While waiting for our flight in the airport lounge in Maui, I was swept up with the most intoxicating scent. It seemed to be coming from one of the women in a conversation next to me.

I asked the woman I thought smelled heavenly what she was wearing. She very nicely told me it was ,”IF.” It is made by Apothia. She was very classy and was speaking of her upcoming Aspen trip. I won’t be going to Aspen with her, but I wanted to smell just like her.


This is what I would smell like IF I was wealthy. I decided to practice immediately and promptly ordered the smallest size it came in, from the fanciest store I know, Amazon. (I had a fantastic shopping experience here. This is my personal experience. Please shop at your own risk).


IF you see a blond hyperventilating in her car and then passing out, don’t worry. It’s probably just me. This could go with any blonde joke you have ever heard and be true at this point. I find myself breathing in more, trying to inhale all of the goodness. It smells that amazing!

When you first put it on, it smells almost like floral smarties (the candy). After a couple of minutes, it starts to blend. It becomes more sweet. It is not cloying. It is very light. It is just delicious.

Am I fancy yet? Maybe not. But I smell like it now.

7 thoughts on “IF

  1. I was lucky enough to smell this scent yesterday and you are not kidding when you say it is delicious. I need to get out of my VS “Heavenly” rut and purchase some “IF” at that fancy store of yours!

  2. You even have me curious about this scent. Soft and light would be nice. So many woman wear overpowering perfumes and so much that when you give them a hug you’re stuck with their choice. Annoying, rude and inconsiderate! I’ll check out Amazon.

    • It is very light. One squirt will do you. I have no idea how much the woman at the airport was wearing. I could smell her halfway across the room. I thought it was intoxicating, though.

      Thank you for commenting! I appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!

  3. After speaking with you after your Maui trip, I got excited and bought IF. I didn’t buy mine from the fancy store as I’m very cheap and refused to pay shipping. I got mine from DermStore. Anyway, I was super excited all week long waiting for my IF to come. I got it yesterday, and YOU WERE RIGHT! It seriously is amazing – intoxicating really. It’s very sweet when you first put it on, but afterwards, it’s so pretty. Such a different scent. I could completely understand you hyperventilating in the car…I found myself continuously smelling my arm all night. It lasts a long time too!! Really love it – fantastic perfume recommendation.

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