my friends gave me money to go shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea Market (post to come about that trip). One of my friends made the money into a clothespin of origami dresses and hearts. Isn’t that fun? Thanks Holli! And they put it in this darling red tin. And one of my friends bought a cake and some yummy wine! Thanks Kerri! Some of them could not make it. Summer birthdays are hard. But, all of you girls are so wonderful. I know you were there in spirit. I am truly blessed to have such good friends.

Another great friend gave me the cutest green apron with a chevron pattern across it. I just used it last night, so it is in the wash. Pictures to come, while I am cooking. And a gift card for coffee, which I cannot wait to use with her. Thanks Kellie!

They took me out to dinner a few days after my birthday, at my favorite pizza place for wine and good conversation. Plus, yummy pizza! Thank you girls!

We later reconvened at my house for more wine and late night movie watching. We watched, “This is 40.” I did not like how it ended. I am a girl who needs a complete happy ending.

And it was not all about the presents. It was about the way everyone made me feel. Special.

Thank you!

I am very excited to see what 36 is going to bring. Thank you for the birthday wishes I received here. I appreciate them! I hope you all have wonderful birthdays in the coming year!


* The dress with the cute bear pattern is from Anthropologie. It is called Zola Shift.

It’s The Little Things: Dog Collars


Dog Collars. The varieties are endless. The choices overwhelming. I like to accessorize my pet, without actually accessorizing my pet.

Enter the dog collar. Jewelry for your dog that nobody questions. He.He.

And I have two dogs, so you would think that I would have my fair share of collars.

But Ollie cannot wear a collar. His neck is too fat. He has too many rolls. This causes sores if he wears a collar.

So, it is just Murphy that gets to be adorned. Not adored. But adorned. They are both adored.


I found a seller on Etsy that makes wonderful dog collars. The shop is called Mod Dog. I have purchased four. The gnome version being one of them, of course.


I just purchased another one this week, because I realized my “newest” one was three years old. Um, sorry dog. But the collar has held up so well. I purchased it in bees, because it reminded me of my dad (the beekeeper).


This time, I purchased the deer collar, in the 3/4 inch size. I liked how whimsical it looked. Plus, I caught my dog munching on one of my bushes this last week, so it kind of fits him.

I have been in boutiques where dog collars are so pricey. I just purchased mine for $21, including shipping. And it comes with a one year guarantee.


It’s The Little Things: A dog with a pretty collar. Hey, it doesn’t always have to be deep. : )