My “New” Babies




I bought some “new”babies two months ago. Where has the time gone? (I just realized I have not posted about them.). And they have all ready taken over my heart. Well, they are not babies, exactly. They are more like fluffy objects of joy. Otherwise known as pillows.


I have not bought new pillows in a while. It used to be quite an addiction for me. I have made pillows, not bought them. There really is a difference, I promise. I did buy a pillow while on vacation. But that does not count, because it was a souvenir. Do you see how I rationalize things? Imagine being married to me…

I had waited for these pillows to hit sale for a very long time. I think they came out in July of last year. The pillow was called Jacobean Pillow (in small) from Anthropologie. They sat in my cart and waited for mommy.


They finally went on sale for half price. I swooped in and rescued them. They sit at either end of my sofa.

Do you have a pillow addiction? What is your latest splurge?



P.S. I purchased these peonies at Albertson’s this week. I think they look like tissue paper. I am in love.

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