It’s The Little Things: Small Buys

Last week, I had a return to do at Anthropologie.

I did the return.

But, I also could not resist two things. They were small home items:



This adorable butter dish. Holy moly! How cute is this? Polka dots. A fox. You know I cannot resist a butter dish. It is a slippery slope. I love him.



And this tea towel. Another obsession. But it is a bulldog. With a silly saying. How could I not bring him home? If you look closely in these pictures, you might see someone who is very jealous of my new items. How dare I bring another bulldog into my life. ; )

I love the red and white stripes. It is just crazy enough to make it into my house. Another happy purchase.

It’s The Little Things: Impulse buys. There’s nothin’ like ’em.

What have been your impulse buys lately?

11 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Small Buys

    • Thanks Lorraine. I just saw so many cat items the other day. They were really cute and I am trying to rack my brain as to where they were. I was hoping they were dogs. ; ). I’ll let you know if it comes to me. Modcloth always has adorable cat clothes and items.

      The link would not work for me. And now I am so curious! I must know what it was!

      This shopper must know!

      Have a great evening!


  1. I’m wearing my most recent impulse buy today. I just got back from Colorado from a cute little mining town up there. They had a little shop there where I purchased a flowy, beautiful aqua blouse with giant bell sleeves. (I’m a sucker for bell sleeves! Loraine, love your impulse buy – may have to check that out myself next time I’m at Anthro (which will probably be this weekend!)

  2. Oh P.S., and Jenni – it’s RARELY a return for me at Anthro – it’s almost always an exchange! Seems like I can never walk out of there without SOMETHING, I’m afraid!

    • Hi Judi!

      First, bell sleeves. Oh, yes. I love them so much. I just blew my August clothing budget (yep all ready!). Part of it was used for the Estelle dress from Free People. I had my birthday discount burning a hole in my pocket. Anyway, I bought both colors. And will probably be keeping both. Because it has bell sleeves! And embroidery! You must check it out. Love! It is sold out in most sizes in the rust color. I bought my usual size 8. But the blue was my favorite anyway. The only bummer is it stops at size 12. Which makes me mad.

      Glad to meet a fellow bell sleeve lover. But you also like crochet. And Anthropologie.


      And I am also so bad at returns. You are right they end up being exchanges. I stuck to my oath of no new clothes that trip, but had to squeeze in those lovelies.

      I hope you have a lovely day! I wish I could see your shirt. It sounds perfect.


  3. Perfect additions to your collections Jenni! This past week while shopping for bedding I was grabbed by a set of 4 dog canvas’ that are now hanging on masons bedroom wall. Had to have them.

    • Hi Kerri! Awesome! Are you almost done with the boys’ rooms? I cannot wait to see them. They sound so cool. Hey, was there a bulldog in the midst of those pictures? Um, because, Ollie wants to know. Yea. That’s it. ; )

      I also cannot wait to hear/see your finished furniture project from yesterday. You are one busy girl!

      Have a wonderful day!


  4. O.K. – Thanks a lot Jenni – LOL! I am now obsessed with the Estelle Dress! It’s not in the rust color in my size, but it’s no contest for me anyway – EXTREMELY partial to the blue! My question is the fit. I saw on here where you bought another Free People dress that I also own. Can’t remember the name – it’s a maxi, and we both got it in a dusty rose color – it has black embroidery down the front and ties at an empire waist. I normally wear a Size Large or 12 (unfortunately) in Free People, and this particular dress I’m referring to I got a Large and it’s absolutely HUGE on me. I still wear it though; just tie it really tight. I was wondering if the Estelle has a similar fit. I’ve got a Size 10 and 12 in my shopping cart right now! Wondering if it’s TTS or I need to size down? Then I’ve got a fairly extensive “wishlist” at Anthropologie right now – some “patchwork-looking” (with blues and oranges in it) Ranna Gill maxi I’ve been wanting for WEEKS now, some new western boots with a feminine flare from Italy, and as I previously mentioned; Quirky Throw! Decisions! Decisions!

    • Hi!

      Sorry to tell you about the dress. ; )

      I know what you mean about wanting something so badly. Like the ranna gill dress (which is so pretty. It would look awful on me, though). I am currently so much in love with the Modena Shift at Anthropologie. But I have to wait until September for my clothing budget to reinstate. Darn! I bought all of my pretties for the month at Free People, all ready.

      Twenty eight days! And Modena Dress, you are mine! : )

      I know which dress you are talking about. It did run huge. The Estelle Dress is tighter fitting than that dress. At least the slip is.

      I bought the dress in an 8, but could have sized down to the 6. It fits me somewhere in between both of the rust colored pictures. If I wanted a more classic fit like the second model, the six would do. I have a smaller chest, though. I wear a 32D, but that is more like a B cup. Bra sizes are complicated. So, for a larger chest, I would go with the twelve. And for a fit more like the first picture, the twelve. But for a more fitted look, the ten. Ugh! Why do they have to make it so complicated?

      I really hope this helps. I would feel so badly if I steered you wrong. Have a great day! Happy shopping!


  5. I think that does help some. I have a “complicated” figure these days – LOL! I definitely have a belly and hips and bust, but yet I still have a waist! I guess I am a “full-figured/hourglass” – LOL! I am leaning more towards the 10. It’s such a beautiful dress, that has everything that we vintage/hippie chicks love – battenburg lace, crocheted, etc. Pretty sure I’m going to be “pulliing the trigger” on it!

    • Free People is so hard. Sometimes things run huge and other times they are so small. With this, I would say true to size, maybe a little big. I definitely think the shape is perfect for an hourglass figure. Let me know how it works for you! I hope it turns out great! Fingers crossed!


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