Small Bathroom Remodel Started


Oh! The travesty of a backlog of “things to do.” It can be mentally crippling. Finally, we are getting some projects done around the house!

It feels good.

We wanted to do a quick change to our hallway bathroom. A quick change. A speedy change.

AKA, a cheap change.

We are currently one third of the way through the renovation process. I thought I would share my ideas and the current status of the project.





We opted to keep our existing vanity. We are going to have it repainted grey. We are adding some fun legs to it. This way it looks more like a piece of furniture.


We also added a new countertop.

I think it looks like bits of seashells Alice in Wonderland would have collected on her adventures.

We went directly to the countertop fabricator in town and asked to see all of their remnant pieces. We ended up selecting a recycled glass concrete slab and saved about 25% doing it this way. It is Icestone Sky Pearl. And even with the discount, it was a splurge. But we needed one high end item. It is a little etched from being outside, but my husband has the best outlook on this.

He said, “I like that it is not perfect.”

And he is right. We are two very imperfect people and flaws just build character. So, our cheaper countertop has some character all ready!



I purchased the copper vessel sink on eBay almost two years ago. I believe I paid around $100. Maybe $130. I just remember it was a good price! I have found the key to purchasing copper from a seller is that it is “made in Mexico.” There might be lead in a copper sink purchased elsewhere.

There are a couple of reasons I chose copper:

The first being, I have had our farmhouse copper sink in our kitchen for five years in constant use. It has held up beautifully. I love it.

Copper is a natural germ killer. The copper will start killing bacteria in minutes. I think this is important in the bathroom. Copper is amazing!

And I just think copper is beautiful.


The Kraus Riviera vessel faucet has a retail price of $160. I bought mine off of eBay. The pictures online had shown some marks on the edge in the photos. Which was “perfect” for our imperfect house. But the seller sent me a beautiful new one. And that was just perfect, too! I paid $50 with free shipping.


We also opted to keep the existing mirror. My husband thought I was crazy, but it was still in great shape. I could not rationalize destroying it. For $75, our carpenter is building us a custom 5″ frame. He is painting it high gloss kelly green. The actual color I chose is called “Caterpillar” from Home Depot.

I am doing an Alice in Wonderland inspired bathroom, so the color of the mirror seemed like kismet.

With that “theme” as inspiration:


I purchased this Otomi stencil and will be stenciling the walls the color of the blue of my Otomi throw.



I will be using my collection of vintage crewel animal art. Wouldn’t Alice love the bright animals? Perhaps she knew them.


I am reusing my shower curtain from Anthropologie. Because, I LOVE it!

We still need to:

Have the bathroom repainted light grey (Moonshine from Benjamin Moore)

Install legs on vanity

Paint vanity dark grey

Install 7 1/4″ baseboards

Stencil otomi design in bright blue in the entire bathroom

Install bright green frame

Rehang vintage framed crewel animal art

Sew two white bathroom matts together (if I am feeling ambitious!)

Install new toilet roll holder in oil rubbed bronze (eBay)

Install new shower rod and shower curtain rings

I cannot wait to show the final pictures! This should all be done in the next three weeks.

Have you tackled any “to do lists” lately?

Please share!

Random Outfits

Random outfits seem to be a common theme around here. The week of these pictures (about two weeks ago), I wore a dress covered in ballerinas, a dress belonging in a circus, and a cold weather outfit.



I had purchased this ballerina dress many months ago at full price. I had returned it almost immediately, because I was disappointed in the fit. It is from Anthropologie and called Bourgeois dress. It is showing sold out, but the sizing is way off. I imagine this dress will be able to be found when people realize this. I was about ten pounds heavier the first time I purchased this dress. I bought the large and could not get it to fit. Which is ridiculous. But it finally went down to almost 75% off and I knew I would regret it if I did not try it again. I repurchased the large, and low and behold, it fit perfectly! I am now a size 8. I think this dress runs very small.

I am wearing it exactly as the model. Okay, let me rephrase that. Not exactly like the model. I just paired the same pieces of the outfit shown together. The tights are from Anthropologie. They were originally $38 and I paid $10. The boots were also a sale find. I am really proud of this “clearance” outfit.


