Oh, how I hated my little sister growing up. Everything she did irritated me. It did not help that she was a little brute. She would cut off all of my barbies’ hair, draw on all of my baby dolls’ faces, bite me, punch me, and the most offensive of all: tattle. Of course, I was a sweet little angel…

It took us many years to get to the place we are today. A place of love and acceptance. I think she is an amazing human being. I am so proud to be her sister. She lives seven miles away and I still do not see her as often as I would like. But I know she is there. With a tethered string to my heart, she always can pull.

My own children get along surprisingly well. I do not know if it is the difference of being opposite genders. It just seems to work. But, lately, it has been a different story. They have been nitpicking each other. My daughter will boss my son around (I do not know where she gets it). He will hog the t.v. all night. The very fact that he has less homework than her can send them into a spiraling tizzy.

However, today, was a special day. A magical day, if you will…

My daughter clutched her backpack to her chest when she got home. She told my son she had gotten a surprise for him. She carefully unzipped the smallest pouch on her backpack and pulled out a tiny figurine. She handed it to my son. He held it reverently out in front of him.

It was a blue Pokemon figurine. Some kid was selling his old toys at school for a quarter a piece. (Whether this was allowed or not was for his parents to ponder). They quickly began researching the Pokemon figurines online. Never mind, that she bought herself three. I was amazed she gave him one.

Now they are pooling their money to go in together on more. The Pokemon purchased today are getting a much needed bath in the bathroom sink. I can see into the future and I know there will be a quarrel about whose Pokemon are whose. I am gifted that way. For now, I am enjoying the peace of a house filled with giggles and the splashes of soapy water. A moment that will be shortly broken by a sibling’s error. An inevitable moment. But for now, let’s relish in the magic. I can see the tethered string growing…


* I wrote this post when the kids were still in school. I kept meaning to publish it. Sorry for the delay!

2 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. I’m just plain behind on everything- so many posts to comment on! ( yay anthro necklaces, go for the pink lace, love the moony paint colour…)
    I was that bratty little sister- once gave my sister’s Barbie head to the girl next door etc. But this story charms my heart…hope they’re not fighting yet!

    • Thank you Sarah! I know I was behind on commenting to you as well. I just love the skirt that you made. And that yellow dress is perfection on you! I love it!

      Thank you for the compliments and the comments. Aw man, the pink dress is gone. I am sure it has a better home now. With someone who can appreciate its awesomeness.

      The kids are getting along. Knock on wood. Of course, it is a day by day field of egg shells. You never know what might set one off!

      I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Have fun on your vacation!


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