Balloon Gender Experiment

I try not to genderalize. Is that a word? Hmmmm… Probably not. Not gonna look it up. Lazy. Anyway, I try not to categorize my children into their gender roles. But sometimes… Well, sometimes that is a hard thing to do.

My children both got balloons at Disneyland the other night. My son picked blue. My daughter, pink. You can see where this is going.

Let us take a look at their balloons’ status for the week, shall we:


Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6



Day 7

By day 7, both balloons looked relatively the same. Sad. Except, I had some information I had been sitting on. Secret information.

And I am not going to rat anyone out. But, let’s just say, I believe the pink balloon would still be in the air if it had not been pummeled by a Nerf pellet on Day 5. Definitely not coming from a Nerf gun powered by the owner of the blue balloon.

Hey, I didn’t see anything. ; )

Did this ruin my little experiment? Well, no. I think it actually proved… Hmmm… Well, what did it prove? What was my point?

Boys and girls are different.

Wow! Profound. But, you all ready knew that…

I hope you enjoyed my weird and completely unnecessary experiment. At $8 a pop (pun not intended), I figured it would be great if the balloons could have some extra fun.

Have a great day!

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