Embroidered Bird


I like to search for vintage crewel on Etsy. I sometimes find some great unique pieces. Once you start looking, you will generally start seeing the same pattern over and over. So, you will know which pieces are pretty common.

A bit ago, I spotted this guy. And I knew. He was going to be perfect in our hallway bathroom. I had never seen one of his kind before. He reminded me of those pencil and hammer birds in Alice in Wonderland. That was my favorite part when I was little. My least favorite part was the broom dog. The one that had the broom for a head and a little one for a tail. It would shake me to my OCD core.

Okay, wait. Look how cute that dog is. Oh, he’s erasing the path. No. You missed a spot. There is a part of the path not erased! Hey, dog. You cannot leave with a giant spot just sitting there. Come back! Aaaah!



Our mirror has been transformed into a bright green creation. I think it looks amazing. One of my favorite things we’ve had done to the house.


But the bright green mirror had nothing to compliment it. I thought I was fine with that. Until I saw this wacky character.


Doesn’t he look perfect for an Alice In Wonderland themed house?

No broom dogs allowed.


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8 thoughts on “Embroidered Bird

    • Thanks Sarah! I like to wonder who made him. He just makes me happy!

      I hope you have/had a wonderful vacation!


    • You are so sweet. Thank you so much! The curtain is from Anthropologie a few years ago. I have seen so many great DIY versions of it.

      I very much appreciate the compliment. Have a great day!


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