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One day, many years ago, I witnessed something very traumatic. It scarred me for life. It made me even more neurotic and weird than I was before. “What could this be?” You ask. Well, let me tell you…

I was out to lunch at a restaurant with some people who shall remain nameless. Everything seemed to be going fine. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the nameless person’s children grab a salt shaker and proceed to lick it all over like an ice cream cone. I was horrified. I was mesmerized. The mother was embarrassed. She called the waiter over and handed him the soiled object. She explained what had happened. His response?

“Oh, no problem. It happens all the time.”


I sat shocked in the booth. I could feel the germs swarming around me. The person with me was nice enough to notify the waiter of what had occurred to the salt shaker. But have you witnessed those children that run around the store? The children that are allowed to turn around and stare at you while you are eating? We once had a kid crawl from under a neighboring table to our booth and hide under our table. The mother was oblivious. So were we, until he popped up and grabbed my son’s leg. We should have used the salt shaker on him… Anyway my point being, I am sure there are parents that do not tell the waiter. Who knows? Maybe they are lovin’ on the salt shakers, as well.

I have not used any object on the table at a restaurant since. I carry little packets of salt, sugar, and ketchup in my purse. You never know when there might be a condiment emergency. I am a freak.


Do you want to know the most romantic thing my husband has done lately? Oh, he has brought me flowers. But the best thing he did was take me to the grocery store.

We were going to go eat breakfast at a local diner. We pulled up into the parking lot at 9:50. We had plenty of time to spare to get the early bird special that ends at 10:00. I started to get out of the car. I went to grab my purse. I turned white. I had forgotten it at home.

My husband looked at me and said, “What’s wrong?”

I said morosely, “I forgot my purse at home.”

He knew immediately what was wrong. He told me good naturedly, “Get in the car. Let’s go buy you a salt shaker.” My heart melted. It does that a lot around him.

“But what about the early bird special?” I questioned, knowing his meal would go up $2 in the next ten minutes.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said. Ooohhh, I got myself a fancy date!

He took me to the grocery store and bought me a pair of salt and pepper shakers. I had no idea they sold these at the grocery store. And they were nice. And less than $2. This made for a very happy girl.

When we got to the diner, I clutched my new gift in my fist. I set it on the table and stared at it in wonder. I could not wait to use my new contraption. I over salted my potatoes. But I have never been so thrilled to do so.

So now, my purse is a little heavier. I have a whole salt shaker in a baggie in my purse. It is wonderful…

It truly is the little things…


At this point, you either think I need to see a therapist immediately or you now have a new phobia. If it is the first, you are probably right. If it is the second, here are some links to salt & pepper shakers I think are adorable:

Owl Salt & pepper Shakers from Pier 1

I could not resist these little fellas: gnome shakers

These hand painted polish shakers are expensive, but beautiful. My blue set in the first picture is similar, but purchased on clearance at Home Goods for $9. I know Marshall’s sells the Polish pottery, too.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Salt Shakers

  1. I love how prepared you are jenni… your purse is filled with all kinds of goodies. I witnessed A little girl licking the top of a Parmesan cheese shaker at fillipes pizza grotto and will never be able to look at a cheese shaker the same again. Yuck. The bunny s&p shakers are tugging at my heart… They are such a lovely blue color.

    • Thanks Kerri! I scored some more straws today! ; )

      I did not even think about the cheese… Shuddering. I think the sugar container is probably the most degraded condiment dispenser.

      Have a great day!


  2. Hi Jenni! I think we just need to accept that we live in a contaminated world, right?! After all, there’s only so much hand sanitizer we can slather on. Thanks for the links. I love the owl salt and pepper shakers. And your cute butter dish from Anthro! 🙂

    • You are right. It is my weird little quirk, one of many…

      I love that butter dish! She is my favorite! I have washed her repeatedly in the dishwasher and she miraculously has not faded. Thank you for noticing! : )

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Have a fantastic weekend,


  3. Oh no, when I read this, I’m thinking things are worse than I thought! I know how germy salt & pepper shakers are so I always grab with a napkin, but I never thought about contaminated tops. That does it — no more salt or pepper dining out! Thanks for sharing.

    • : ). I get chills anytime anyone uses a shaker at our table. I know it is ridiculous, butI do not even like eating after my children…let alone other people’s children. Sorry to pass my phobia along.

      Thanks for always commenting. I love you!

      Have a great night!


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