Floral, Floral Everywhere…But Not A Drop To Drink

Do you want to feel completely and utterly feminine? Well, if you are a man reading this, perhaps not. If yes, than come with me. The following outfits were all purchased with my May clothing budget. The floral patterns are divine…



This dress is from Modcloth. It is called Sculpture Under The Stars Dress. Isn’t that dreamy? Modcloth has the best names for their clothes. I am wearing a medium. It is a little loose. I had high hopes for this dress. I tried it on and my heart sank. It is VERY short! This might be okay for tea parties at home with my husband (hey, don’t you have those too?), but it would never work for me in my real life. Imagine being at the grocery store: “Excuse me sir, while I pick up this apple.” Um, no. The possibilities for embarrassment…and stalking seemed endless. I was putting it back in the box, when I had an epiphany. Remember that tulle skirt I purchased for $10 from Nordstrom Rack? I slipped it on underneath. Voila! I could keep it and leave the house!



“Where for art thou?” I asked the heavens.

And from the internet (which is pretty close to heaven) this dress replied, “I am right here, my love.”

This dress. Is. Amazing. I want to wear it all of the time. I hope we stay together forever. It is called First Kiss Print Maxi Dress from Free People. I am wearing a medium. This dress has the most amazing back. It has breezy openings with buttons trailing all the way down. You will feel so sexy and regal… And maybe even a little naughty.

The dress has a lot of scrumptious material. It is silky and light. When I hold each side of the dress, I can make the material move like wings on a bird. Please do not ask me how I know this.

The only thing it is missing are pockets. Which, I guess is a good thing, because I probably would not look very ladylike running down the street with my hands in my pockets…flapping my rose printed wings.


This is my favorite. I do not know how I came up with it. Well, actually, I didn’t. The lovely Emily E. on Modcloth did. I copied her. I love her style photo.

It is called Eye for Ikebana skirt. I am wearing a medium. The best part about this skirt is it goes up to a 4X. Thank you Modcloth. You truly get it.

I adore this skirt. I come alive in this outfit. Does that make sense? The colors are so vibrant. My very being feels brighter. I paired it with a Free People top I got at the Nordstrom Rack. The reason I am wearing a belt is because the shirt is a babydoll. I love that style. It becomes a different pattern where the belt meets the shirt. I like to get multiple uses out of my items. I did not want to purchase another black and white top. I knew I could make this work. I snagged the Calvin Klein belt from Nordstrom Rack. The shoes in all three pictures are my Tracy Reese Corchorus Wedges I scooped up for $40 last year during an Anthroplogie sale.

So, have you succumbed to the floral temptation? Have the flowers woven their way into your heart? Have the vines of the fabric…

Okay! Okay! Enough! What I really want to know is: Have you purchased any floral pieces lately? I am not a shoe girl, but my heart sings to these floral Denimbloom Wedges from Anthropologie. If they ever go on sale, my feet would rejoice.

Thank you for stopping by and reading! Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Floral, Floral Everywhere…But Not A Drop To Drink

  1. That maxi dress is amazing on you! In the 2nd pic you look just like Stevie Nicks. (I think that’s a good thing!)

    • Thank you so much! I think that is a huge compliment! I went through a phase where I wore long black dresses to imitate her. It did not last long, because I love color. But I am very flattered. Thank you!

      Have a wonderful day!


    • If we lived closer, you could borrow it. When I took that picture, I thought, “Ginette would love this dress.” I am glad to know I was right! : )

      Thank you for commenting! Have a great day!


    • Hi! I found it on pinterest of all places. Someone had pinned it from Manorfinewares.com. It is an antique Moroccan chest. I love it! I still cannot believe I snagged it. I store my magazines in it.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


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