When I first started the week, it was cold in California. I cold not wait to get some more use out of my mustard Pilcro pants. (Which, admittedly are a little big. But I could not resist their fabulous price and comfort factor. I should have tucked them deeper into my boots. I apologize for the puddles of fabric). I paired it with an Anthropologie sweater that I purchased on sale for $37. The tank top was also a sale find at $15.



I love this outfit! I definitely feel like I could be shouting, “Come one! Come all!”

This dress is from Modcloth. It is called Anything Rows Dress. I love the fit and flare. The length is perfect. I wear a size 8 US and purchased the 12 UK. The sandals are from Anthropologie, last year. They were Tracy Reese Corchorus wedges.

I am wearing it with a PomPom necklace I purchased back in November. It is from Chelsie on Etsy.

I have found many ways to wear this necklace in the last few months. It also acts as a fun hidden Mickey.

In these photos, I represented a ballerina, a bundled up girl and a ringmaster. What have been your random outfits you have worn recently?

Have a great day!

“My Mom Bought Our Dog While She Was On Drugs.”


That is what my son told his first grade classmates and his teacher during share time three years ago.

Let’s take a moment to let that soak in.

It was a proud day at our house. Share time often is.

Okay, movin’ along…

Unfortunately, he was right.

No, they were not the illegal kind of drugs, but rather pills a doctor had given me to help me relax during a visit for a procedure.

I am a wimp.

After the procedure, my husband and I went shopping nearby. We stumbled into a pet store (which I would never visit sober). And there, in a pen, was the most adorable puppy in the world. He was an english bulldog and he melted my heart.

Apparently, I HAD to have him. I do not really remember much of this visit… But what was my husband’s excuse? Well, I think he is the one who couldn’t resist him. Could you?


We paid an exorbitant amount of money for him. I was shocked at how much when I recovered later. You know I would have haggled. But he was worth every penny. And, um, they told me he was a miniature bulldog. You decide…


I swear he grew overnight. His name is Ollie. He is my sweetest baby. He slobbers. He snorts. He drools. He farts. He snores. He is the most well behaved of us all!


Who is the fur baby in your life? Hopefully, you remember when you got him/her!


Reading: “Emily of the New Moon”


When I wrote a post proclaiming my love for ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, Sarah from That Damn Green Dress told me about a series of books I had never heard of. Thank you Sarah! They are by the same author as “Anne of Green Gables,” L.M. Montgomery. The series is about a young girl, Emily. It begins with the first book, EMILY OF NEW MOON.

I found my edition at the used book store for $2. I loved it immediately. I also purchased the DVD version for $7 from Amazon. I cannot wait to watch it!

I must sit down and read LITTLE WOMEN once a year. It takes me back to a time when people seemed so genuine and proud. There were no such things as the travesties of “booty shorts” or “fast food.” This book reminded me of Louise Alcott’s writing mixed with the magic of Rahl Dahl.


The book is beautiful. The language is flowery and transportive. Where else will you read the word peccadillo? I vow to use the word as soon as I make a mistake. Which, hopefully will not be soon.


Here are some quotes I enjoyed:

“Sometimes I’ve been afraid that she would get so far ahead of me in the ways of eternity that I’d never catch up.”…Isn’t that so eloquent? I think that this is a thought all spouses have in worrying or dealing with their partner passing.

“Really-truly fairies?” she questioned.

“Why, you know, if a fairy was really-truly it wouldn’t be a fairy,” said Uncle Jimmy seriously. “Could it, now?”

“Emily allowed them all to enter the outer court of her temple of friendship but only Rhoda was admitted to the inner shire.”


I was so fascinated with this book, that I googled the author. I felt such a kinship to her, even though she passed away decades before I was born. How sad her real life was. I wish I could have known her and befriended her. I feel as though we both have witnessed the world through the same misty tilted glasses prescribed by a doctor who everyone insists does not exist.

I told my husband this book has sealed the deal on us taking a trip to Prince Edward Island when the children are out of the house. It sounds so beautiful and magical. I long to go there.

I cannot wait to read the other two books. I purchased them used from Amazon. I am pacing myself, because it is rare to find such treasures. I do not want them to be over. Each page has a sentence or paragraph with a unique view of the world that I have never thought of. I have to look up from the book and soak in some of the amazing sentences. This book represents to me real magic. The magic of one woman’s mind. I cannot recommend it enough.