It’s The Little Things: Coffee Cups

How many of us have way too many coffee cups? I know I am not alone, because I have been to my friends’ houses. I have seen their collections. I have even used them. What is it about coffee cups that makes them so darn irresistible?




I love a pretty pattern. The cheerful designs make me smile. These are coffee cups that I get a thrill out of using. We also have coffee cups that make me question our sanity. We keep every coffee cup we have ever gotten.


I have even made my husband some coffee cups. And when I say, “made,” I mean I gave them a very sad paint job. Aren’t I talented?



It’s the little things: cradling a beautiful cup in your hand and delighting in its warmth.

And, of course, I love more:

Anthropologie Swirled Symmetry Mug

This adorable gnome coffee cup on Amazon

This French Bulldog Coffee Mug on etsy

And this rad handpainted English Bulldog Mug, from the same artist on Etsy

Okay! I need to stop! I love them all!

What is your favorite coffee cup? Do you need to purge your collection, too?

4 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Coffee Cups

  1. Your coffee cups are nice to look at and make me smile – but, what about the coffee? Do you grind your own beans or buy already ground? Do you have a favorite type (maybe french roast) or brand? Do you drink it black, sweetened or with cream? Do you use honey in your coffee? Do you like flavored creamers?

    We start every morning by grinding beans (medium roast) and making a pot of coffee. I sweeten and use half-and-half. Many people tell me this makes me ‘not a real coffee drinker.’

    • Ha! That is a great question. First, thank you for the compliment.

      I have tried so many brands of coffee. I coupon, so our family has seen it all. My favorite is Seattle’s Best Hazelnut. But they do not sell it at our grocery store. We always come back to Dunkin’ Donuts Medium Roast. They sell it at Costco in a huge bag. It is very smooth. Not bitter. We use the refrigerated Coffeemate Creamer. Which, I would think makes me even less of a “real” coffee drinker than you! Let them think that! I love sweet creamy coffee. It is the best!

      Thank you for commenting and now I really want a cup of coffee! Have sweet dreams!


  2. Hi! I came over from the YHL forum – I’d visited your blog before, but forgot to subscribe, so I had to track you down on the forum again so I could come back 🙂

    We have SO MANY coffee mugs! When we were first married, we had our set of plain white mugs that match our dishes, but along the way I’ve been collecting prettier ones. But those white mugs are tenacious – I don’t think we’ve broken a single one! So there are approximately one million coffee mugs sitting in the cabinet right now. My favorite two are from Anthropologie too!

    • Thank you Brynne! I am so flattered you found me! And that you came back. I am sitting here typing with a severe need for coffee. It is almost ten and I have not had any.

      I am glad I am not alone in the coffee cup madness. I seriously need to purge. But it is nice when we have company, like we do starting tomorrow.

      I am glad to meet a fellow Anthropologie coffee cup lover!

      I hope you have a marvelous day!


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