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We are in the process of a mini home facelift. My house is a disaster zone. Every single piece of furniture has been moved away from the walls. My dresser drawers are overflowing in my living room. There are stacks of towels and bowls all over the kitchen countertop. And it is extremely stressful.

But, also, I am secretly loving it. I get to be lazy and messy. With good reason. Kind of lovely with the kids having their last week of school.

I am hiring everybody individually. It is a high-wire act of timing. I have to schedule the next guy to come at the perfect time following the previous job. If not, we might never exit this overflowing mound of chaos.

What is my point?

Well, I have not been too concerned about my outfits this week. Oh. That is not true. But I have not really taken pictures or had room to take pictures. Or found the camera in this craziness to take pictures.


I do, however, have a backlog of photos I have not posted yet. They are from the beginning of the year.


First up is the Free People Tuxedo Top. I love this top. There is something very feminine about a woman wearing a “tuxedo” top. Why is that? I am generally not a jeans girl. However, this top changes my mind. I love the pop of yellow my Anthropologie bag gives to the outfit.



How have I not posted about this dress? I had to go back and check. Sure enough. Nothing! It is the Miles of Henley dress. I love this dress. I am about ten pounds heavier in the pictures above than I am now. It is the dress in my old header (which I just changed).

The dress is a fantastic price. It comes in so many great colors. I am obsessed with the new rust orange. I might have to own three of these. I all ready own it in charcoal and rosewood. The bottom is really long. The great thing about this, is it fits all heights. The hem is unfinished, so you can just cut it to the length that fits you best.


I love these leggings. I pair them with my black Anthropologie jersey dress from many years ago. They are Modcloth Fresh Take Leggings in Fauna. They are sold out, but they have some adorable ones with a swan print. And they are cheaper than the fauna ones were!

Okay, that is all for today. Back to our hovel:


Here is a peek of what we are living in. It should be back to normal soon. Right? Right?

I hope your day is wonderful!

6 thoughts on “Older Outfit Photos

  1. Just ordered my first piece from Ginette. A house warming gift from my mom. Squee! Thank you for bringing her to my attention. Brynne

    • Yay! I am so excited for you! Art is an addiction! Ginette is so sweet. I have been collecting for almost fourteen years. I hope you love your piece. You must take a picture and show me! I am jealous. Seriously, email me! I cannot wait to see. I would love all of her pieces. Lucky you! : )

      And so cool to have a housewarming! Congratulations!

      Have a wonderful night!


      • I will do that. I wasn’t able to purchase an original this time but I hope to in the future. You have opened my eyes to a whole new decorating style. I don’t know whether to curse you or hug you. LOL. I already love too many style genres. It often paralyzes me from making a decision.


      • Thank you so much! I am so excited you picked something for your walls. I had the hardest time doing that when I first started decorating. It feels permanent and you want it to be something you will enjoy looking at. But once you have a starting point, it is easy to continue with a vision!

        I am so flattered that you like my decorating. I mean it really touches my heart. I am smiling as I write this. And you can curse and hug me at the same time. : ). I hope that the art makes you as happy as it makes me!

        Don’t forget to send me a pic!

        Have a wonderful evening!


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