I’m a Losin’ It!

*We are interrupting my quesadilla post with a mommy meltdown*

Seriously folks. It’s bad. We came home from vacation and decided to work on a school project of my son’s that is coming up. I thought we were being fantastic parents getting a jump start on his project. Upon opening his backpack, I immediately dropped down on the mommy scale. This is what I found: a packet of school pictures that were supposed to be purchased or turned in before spring break, a progress report we were supposed to sign within the same deadline, about fifty papers I was supposed to see, and nine empty water bottles.

The school pictures could be forgiven, if I had actually remembered that he had school pictures when the photo was taken. In my defense, they just started taking these darn spring photos in the last couple of years. I can be counted on to remember one school photo. Two is out of my reach. His hair is a mess on his head. He is wearing the sloppiest outfit. And that kind of makes me want to purchase a couple (this is a good thing, because at this point I think I owe a whopping $50 for these glorious shots). The photo represents him. And let’s be honest, it represents me, too.

He is my sweet little forgetful genius. Which makes not seeing the progress report moot. Thankfully, my daughter is organized enough for the two of us. She would have handed me a blank check and had her outfit picked out a week before the pictures.

I also noticed that I had forgotten to purchase any liquid for my children’s lunches on this morning…the morning they return to school. So, I refilled two of those empty water bottles for my son’s lunch. Then I filled a bag with quarters so my daughter could purchase a drink at school.

I was not always this way. I used to be a frequent room mom. I would volunteer twice a week. But then they get older and they did not need me at school as much. I would have loved to be at his school this year.

We got a fantastic teacher for my son, but my older daughter did not have him. So, I did not know there were only a couple of spots to volunteer in his classroom. Other moms knew this. It was safely guarded information. On back to school night, I was outmaneuvered. All of the volunteer spots were full by the time the paper got to me. I asked the teacher about it and he said he did not need any more moms volunteering on a regular basis. I could always call him to see if he needed any copies made. Um, I think I will leave that to those eager spot fillin’ mommas.

Now, I am in the process of getting ready, and I lost one of my favorite boots. Where is it? It sounds vaguely familiar. At this point, it could be anywhere. I tend to just shove things in random places to get it out of sight. My husband was helping me search, and he said, “I’ll check the chimney. You look behind the toilet.” That’s funny, but sadly true.


Have you seen my mate? Do you think the picture place is holding him for ransom?

Help me Obi Wan! Well, at this point I am beyond the force. What I really need is a droid. Yea, that would do it. Do you know of any for sale?

5 thoughts on “I’m a Losin’ It!

  1. I hope your boot mate is not now living in Maui!!! You are a fantastic mom who loves her kids very much. THAT is what matters most! Not being an overacheiver! 🙂

    • I did not bring those boots to Maui. So, I hope he did not stowaway! You know me, I am not an overachiever! I just would like to be an achiever. I mean, I would like to be the parent that can turn papers in on time. : )

  2. I must confess to feeling an old pang at seeing that lone boot… When I was about 4 I had a beautiful pair of beloved cowboy boots. My beloved mom forgot them at a cottage we were vacationing at and i’ve never been able to enjoy cowboy boots since… 🙂 i’m sure your rumpled genius will harbour no long term memories of empty waterbottles- it’s the lost boots and teddy bears that hurt!! 🙂

    • Ahhh, that was beautifully written!

      That is so sad…I am not giving up hope that the boot will be found. I am sure I put him somewhere “safe.”. At least I hope so! If not, I will join you in the Missing Boot Club.

      Yes, I hope my forgetfulness does not impact him too much. I just am always the mom calling the front office with crazy questions. This one today about the pictures sucked. Oh well.

      Thank you so much for always commenting! : ). I very much appreciate it!

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