Comic Con 2013 Part III


This is Part III of my three part account of Comic Con. If you would like, you can view:

Part I

Part II

And what I wore

This is a recap of my favorite thing that happened at Comic Con:

My main goals at Comic Con are always to meet the following authors: George R. R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, and Brandon Sanderson.

Last year, I had a moment with Patrick Rothfuss (the author of my favorite book, “Name of the Wind”). I saw him walking down the street. Alone. I was with my children. It was either leave my children and chase him down. Or stay stationary and be a good mother.

This is what I did:

I stood up (we were sitting on a bench). I screamed, “YOU!”

He looked up startled. I would make a terrible hunter.

“YOU’RE AWESOME!” I screamed like a lunatic. My kids had no idea what the heck was happening. My daughter was mortified. Patrick Rothfuss quickened his pace. And he was gone.

I had scared away my prey. Darn!

But I know exactly what he looks like now. I will not be foiled again. Stares off into the distance creepily here.


This year, I got to accomplish another one of those goals. It was amazing.


On Thursday, my husband and I were walking by a booth, when he leaned over to whisper to me, “Hey. It’s George R. R. Martin.”

My head fell off.

No, it didn’t. But it felt like it might float away. I was giddy.

He is my favorite author. I think he is the most brilliant man alive. His books are a series of fantasy novels,” A Song Of Ice And Fire.” The first book is “Game Of Thrones.” It has also been adapted into an HBO series. My husband and I have loved his books for more than a decade. I was shaking with excitement. I ran to the back of the line, where I was met by security. I was told I needed to have a ticket for the signing.

My heart sank. He was so close.

I walked away. Sad. But I was still excited we got to see him.

Thirty minutes later, we were leaving. I asked my husband if we could walk by that aisle one more time. I just really wanted to see him again.

We got there.

My husband left me to look at something. The “bouncer” was gone. George R.R. Martin was still there. There was a small line. I quickly got in it.

I am a rebel.

Apparently not a good one. My kids informed me that I stood there rubbing my hands together and saying, “He, He, He, He.”

Okay, a crazy rebel.


And then he was in front of me. I started shaking.

I said, “I just love you.”

He politely said, “Really? Well, thank you.” He smiled. He was very kind.

I purchased a calendar that he had signed. My daughter took our picture. I might have touched him like a crazy person. I do not know. My daughter says I did. It was a quick blur. I thanked him.

And I left. My poor husband missed the whole thing. And he likes George R.R. Martin just as much as I do.

This was my highlight of Comic Con. Maybe my whole year.

My soul is full of happiness.

Have you met someone you idolize? How did it turn out? (In some future posts in the coming weeks or months, I will write about meeting Sean Astin and finally stalking, tracking, hunting down, meeting Patrick Rothfuss.)

8 thoughts on “Comic Con 2013 Part III

  1. Oh how I have enjoyed your ComicCon exploits. I love conventions, they have a special buzz and energy about them almost like a small city albeit one where everyone is nice and happy and that you can talk to a complete stranger and know they will know exactly what you are talking about.

    I went to my first convention when I was about 15 and when to my last one just over 2 years ago. At one point I would go to 4 or 5 each year but these days work and money (currently a lack of both!) mean I’m not going to any this year.

    Some of my happiest memories are of conventions. I am particularly a Trekkie as I think I already told you. My first convention I remember being in a rather bad part of East London, particularly bad if you were in costume in anyway and I got a bit lost before coming across two guys pushing this huge 6 foot ball of something all wrapped up in bubble-wrap. It ended up being an actual 60’s series planet!

    I’ve had lots of great moments with many of the actors and even drank into the night with 4 or 5 of them. Most of them were brilliant, the odd ones were horrible (I’m talking to you Ethan Phillips (Mr Neelix) and Patrick Stewart.

    My worst moment though was with a certain William Shatner where at a large convention, myself and 39 others got to spend some time and have a private chat and drink etc. Anyway we all started chatting away excitedly and I was vaguely aware someone had come in the room. You know how at school and everyone is talking and teacher comes in and eventually it is only you talking to your friend? Well that was me but in place of teacher was only the legendary Captain Kirk himself. I still remember he said “Are you two quite finished”.

    I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t wait 30 years just to get told off!!! He was a great guy though and we got over it later. When we came out I went up to a friend and said “I don’t believe I got told off my Captain Kirk”. What a disaster.

    A few years later they made a special DS9 episode and Chief O’Brien and Doctor Bashir came out after Kirk gave them a grilling. Bashir came out and kept saying “I don’t believe I lied to Captain Kirk”. Everyone said that was like me. The worst thing is it was.

    16 years later and I still remember that. I got over it last November when he tweeted me twice though.

    Happy Days!

    • Oh, I am so glad Stephen! I am always happy to hear someone enjoys my ramblings. I do tend to jump from one thing to the next.

      You mentioned “trekkies.” When you mentioned that, I had the weirdest thought. I did not see one “trekkie” in attendance at Comic Con. Which is very odd. And highly unusual. I wonder why. The other movie came out this year, too. Hmmm. Thoughts to ponder.

      I love your story about William Shatner. I would have loved that! That is so cool that he tweeted you back, not once, but twice! I hope you printed those responses out!

      Thank you so much for always reading and being there. It is such great encouragement. I very much appreciate it.

      I also hope life is treating you well!


    • Thanks Bridge! I so appreciate that! You made my night! I need to call you tomorrow about hair and a certain little boy’s birthday plans (need to run a date by you). I hope you have wonderful, sweet dreams!

      Love ya girl!


  2. What a great story! I am a huge fan of many science fiction/fantasy shows and authors that have huge cult followings, but oddly enough, I have never been to a convention. I think I don’t want to see my idols toppled. I know that James Marsters is not really British and his hair is no longer platinum blond and that Jimmy Doohan is from Canada and does not have a Scottish accent, but as long as I don’t meet them IRL I can pretend otherwise.

    There are some people that it might not be so bad to meet in person, howerver. Like Tahmo Penikett. Yum.

    It is so cool you got to meet George R.R. Martin. I know I will read his books someday, but I keep putting it off. I am wary of getting too involved in an in-progress fantasy series. I started reading Wheel of Time in the ’90’s and look where that got me.

    • Thank you! I love meeting other fantasy/science fiction fans!

      I agree with you about finally meeting someone you idolize. That has happened to me a couple of times. And it sucks. Thankfully, most of the authors I have met have been wonderful. As well as the artists.

      As far as Tahmo Penikett is concerned. Yes, yum. But if I were going to have a crush on any of the Battlestar Galactica cast, it would be Callum Keith Rennie. I just like that bad boy (but still really loves her) type of guy. In fact, I think he is hot, hot, hot!

      I would not read Wheel of Time for many years. I did a post about it awhile back. Now that they are finally finished, I have been reading them again. It has been great.

      I think you would love George R. R. Martin. But I agree on maybe waiting until they are all done. Brandon Sanderson did a great book that is a singular entity. I also did a blog post about it. It is called, “Warbreaker.” I highly recommend it.

      Thank you so much for commenting! I hope we can chat again! Have a great week!


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