Help Me Choose…Pretty Please!


I made a trip to Nordstrom Rack with my mother-in-law last week. We had a fabulous time together, but think I might I have given her a panic attack. I actually needed a cart. She bought a tank top. I bought quite a few lovelies. I fell in love with this dress in two colorways. It is by Free People and called Sleeveless Miles of Lace Dress. It was originally $128, but the dress was on sale for $40 at Nordstrom Rack.

I do not “need” them both.

But I do need your help deciding. Which one should I keep?




I picked up the hot pink.




And the cream.

So, which one? I gots to be good! I do have a favorite, which is probably the one I should keep. Please help! Thank you!


And if you are all ready commenting on which one I should choose, could you please help me decide how to style this? I got it the same day. It is a Free People tulle slip. It is a midi. Meaning, it is awkward. It comes to my calves. I had lusted after it at $98, but for $40, I could not resist. How should I wear it? I am clueless. I paired it with my new Anthropologie Waverly A-Line (Thank you mom for the birthday gift card. I love my new skirt) for a date with my husband last night. I felt delicious in it. However, that is the only thing I can think of to wear it with. Please help! Thank you so much!

P.S. UPDATE: Thank you everyone so much for commenting and giving you opinions. I was worried no one would respond. I was overwhelmed with happiness from the replies from those of you who did. I ended up taking the pink dress back tonight. Thank you for making the choosing process easier for me! It was fun!

21 thoughts on “Help Me Choose…Pretty Please!

  1. I like the pink, its bright and cheery. The cream would be easier to style though I just see the pink as more fun.

    • Thank you so much for replying. That was my problem deciding, because the pink is SO fun, but the cream is so practical. I think I know which one I am keeping (the cream, because I do not go to a lot of parties).

      Thank you! Thank you for your input. It is much appreciated!

      Have a great weekend!


  2. I think the cream looks wonderful on you! Not very creative, but I would pair the skirt with a simple tank and a denim vest, denim jacket or chambray shirt. And maybe layer on the necklaces!

    • Thank you, Katie. I love the cream, as well. But the pink is so much fun. Although I can think of more ways to style the cream dress.

      I love the idea of pairing the skirt with a denim jacket. That would be super cute! Thank you. I honestly hadn’t pictured it that way.

      Have a marvelous weekend! Thank you so much for responding!


    • Thank you Rebekah. The cream one is easy peasy to work with. So, thank you so much for replying!

      I love the idea of keeping the skirt simple and a cool statement necklace. I honestly could not think of what to do with it.

      Thank you so much! I hope you have a fun weekend!


    • Thanks Kara! I am glad, because I can think of a million ways to style it. I am on a hot pink streak lately. I even added it to our bedroom (my husband is so happy). So, I was having a hard time choosing.

      Thank you for replying. I very much appreciate it! Have a happy weekend!


  3. Hi – I first saw you over at Effortless Anthropologie – I so enjoy your blog – you remind me of a younger version of myself! I would be having the same dilemma as you over the dress – fun versus practical, but in my case I would ultimately go with the hot pink because for some reason, even though I’m also blonde, cream is not flattering on me but both work for you! I think ultimately you would get more use out of the cream one, so I guess my vote is for that one!

    • Thank you so much Judy! I bet we would get along great!

      I almost always choose “fun”. Hence the neon orange taffeta ballgown skirt in my closet that I have never ever worn. I think I really want to go to a party!

      It looks like cream is winning. I am taking one back this afternoon, because it looks like today might be my only day to get out.

      I very much appreciate you dropping by and giving me your vote!

      I hope you have a terrific day!


  4. I thought I was in love with the pink one on you until I scrolled down and saw the cream one – beautiful!! You look like the Princess Bride in that one, so if you’re only keeping one, it gets my vote. 😉

    • Thank you Holli! You know all you had to say was “Princess Bride” and I am sold. I need better shoes to run from the ROUS! Thank you for your input! : )

      Have a magnificent day!


  5. Ok, I’m in the minority here. I love the pink dress on you. I feel like the cream one may have too much of a yellow undertone with your skin tone. You can always dress the pink one down with a denim jacket. The tulle skirt would look great with denim too!

    • Thank you Lorraine! I like to hear all opinions! I need to know, because I am taking one back today. No time like the present! I am really liking the denim option with the tulle skirt. I cannot wait to play around with that!

      Thank you so much for commenting and voicing your opinion! I very much appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. I tend to do the same thing and go with the item I think will be more practical/versatile (cream). I think if you pair it with chocolate brown, it will help it pop and warm up your coloring. All that being said, the pink, on it’s own, brings out the color in your face and eyes best (in my opinion). Um….there’s is no law that says you can’t keep both. It’s your birthday. Sorry I can’t help any with the skirt.

    • Thanks Brynne! I bought too much that day. So, one has to go back. It sucks. But I still will have one of them, so that makes me happy! I appreciate your compliments! So, so sweet! You always make my day better!

      It looks like the cream is winning. I have put the pink in the take back bag. I am leaving in an hour!

      Thank you again! Have a fabulous weekend!


  7. Great gams, by the way. Keep meaning to tell you that.
    Finally linked my blog…which I don’t keep up…just so you can know I’m not some sort of weird stalker person. LOL.

    • Thank you! I kept examining the pictures thinking they looked bad, so I really, really am grateful for that comment. Phew!

      I am off to check out your blog! I did not know you had one! So cool! I do not think you are a “weird stalker person.” Please. You are so cool and nice!

      Have a fantastic day!


      Oh! I just tried to comment on your blog, but I cannot remember my darn google account information. Wanted to tell you, you are so cute! I love your style! : )

  8. Well, I am not going to be any help here…at all….. because I think you should keep them both!!! 🙂 I can see you mixing and matching and coordinating sooo many beautiful outfits with each one of those dresses!! You look beautiful in both!! So, throw caution to the wind, be a little frivolous, and keep them both!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Kathy. The problem is, I was too frivolous with other purchases that day! ; ). My husband loves the cream. That is his vote! I appreciate all your sweet comments. You always make me smile. Even mentioning your name. I have seen it with other people, too. “Kathy” cannot be said without grinning. You bring out the best in people.

      Love you friend!

      Have a great weekend! I cannot wait to hear about your trip!


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