It’s The Little Things: Facial Wipes


I am a believer. A convert. If you will. I tried these facial wipes on a whim from a sample. I thought they felt good and uncharacteristically bought a pack. My skin showed improvement within two weeks. My daughter borrowed them. Her skin showed improvement almost immediately.

I recently ran out of these wipes. God forbid, I go to Sephora and purchase more. No, I must save my 4% back through ebates. I broke out almost instantly waiting for them to arrive in the shipment.

The wipes are called Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes. They are $15 for 30. I am cheap, so I cut mine in half. I have tried cutting them in thirds, but they do not work as well. That means this is a $15 a month habbit for my daughter and myself. It is worth it.


All I do, is wipe my face with a half of a wipe once a night. This is my nightly routine. In the morning, I scrub with a Murad product in the shower. If I am feeling particularly gluttonous or have a lot of make up to remove, I use the whole wipe. My skin tingles. My makeup is removed. I go to bed happy.

I buy the 30 count package. I have done a little research and I think Sephora sells these wipes the cheapest. (I am not putting a link, because you can choose to go through ebates to receive cash back). You might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere. I am satisfied with Sephora. Even my favorite fancy store, Amazon, cannot compete with their prices. If you purchase through ebates, you save 4%. You also receive free shipping over $50. If you go directly to the Sephora store, I bet they will give you a sample. Maybe even two. If you cut them in half, you would have a four day supply. Then you could decide if they work for you.

I am lazy, so this is the perfect night ritual for me.

It’s the little things: an easy beauty routine.

What’s yours?

5 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Facial Wipes

    • I am so happy! I hope they give you samples and I hope they work for you. I learned about the wipes through samples from my local store.

      I hope you have a great day! Let me know if they work for you!


    • You are awesome! Thank you so much for this information. I love to save money. I will now check those stores.

      Thank you! Thank you!

      Have a great Sunday!


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