It’s The Little Things: Sopapillas


Friends, you knew this was a comin’. Have you ever heard of these? I had not until about a month ago. I promptly wrote my friends a lengthy email filled with my love for these new found treats. Only to find out that most of them had known about them for years! I was shocked. They were holding out on me. I think they wanted these little pillows of delight all to themselves.

No, they probably just aren’t as obsessed with sugar and cinnamon creations like I am.


A little restaurant near us sells sopapillas. They are a deep fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar. They seem to be a lighter version of a churro. And I am obsessed. I will not eat all day so I can have three of these for dessert. Our family eats these once a week. I plugged the numbers into the Weight Watcher’s site and came back with 10 points for four of these. So, I can have 2 for 5 points. Or 3 for 8. Everything in moderation, folks. It is an unfortunately true life lesson I have had to learn over the years.

One of my favorite blogs to get recipe ideas is The Homesick Texan. She has a recipe for sopapillas. It seems much too labor intensive for this lazy girl. But if you are in a pinch and do not have sopapillas near you, it might be worth a shot.

When I looked up sopapillas online, I found they are served in many countries. Sometimes they are served as a savory bread. Other times, sans cinnamon and sugar, with just honey. I like mine the Mexican way, covered in glistening cinnamon and sugar. The end.

Have you eaten a sopapilla? Are you obsessed like I am?


The little things in life make me happy.

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7 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Sopapillas

    • Glad to be of service! Do they have sopapillas in Boston?

      Thanks for liking, commenting and following! I really appreciate it. Plus, I am glad to have found your blog. I love your recipes.

      Have a great day!


      • Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever found them in Boston. : ( The Mexican places in Boston are a lot different than what I’m used to in Colorado. I’m visiting Colorado now and got to get my Mexican food fix last night – complete with sopapillas! Yes!

        Of course! I’m really glad I found your blog! And so glad that you found some things to enjoy on mine.

      • Yay! I knew they had them in California, New Mexico, Utah, Texas and Arizona. Now I can add Colorado to the list.

        I think I may be a little too obsessed!…

        Have fun in Colorado!


  1. Mmmmm… I love a good sopapilla with cinnamon and sugar AND dripping with honey. Growing up my mom did an easy take on sopapillas. She would heat up flour tortillas in a frying pan, slather them with real butter and finish them with a sprinkle of cinnamon & sugar. It is NOT on the same level as the fried version but yummy just the same.

    • Mmmmm… Everything is better with cinnamon and sugar. Besides chocolate, it is my favorite treat. Your mom is a genius! I bet that would work brilliantly with uncooked tortillas. Cook them first. Ten slather. Yum!

      See ya soon friend! Thanks for the comment! Have a fantastic day!


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