Target, Let Me Count The Ways…

I love you! I was recently at Target to browse some items. I was looking for a white cotton dress I could stamp a gnome on. But I wandered into their clearance section and got lost.

I ended up spending $99.92 on three dresses, a denim vest and 2 dog toys.

I had a whole different post ready to run today, but decided to showcase my Target finds. Just in case you want to run out to the clearance section (maybe you have a horse obsession, too?). I bought all of these items this week.




You know I could not resist this dress. When I saw it, I just knew. It was a “Sleepless in Seattle” moment, without the weird stalking. It has horses on it! It was originally $24.99. It was marked down to $17.48. I am wearing a medium. I slipped my favorite $10 tulle slip on underneath it. I also paired it with Anthropologie’s Glasswork Obi belt. This will be super cute with black tights or leggings and boots in the wintertime. Add a colorful cardigan to raise the heat.



This bike dress is the same silhouette. It was also marked down from $24.99 to $17.48. I also paired it with the slip. I am wearing it with a Moroccan belt from a local boutique and vintage Frye cowboy boots. Because, of course, the horse dress should be worn with flats or sandals. And the bicycle dress should be worn with cowboy boots. It goes without saying…

I love whimsical bike prints. However, I will not spend a lot of money on bike prints. They make me feel guilty and kind of like an idiot. Because, you see…I cannot ride a bike. We grew up in the country. And there was really nowhere to learn. I am thinking about getting one of those adult tricycles. That would be fun!


The bike and horse dresses also came in a floral print. I ended up returning this dress, but wanted to show you another pattern it came in. I think this is the link to the dresses online, but they are not showing up on clearance here.




I cannot resist yellow. In fact, I would love to paint our front door yellow. But I have not checked with the home owner’s association. So, for now, I will wear it on my clothes. This eyelet dress was not on sale. But for $24.99, I could not resist it. I purchased a large, because I wanted it roomy. It is breathable cotton and I know it will wear and wash well.

I also knew this modest momma was not going to leave the house without something over it. So, I bought a little denim vest in medium. It was $29.99. I am in love with it! I am wearing this paired with vintage Frye cowboy boots and Anthropologie’s Beaded Stallion Head Necklace.




A squirrel! Oh, yes. They have been on my mind. And a bird! How cute are these dog chews? I bought one for each of our pups. They seem to enjoy them!

Poor things!

Have you found anything fantastic at Target recently? Please share! Also, if you see a plain cotton dress, with sleeves, please let me know! I only wish to spend around $20. I really want to start stampin’ my gnome!

Have a fantastic day!

6 thoughts on “Target, Let Me Count The Ways…

  1. This is off topic of your post (I’ll post later on that). I had to share this immediately: “Britain’s latest cultural battleground: garden gnomes” Today’s headline from ‘The Globe and TImes’, British newspaper. I know you’ll find the article interesting – check it out!

    • Thanks for the info. That is incredibly funny. I loved learning the history of the wee gnome. Ha! I love that they are invading high society.

      Thanks for making me smile today,



  2. I agree – you are adorable. I like the yellow dress on you, (which I wouldn’t think would look so great on blonde, fair skinned), but it really works; and I like the sleeveless look. Honestly you look good in all three of them. Your style with belts and necklace take a Target sundress to fashion chic!

    • Thank you, Auntie M! I love a sundress. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I actually think it does look better with darker hair, but I have to play with what I have! Thank you for the compliments! You made my night!

      Have a fantastic evening!

      I love you!


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