Flowers Make Me Happy


I have always made it a priority to keep fresh cut flowers in the house. They brighten the whole room up. The photos in this post are from the last two weeks.




When my husband and I went on our first date, he showed up to my door with a single creamy pink and white carnation. He has since informed me it was a peppermint carnation. He finds this very important. You should, too. I had never seen a carnation sold by itself (being highly educated in only grocery store flowers), but I loved it all the same. I placed it in a large vase in my living room and there it sat all week long.

What I did not know about that flower was that it had been ripped from its brothers and sisters (of course, it should be happy, because their fate was much worse than its own). You see, my husband later told me the following story:

He was very excited to be going on our date. He had contemplated whether I would expect him to bring me flowers. He decided, yes. He decided right. But then there was the dilemma of what kind to bring, how many, what color?

The choices were overwhelming. If he brought me a rose, would I think it was too much? If he brought me a red rose would I assume he was all ready in love? If he brought me a bunch of flowers would I think he was desperate and trying too hard? He grabbed a dozen carnations and decided to contemplate them at home.

Once at home, he placed them in water and finally chose a single carnation, hoping it would be the right choice. It was.

Two days after our first date, he asked me over to his house for dinner. He was going to make it himself. Those poor carnations were immediately dumped in to the trashcan prior to my arrival. Because what would I have thought if I saw them there on his counter? I would have known he had not given me all of the flowers.

The month of November holds our first date. This year, he brought me a dozen carnations in creamy pink and white (don’t forget, peppermint) to mark the occasion… This time I got to keep them all.

8 thoughts on “Flowers Make Me Happy

    • Thanks Bridget,

      It is funny, because I did not see the romance in it when I wrote it. It was a happy accident! Thank you for reading and commenting! It makes my day brighter.

      Have a fantastic day!

  1. What a sweet story! I love the idea of a single flower, I think that was perfect. While we were dating my husband would often bring me bouquets of flowers that he picked from his mother and grandmother’s gardens 🙂

    • Hi Allison! Thank you. I love the thought of your husband bringing you flowers from the gardens of the women in his life. Sweet.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and stop by. And thank you for commenting. It always makes my day better.

      Have a good rest of the day,


  2. Flowers make me happy too. Especially this time of year when my roses are in bloom. Loving the sentiment behind the carnation.

    • Hi Kerri! I know you love your roses! How are they doing this year? My favorite bush contracted some form of disease and is spotted and has no blooms. It is depressing to look at. Do you have any suggestions? Easy suggestions for a lazy person…

      I hope your day is going great. I love when you comment. It makes me smile.

      Have a good night!


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