Macaroni & Cheese. YUM!


When my husband and I go to our favorite fancy steakhouse, we often have trouble deciding on a side for our steak. Do we want a velvety smooth tangy baked potato? The cheesy goodness of potatoes al gratin? Or good ol’ mac n’ cheese?

I always choose the first choice. My husband, the third.

So, for a compromise on nights when we grill steaks at home, I alternate sides. This week, he got his macaroni and cheese. To be honest, I think I ate more than him. Shhhhh…. Don’t tell!

I use The Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

I have tried so many macaroni and cheese recipes over the years. At least twenty. Always searching for the “right” one. This is it. I think it is the egg and the dried mustard.




It is perfection. There is no need to mess with the spices. I follow it exactly.





Here are pictures of the beautiful goodness coming together. We doubled the recipe, because we had a crowd. The hands are my husband’s. He helped. It was fun. This is a recipe that is easy to cook with two people. The eggs need to be tempered and that macaroni is heavy. An extra set of arms is great!

Have you made this recipe? Do you have an old stand by? What is your favorite macaroni and cheese?

8 thoughts on “Macaroni & Cheese. YUM!

  1. Just looking at that mac and cheese has me drooling! I must give it a try. Jenni, can you tell use about how you went about losing weight? I loved the letter you wrote to Cyndi Lauper and so understand your feelings. I have enjoyed having your messages pop up in my e-mail. Hugs, Debbie in KS

    • Thank you so much Debbie. I lost the weight using Weight Watchers. I did the online version. I have an older post about it here. My friend lost a ton of weight going to the meetings, so I think it is really about your personality. I am shy and a control freak. So, being in a group and having someone else know my weight before I did, did not work for me. My friend, however, is outgoing and easygoing, so she thrived in the group setting.

      I love weight watchers (except that I am mad at myself that I ate all of my flex points and did not save any for my birthday! Bummer!).

      I appreciate the kind words. And you are always welcome to email me if you need any more information. My email is in the About Me tab.

      Have a great day!


  2. Oh wow this looks delicious!!Thanks for always sharing you amazing recipes with us!!! For me I don’t have a go to Mac and Cheese recipe so I might have to try this 🙂

    • Hi Sayaka! You are going to love it! It is my favorite. My husband loves when I make this. It is the best! I love Pioneer Woman.

      I am so envious of your outfits this week. I am in love with your clutch!

      Have a fantastic week!


    • Thank you Lorraine! I have been sick all day. : (

      So, hopefully this age gets better tomorrow! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Have a wonderful remainder of the night.


  3. My sister first spoke of Pioneer Woman and now you are mentioning her too, so I had to go check her out! I really like her website and have found some great recipes! I am also a fan of the “Homesick Texan”. I have been making her mac -n- cheese (when I do – I’m gluten intolerant AND need to lose some weight!) but hers is really good too, and super EASY! You cook it all in a cast iron skillet. I add smoked cheddar to it and then at the end sprinkle Cojita cheese and crumbled bacon on top – NO CALORIES but yummy!

    • I love Pioneer Woman. I think she is a genius. I also love the Homesick Texan. We use her sour cream chicken enchilada recipe every Christmas. It is divine! I very much want to try out her biscuits. And now you are making me want to try the macaroni and cheese. You are right, definitely no calories! ; )

      Have a perfect weekend!


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