This Week In Outfits

This week has been crazy.

We are still sorting through our mess. We should get the house back together by tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning. I am so very grateful to be able to get these projects done. So grateful. But I am exhausted! I have gotten very little sleep. I keep waking up expecting to hear my kids falling over a ladder on the way to the kitchen or something crashing in another room.

It is done. Well, almost. I still have to get the Otomi design stenciled in the bathroom. And rehang the embroidery.

But close enough…

I attempted to recreate outfits I wore in the last few days. Because we just now found the camera! But my eyes could barely open. My hair has not been washed in three days. Pretty times around here! So bare with me. I still want to show I was not running around naked! I am wearing a medium in the skirts and tops in the following pictures:


I wore this outfit to go to dinner and a movie on Sunday night with some girlfriends. We were celebrating Amy’s birthday. Happy Birthday Amy! We saw “The Great Gatsby.” It was very good. But now that song they play continuously throughout the movie is stuck in my head.


For the last couple of days.

But I love it!…


I am wearing an Anthropologie top I purchased last year, because it has dogs on it. Dogs! They are right up there with horses! But I actually own a dog. Or two. It is called Animal Kingdom Blouse. I paired it with a skirt I patiently waited for a great sale price on. It is called Sanoh Gauze Skirt. It was priced at $168, but I just purchased it for $39.95.

The necklace was a wonderful gift from Simply Livly on Etsy (I am giving away a similar necklace this week! Do not forget to enter!). I love the necklace. It goes with everything I own. Thank you Pam! The skirt runs large. I forgot this and purchased the medium. It is fine with a belt.


Recently, I purchased the Doily Skirt in blue from Anthropologie. It was on sale for $39.95. I could not pass it up. I do not know if it is still available in stores. It is sold out online. The link shows no longer available. But you can get the style number from it. I have it in cream, as well. The vibrant blue was mesmerizing. I like using it as a fun slip. This is how I wore it on a night I went out with my husband. This picture was actually taken almost three weeks ago. Before the chaos started. I am wearing it under an older dress from Anthropologie.


I rarely wear jeans. And I NEVER wear shorts. But these in-between capris are the ones that hold my heart. I have had them for ten years. When I can fit in them, it makes me a happy girl. I purchased the Anthropologie Abstractions Tunic on a recent sale. I am also wearing the Simply Livly Milky Opaque White Icicle necklace in this picture. ‘Cause I love it!

Have you scored any good deals recently? Are you holding out for a big sale?

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “This Week In Outfits

  1. Great outfits! I love the orange skirt on you! Can you just let me know in advance what you are ordering so I can order it too. 🙂 Glad the chaos is almost over!

    • Thank you Lorraine! Sometimes I do not even know what I will be ordering. Although, I am patiently waiting for the Anthropologie Ping skirt to hit sale. I think I will be waiting a long time! And I am in love with new animal print dresses!

      Modcloth has been hitting it out of the park lately! I recently purchased this dress:

      I will be showcasing it later in the month. I bought it for a concert. I love it!

      Have a great day! Hope that helped!


      • That blue color on the Modcloth dress is gorgeous! I am purchasing less (being more choosy) at Anthro this year. The Ping skirt was definitely worth FP especially since I had to purchase it in the petite size which is now sold out. You will love it! Hope you have a great day too!

      • Thanks Lorraine! Lucky girl! I love the Ping skirt. But I am definitely waiting for sale. It will probably be sold out by then.

        Have a great day!


  2. You look seriously cute! Especially that first outfit – the top and skirt match so well that they kind of look like a dress! I always thought that Animal Kingdom top had rams on it for some reason, but of course they are dogs, haha.

    • Thank you so much! Hey, I would have liked it in rams, too! It also came in a bird print. But I loved the orange and blue combo of this shirt. The dogs are abnormally long and have odd coloring. So, I can see the ram resemblance!

      I hope you have a marvelous day! Thank you for the compliment!


  3. LOL. Looks like you’re sporting your own little “Gnome hat” in the first picture with the peacock painting behind you. 🙂 Appropriate!

    • I had to go and check… You are right! That is hilarious! I will have to show my husband that. Thanks for the much needed laugh!

      Have a wonderful night!


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