We had a busy week last week. We came home with some magnificent memories and some cool items from our trip to Maui and our WonderCon adventure.


In Maui, I purchased these coral earrings. I would normally never buy coral, but the seller promised me she purchased these over ten years ago and that she no longer purchases coral. I believed her. They are 14K gold. I chose to believe that, too. Did I ever tell you I got voted “Most Gullible” in high school? No…okay, forget that. I cannot resist their round little shape. I figured they were not doing anyone any good just sitting in a dusty case. I will appreciate them much more in a hole in my ear.




I had promised my daughter a new bathing suit while we were in Maui. If you have ever gone swimsuit shopping with a teenage girl, hold my hand. We are now sisters in an experience no one else will ever understand. Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. Of course, I was really the one having the meltdown. Does anyone like swimsuit shopping?

In the midst of that good time, we stumbled upon a gem of a store in the shops in Wailea. It is called Maui Quilt Co. They have beautiful displays of rich vibrant patterns quilted onto a plain cream background. The bright colors against the off-white background reminded me of my Otomi fabric I cannot get enough of. I adore handmade fabric. I splurged and took home the biggest pillowcase they make. I could not afford a whole quilt. I chose the pretty magenta/lilac color, because it was the same color as the quilt I fell in love with.


And just because they were the cheapest things at the hotel. And just because they hint of Alice in Wonderland, I bought these rabbit salt and pepper shakers. Adorable and reasonably priced at $6.50. Of course, they were meant as holiday decor, but I will keep them out all year round. They will remind me of my close bond with, my friend, the Easter Bunny.


My husband had to buy a hula dancer for his Volkswagon Bus. I think he chose very well. She is adorable!



I am an art junky. A groupie. An addict. My grandmother and mom would take us to every museum imaginable as a child. Our walls growing up were always full of art. Now, my own walls are covered with bright colorful paintings and sketches. I only buy originals. I have collected art for the last thirteen years.

My children have painted half of the paintings on our walls. They each take art lessons and it has been the best gift I have ever given myself and them. They are always learning new skills. I have so many memories they have created that will remain behind long after they have left home.

This year, at WonderCon, I met a beautiful young lady named Patara Vuduberi. She creates fantasy art. I purchased the owl painting, because who could resist? It is adorable and decked out in Griffindor colors.


The snake painting called to me. I tried to imagine a story with it. Was she once a snake and this was her lover or vice versa? Was she the Queen of the Snakes who could take a human form? Either way, I loved it. I later learned she painted it to represent the Chinese Year of the Snake we are currently in. Oddly enough, I am born under the Chinese Snake sign. This painting became more special to me.

My daughter purchased a t-shirt from her. She loves it. She has worn it twice since WonderCon. I will see Patara again in a few months at Comic-Con. I cannot wait to check out more of her delightful pieces of art.

She sell prints of her work on Etsy. I think she is amazing. Check her out on tumblr.

I cannot wait to get these framed! I primarily frame art in gold and silver. I am thinking a chunky silver frame for the snake painting and gold for the owl.

What has been your favorite souvenir you have purchased?

4 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. I’m snake too!! Love her little girl drawing in her etsy shop!
    I used to collect postcards but I don’t really buy souvenir.. My favorite I got from my friend were thin glass bangles from india!!

    • Ha! So, that is why we are soul sisters! I think I have seen you wear those bracelets. Have you ever posted a picture of yourself wearing them? You have such cute jewelry! Thank you for posting! It is very hard for me to post on your blog. It won’t work with my tablets. : (

      But I always look at it! I think you have amazing style and are such a good mommy.

      • I think Ive posted the bracelet before!
        I finally removed dusqus from my blog, I think you can comment from tablets now? :):)
        btw, I follow your blog using blogger, does that count extra credit for giveaway?? 🙂

      • Sorry! I just read this! Keiko, you can get an extra entry because you follow by going to the contest page and commenting “I follow you.”. The giveaway ends tonight at midnight.

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