Fourth of July Recap


We have had a Fourth of July party every year. Every year. For years. But this year, my husband could not get out of working. The night shift. Which brought a swift end to our tradition. My friend, who I have spent the last ten Fourth of July’s with, up and went on a family vacation.

So, it was just me and the kids. The kids and myself. A lonesome trio on the Fourth.


My husband went to work and I went outside with the kids. I saw a decimated potato at the bottom of my pool.

Quick backstory: my neighbors have built themselves a little illegal contraption (in California) called a potato gun. They like to bring it out every Fourth of July.

Ah. Memories. I’ll never forget having company over five years ago. Hearing the blast of the potato gun. A scream. “You shot me with the potato gun in the face,” we heard from yonder. My company looked at me. I shrugged.

They really are good neighbors 364 days of the year. We even exchange Christmas presents. The Fourth brings out something in them.

Of course, I realized it could hurt my children. I marched over to my fence and yelled down at them. “There are children in the pool. I all ready have a potato in my pool. DO NOT SHOOT YOUR POTATO GUN THIS WAY!”

They muttered. They were good for two hours.

My daughter looked at me and chuckled. “You said, ‘I all ready have a potato in my pool.'”

She found this very funny.

I did not.



This kids went swimming.


I messed around with profile shots.

When we were done swimming, I decided to join my neighbors in some classy celebrating.


I made us tuna sandwiches. Tuna. Our favorite.

I made it fancy and patriotic by dying some of it blue. I thought about doing red, but figured it would look too much like another red substance found in animals.


We also added some barbecue. In the way of chips. Fancy.

But seriously, if you have never dipped a barbecue chip in tuna salad, you do not know what you are missing. Fireworks.


From our house, we have a perfect view of the city’s fireworks display. Hence, our annual party.




Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show. Beautiful.

How was your Fourth of July? Did you do anything fun? Was your food as fancy as mine?

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Recap

  1. I am laughing because your daughter and I must think alike…one of my favorite memories of last night was when we heard a noise outside and you said “Did that sound like a potato gun to you?” I have smiled several times today thinking of that line:) It is not everyday you get asked that question, lol!!

    • Thanks Amy! It’s called paranoia. I am in constant potato gun alert. Even though they have since apologized and promised no more potato gun. : )

      We’ll see.

      I had so much fun the other night! Thank you so much!

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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