“You look like belong in a commune.” Sexy?

It turns out, I don’t know men at all. The following outfits were worn because I thought my husband would like them. I thought they were sexy. Turns out, I do not know what sexy is. Oh, okay I do. But I wanted it to not be tight and revealing. I am a modest girl.




In this outfit, I thought I looked like an innocent milk maid hippie. Which is totally sexy, right? In any case, I love this outfit. I am wearing Anthropologie’s Colima Maxi Skirt in green. It comes in four colors. The striped pattern is not a belt, but part of the skirt. I paired it with an older Anthropologie eyelet top (bought many years ago).

My husband looked at me and said, “You look like you belong in a commune.”

That is all I am going to say about that.




Are you ready for a showdown? I am. “Sexy cowgirl?” My husband shook his head no to that question. Just no. Well, okay. I still wore this outfit. I really liked it. I am wearing a maxi skirt from Anthropologie last year. I scored it for $20. I picked up the top for $15 at Nordstrom Rack. The belt was another clearance find from Anthropologie for $20. The Anthropologie necklace was a steal at $15, originally $58. And the vintage Frye cowboy boots were $50 at the flea Market. Making the outfit head to toe, $120. Not bad for a cowgirl. Giddeyup!



This dress was much more my husband’s taste. It is what I chose to wear when we went and saw Jim Gaffigan on a date night. He was so funny. This is the second time we have seen him live and it was well worth it. The dress was a third cut find from Anthropologie called Mural Maxi dress. Making it approximately 73% off. I just saw a size 10 last week at my store, so I know they are still out there. I also paired it with my Simply Livly necklace.

What have been some fun outfits you have worn lately?

* P.S. my husband is a super nice guy. The sweetest. What he lacks in tact, he makes up for with love. So, please take what he said with a smile. It had me rolling on the ground. Our sense of humor is a bit odd. It was meant to be funny.

2 thoughts on ““You look like belong in a commune.” Sexy?

  1. I think that is hysterical. You don’t belong in a commune- you’re a boho fashionista!
    I was going to ask you about the top you paired with the Colima Maxi. If you see anything similar, please let me know. I have the green one as well and struggle with what to pair with it. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Loraine! I was worried people would take it seriously.

      I appreciate the compliment! Just flying by the seat of my pants here. I purchased the Ping skirt with my 20% off code. I am so excited! I saw it on a sales associate and it is the prettiest skirt I have ever seen! You were a genius to buy it early!

      I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for a similar shirt. I think I will also pair my Colima Maxi with my new denim shirt (I think it is daydrifter, short sleeved, light color, no buttons). I will let you know if that works!

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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