Let’s Make Whoopie…

Pies, that is.

My husband was having a pot luck at his work the other night and he asked me if I would mind making something for it. Of course not! I love to cook and I was all ready rummaging through the recipes in my head, when he quickly brought me back down to Earth.

He informed me we would be in charge of the dessert. Oh no! I am not good at desserts (Do you remember my wee little cake debacle? I am trying to forget). I thought I was going to just bring in cupcakes from a box mix, when an idea hit me.

“Would you like me to makes those whoopie pies?” I asked.

His eyes lit up. “YES!”

“Those” whoopie pies we are speaking of our made by the Pioneer Woman. They are oatmeal cookies with this insanely weird, but delicious, frosting wedged between two of them. I made them for our Fourth of July party last year.

They made my husband love me.

I am generally not an oatmeal cookie girl (chocolate chip all the way, baby!), but these are fantastic.

I followed her recipe exactly

I do not know why her cookies are puffy and mine are flat. Hey, that sounds like a conversation I had as a teenager with my mother! ; ). I think I may have mixed up the baking soda and baking powder directions.

It was a long day. I remembered I had to make these just as I had tucked the kids in bed and was settling down for a relaxing night of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I started baking the whoopie pies around 9:05. I completely finished making these cookies at 10:07.







I was delirious with exhaustion and thought it would be a fantastic idea to document the time of the final birthing moment of these cookies. Did you enjoy that? Humor me. I am a dork.



These cookies are so much better the next day. The frosting softens them up.

The cookie recipe ended up making 16 whoopie pies. There are two sticks of butter in this recipe. That means each cookie has one tablespoon of butter. Why am I telling you this? Um, because I wanted to impress you with my math skills…I really am telling myself this, because I am trying to figure out how many calories each of these little bursts of heaven will cost me…

A lot!


But, ohhhhh my goodness! So worth it.

Thank you Pioneer Woman for another delicious recipe! Tell me if you make this! What is your very favorite cookie? I think mine might be a changin’.

*edited to add: I forgot there was the option for the marshmallow filling. I made the frosting! Not the marshmallow option (which I imagine would taste just as good.). I am so sorry!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Make Whoopie…

  1. I tried them today. Thank you for the good idea. They are great! Mine did puff up but then I tried to make the marshmallow creme frosting and my first marshmellow creme went the way of your marshmallows today. Life is fun, isn’t it? I’m so glad your children came together for your son’s project! That is a very happy thing.

    • That is so awesome! Thank you for trying them. Oh my gosh, I am such a dork! I need to go back and specify I made the other frosting. I forgot there were two options! Darn! I hope they still tasted good! They get even better the next day!

      Thank you so much. You made my night!


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