Hot Air Balloon Dress

I am in love with… this hot air balloon dress!



Hi! Just a quick little blurp. Last month, I purchased this whimsical hot air balloon dress. I bought it in a medium. It is called Martha’s Air of Adorable dress. It fits perfectly. It sold out quickly, but they have restocked it again. I even purchased one for my daughter. I will not be doing an outfit post about it until Comic Con… But I fear the dress will sell out by then. And I did not want to hold out on you guys!


Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Dress

  1. Oh I wish you would post a photo of yourself in this before it sells out again…I want to see how short it is. I considered buying it but wasn’t sure. It is such a cute design.

    I went into Anthro with my girlfriend yesterday and for the first time in as long as I can remember I came out with nothing. Zip. My girlfriend was going to drop some $ for my birthday coming up and I had my 15% discount birthday coupon and yet found nothing that I liked. I was thinking I could get her to get me stuff from ModCloth instead.


    • Hope you have a great birthday! I just took a pic! I hope it helps! Please disregard my chaotic hair and makeup. I was about to get in the bath!

      Also, I might wear a slip under it. I am not sure yet. It looks really cute with a belt! I like Anthro’s checkerbead belt.

      Have a great day!


    • Thanks so much! Those earrings are adorable! Why do they have to be so expensive? I will stalk them for now! Just went in my wishlist…

      Have a great night!


  2. Great dress on you. Glad you posed in it — the top picture doesn’t even come close to doing do it justice. What a fun print. I think your hair looks great up like that. Curious – what are spots in the picture? (I know, it’s probably me being clueless.) Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon? LY.

    • Thank you! The mirror is an old antique mirror from an old department or general store. The dots are the age spots on the mirror. I like it! It covers my flaws!

      My husband has been in a hot air balloon. I could never do it! My legs shake thinking about it!

      I think you have done it before, right?

      Have a wonderful night!


    • Hi! I am 5’6″. I might wear a little slip underneath it. I bet they will restock it. When they do not restock, there is not a notify me button. There is simply a not available for restock notice.

      Thanks for commenting! I hope you get it!

      Have a great Saturday!


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