What I Wore in Maui Part I

I have a confession. I am not good with shoes. Not only am I not good with them. I do not have a passion for them (well, except for vintage cowboy boots, and then it is all over). I know this is not a good thing to admit to people who are looking at what I wore. But I thought you should know.

I have tried very hard to feel the love, but it is just not there. In reality, this is a good thing. I do not need another vice.

I have a pair of sandals that I bought 8 years ago. They aren’t pretty. But they are so comfortable and practical. They will make an appearance in the following pictures. I wear them all summer. It is embarrassing, but I do not even care. Recently, I branched out and purchased these flip flops from Target. They are really comfortable and I like the black and white stripes:


This dress is my husband’s favorite. I think it is a wench thing. I have had it for years. It is from Anthropologie. I think it was called Maeve coral red peasant dress. It is very easy to wash and it has not faded in all of the years I have owned it. I wore this while we hung out at the resort. I did not have to walk the plank!


I wore this dress when we went to Cafe O’lei for dinner. Miracle of miracles, I did not spill any margarita on my silk dress. Cheers! Notice my fancy sandals! I bought this dress last year during a sale at Anthropologie. It is called Arched Careena Silk dress. It was the only one left in the store and it fit perfectly! I love when that happens!



I had to take two pictures in this dress, because I adore it so. I recently purchased this dress from Free People (please excuse my overabundance of blush in the vacation pic. It must have been the wine). I LOVE it! It is so comfy. It is called the Daisy Lace Dress. The back is longer than the front, so you do not need to worry about bending over. It comes in cream, black and lavender. I purchased the lavender in a medium and could not be happier with the color and fit. I highly recommend this dress.

Which dress is your favorite? Are you a wench lover? Do you forgive my shoe sins?

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4 thoughts on “What I Wore in Maui Part I

  1. I agree with Noelle! I Love the lavender! I wasn’t going to say anything, BUT… I did notice your shoes in your former Maui blogs!!! What if your good friend Jen helped your find some sandals that would compliment your super cute dresses??? I promise we can find some that are cute AND comfortable! Love you, girl!

    • But would they have velcro?

      Seriously, though, I love those shoes. They are me. And you gotta be who you are. It always shines through. I’m not a shoe gal… I definitely do not need another vice!

      Have a fantastic day!


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